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January 12, 2004

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Rodless cylinder

Saves installation space

Featuring a magnetic piston with the stroke of the cylinder contained within the length of the unit, the rodless design eliminates buckling or kinking, thus increasing reliability. Stroke lengths are custom made up to 28 ft, and the products are available in a variety of bore sizes. It is reportedly easily maintainable and durable. All components are made of anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum. Norgren

Actuator systems

Enable safer adjustment

The magnetic brand linear and telescopic electromechanical actuators are designed to allow powerful, robust, and safer adjustment and positioning of equipment. They can be used to adjust the height of machinery, conveyor equipment, and assembly tables, and to open and close skylights, windows, and shades. The products include ILD and MAGFORCE linear actuators and TELEMAG telescopic actuators in ac or dc versions. Also available are specialized accessories, controls, and options to extend each system's capabilities. SKF Actuation Systems

Rotary air-bearing stage

High load capacity

The ABR1000 is designed to provide superior angular positioning, velocity stability, and error motion performance. It features direct-drive slotless, brushless servomotor; zero cogging for velocity stability; and a direct-coupled, high-accuracy rotary encoder. It is intended for applications requiring smooth scan velocities at low or high speeds. Aerotech Inc.

Cleanroom roller

Meets class 100 standards

With internally sealed brushless dc motors, the Cleanroom RollerDrive features greased bearings, stainless steel tubes, and shafts without grooves. It is powered by 24V dc motors and has a reported motor life of over 15,000 hours. The start-up torque is 21 inch-lbs and the compact size (1.9-inch diameter) is engineered for tight spaces. Interoll Cleanroom Drives

Dip-flux feeder

Not fixed-mounted

Designed to facilitate Flip Chip assembly by accurately fluxing Flip Chips and other component types prior to placement, the product uses component wetting through controlled movement and materials control, ensuring repeatability. It is not fixed-mounted and can be added to or removed from any of the company's standard pick and-place machines. It is flexible and easily retrofitable, according to the company. MIMOT North America

Brushless dc motor

High power, high speed

With speed up to 21,000 rpm, the product is reportedly extremely quiet and vibration-free because of its dual plane rotor balancing. It features oversized front and rear bearings, along with a secondary, internally dependant Hall device tachometer arrangement that adds velocity information. It has a diameter of 4.975 x 7 inches long, and is suited for machine tool spindles and other high power applications. Servo Magnetics Inc.

Precision actuators

Range of capabilities

The TC2, TC3, TC4, and TC5 rod-style actuators are designed to be robust, reliable, and easily programmable. Available with a choice of stepper, servo, or dc motor, with drive/controller and compatibility with every motion control environment, the products feature stroke lengths through 60 inches and speeds up to 52 inches/sec in four ranges. Custom lengths are also available. Suitable applications include web edge guiding, indexing, positioning, traversing, stamping, bending, and forming. Danaher Motion

Brushless pancake motor

Long life, continuous torque output

The EC 14 is electronically commutated with ball bearings, allowing a long motor life. It measures 11.7 mm tall with a 14-mm diameter, while providing a reported 1.5W of output power. The maximum continuous torque output is 1.6 mNm with a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm. It is especially suited for automation, test and measurement equipment, optics, robotics, and pumps, among other applications. Control electronics are also available. Maxon Precision Motors Inc.

Micro linear motor

Light weight, low inertia

Designed for precision positioning and scanning applications in medical and biotech instrumentation, the product is based on advanced polymer construction. It features a tubular construction with a 0.016-inch symmetrical air gap between fixed and moving components, reportedly eliminating friction and wear. The product is well suited for making repetitive short distance moves as those occurring in medical applications. Copley Controls Corp.

Modular communication encoder

Increases reliability

The RCM21 combines the 3-phase brushless motor commutation pulses, the two data channels, and the reference index pulse in a single optical encoder. The dual LED and improved sensor configuration are designed to increase performance and reliability. It features a built-in servo groove that allows plus or minus 20-degree mechanical rotation of the encoder for a smooth and accurate alignment of the motor rotor poles with the encoder commutation tracks. Renco Encoders Inc.

Integrated servo motor

Low cost, fully integrated

The SM3416 is featured in the NEMA 34 size and torque range (1 Nm). Designed to be available at extremely low cost, the product is a fully integrated servo with all of the positioning electronics, driver circuits, and the encoder built into a single, small unit. The product is based on the company's award-winning SM2315. Animatics Corp.

Angle encoders

Higher accuracy

Three new versions of the company's absolute angle encoders have been released with a system accuracy of plus or minus 1 arc second. Among the encoders are: RCN 827 with the company's EnDat interface; RCN 823 with Fanuc interface; and RCN 823 with Mitsubishi interface. All have a hollow through shaft and a 60-mm diameter. The products are intended for applications requiring high precision, such as rotary tables and swivel heads on machine tools, spectrometers, and telescopes. Heindenhain

DC Motor

Highly efficient, long operations

The high-power density brushless dc motors and TG2601 vControl are designed to significantly improve ironless core brushless motor system efficiency. The reportedly lightweight motors have replaced the iron core and wire windings of conventional motors with precision-machined copper sheets, producing a higher copper-packing density and copper-to-total-volume ratio. The vControl will improve the efficiency of any controller/BLCD motor system because switching losses are significantly lower than in other controllers, according to the company. ThinGap Motor Technologies

ISA card

Provides trajectory generation

The Navigator(R)-ISA is a high performance 1-4 axis card for dc brushed and step motors. Designed in surface mount CMOS technology, the product offers dedicated motion control features like servo loop closures, quadrature signal input, motor output signal generation, and on-the-fly changes. A variety of motion profiles are offered, including S-curve, velocity contouring, and trapezoidal. There is a servo loop rate of 100musec/axis with 5.0 Mcount/sec quadrature encoder input rate. Performance Motion Devices - PMD

Continuous-flex cable

With high tensile strength alloy conductors

With a reported recommended bend radius of four times the outer diameter, the Chainflex(R) CF98 is equipped with unique alloy conductors that have a higher tensile strength than standard copper. Designed for use in Energy Chain Systems(R), the product is meant to withstand the stress of tight-bending radii to deliver an extended life at a lower cost. Applications include extremely tight space restrictions. IGUS Inc.

Automatic tensioner

For multiple belt and chain drives

The T-Max(TM) RT4000 series contains a stamped steel arm design that is offset, directing idler load over supporting bearings and eliminating or reducing the effects of overhung loads. With a rugged housing and base fabricated from die-cast aluminum, the product's arms are removable and custom lengths can be specified. It is installed with a single mounting bolt. Fenner Drives

Brushless dc servomotor

Rotors reduce noise

Reportedly increasing performance by 15 percent and saving costs, the NEMA size 23 BLDCmotor can achieve speed up to 10,000 rpm, and has continuous torque rated up to 53 oz-inch. Available in three stack lengths, it is designed to allow for easy integration into tight system spaces. Special engineered options for the product are available, including windings, shaft modifications, shielded cables and connectors, and optical encoders and turnkey assemblies. Motors are also available as rotor/stator sets. EAD Motors

Lead screw coating

Reduces friction

Designed to extend the life of the company's assemblies, Kerkote(TM) TFE coating is evenly distributed. This reportedly decreases erratic drag torques and unpredictable wear. As a dry lubricant, the product will not become dry or pasty, according to the company, nor will it attract dirt or debris. Kerk Motion Products

Servo drive

Integrated positioning control

The i-Drive series is designed to be an intelligent, small, and powerful solution for multiple applications. It can be used as a point-to-point controller for single axis positioning, using advanced DSP technology. It is made for brushless, synchronous motors, including rotary and linear. It supports resolver, sine/cosine, or quadrature encoders. Bayside Motion Group

Step motor

High accuracy

Composed of three axial lengths and ten models, these two-phase, size 17 microstepping compatible 0.9-degree high accuracy step motors are designed to provide a range of holding torque performance. The 417-11 short stack series generates 16 oz-inch of holding torque in a bipolar operating mode. The 417-13 medium length series develops 22 oz-inch, and the longer P/N 417-15 series achieves 30 oz-inch holding torque in a bipolar operating mode. Lin Engineering

Miniature gearhead


Able to deliver 2 arc-min positional accuracy, the CSF-XHF Size 8 gearhead has a rated torque of 21 in-lbs and a maximum torque of 80 inch-lbs. The gearhead is designed with a flange output to facilitate a compact axial length. The input provides a direct connection to any motor, and is available in gear ratios of 30, 50, and 100:1. HD Systems Inc.

Drilling system

Uses counter rotation

The deep hole drilling system for very small holes has a diameter drilling range of 0.032 to 0.375 inches, with an effective drilling depth of up to 12 inches with two whip guides. Counter-rotation of tailstock can be set at speeds of 300, 600, or 1,200 rpm, and it uses high-speed spindle drives that are reportedly infinitely variable from 3,000 to 21,000 rpm. Designed for plant cleanliness and safety, the system is fully shrouded and operates with almost no noticeable machine noise, according to the company. Technidrill Systems Inc


Profibus and Devicenet versions

New additions to the Ternary(R) line of programmable actuators include the Profibus and DeviceNet versions of the standard 46-mm frame size, and a new 32-mm frame size. The 46/mm linear actuators offer reported stroke lengths of 25 to 300 mm, with speeds up to 450 mm-sec and forces up to 600N. The new 32-mm frame size is available with reported linear stroke lengths of 25 to 300 mm, speeds up to 900 mm/sec, and forces up to 190N. Alpha Gear Drives Inc.

Double spherical bearings

Lubrication and corrosion free

Designed for easy installation and the ability to adapt to angular deviations, igubal(R) plastic clip-type and double spherical bearings can also replace special housings in many cases. The oil-free, self-aligning bearing products include spherical, pillow block, and rod-end bearings. One end of the product is rotated 90 degrees, and the bearings are reportedly small and lightweight. Ideal uses include installation in sheet metal applications, particularly in office equipment, as well as automotive, packaging, and medical applications. igus Inc.


Increases adaptability

The ProCoder multi-turn absolute optical rotary encoder has been redesigned by the company with the intentions of making it fully and easily programmable. It now comes packaged with the company's ProGeber software, reportedly allowing the user to program resolution settings, direction, zero points, and bus ID nodes using any Windows(R)-based computer. The product features 200G Shock protection and 29 programmable bits of resolution. It measures 58 mm in diameter and 89 mm in depth. Baumer Electric Ltd.

Motion control chip

With encoder inputs

The PCL6025 is available in a 128-pin QFP and supports two-axis motion controls using independent or coordination control (linear or circular interpolation). Features include 6.5 mpps output speed, choice of linear or S-curve accel/decel, on-the-fly positioning and speed changes, automatic correction of operation speed, four counters per axis, and five comparators per axis. Suitable applications include precise X-Y stage of semiconductor manufacturing, inspection systems, scientific and biotechnical instruments, and medical analysis machines. Nippon Pulse Motor


Simple design

The Series PHL Heavy Lifters are designed to have a long life and an ability to handle high off-center loads with its simple and compact design. The 63-mm ISO/VDMA cylinder is standard with adjustable cushions and magnetic piston for switches, providing end of stroke signals to controllers. It has composite bearings with internal lubrication and is intended for applications involving automated, high load part lifting. Units are available in 6 stroke lengths: 50, 80, 100, 125, 160, and 200 mm. PHD Inc.

Linear motor stage

Accurate and versitile

The ALS1000 Series Linear Motor Stage is designed to be a compact, high-performance stage that is both accurate and versatile. It reportedly provides a small cross section, small payload capacity, and cost-effective alternative for applications requiring a small footprint and environmental protection. The product includes a linear motion guide bearing system, two-axis internal cable management, and a high-performance brushless servomotor. It is used for such industrial applications as laser machining and medical component manufacturing. Aerotech Inc.

Linear actuator

Unmatched capabilities

The Size 11 non-captive linear actuator is the latest addition to the company's hybrid motor line. It is designed to incorporate the same performance and durability as the other sizes, and is reportedly the smallest commercially available hybrid linear actuator on the market. With a lifespan of several million cycles, it features engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive and a stainless steel Acme lead screw. It is ideal for a variety of applications that require precise positioning, including X-Y tables, medical equipment, valve control, and any kind of automation. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.

Torque cells

Compact size, high torsional stiffness

Able to cover ranges from 10 oz-inch to 300k lb-inch, the Interface 5300 Series Reaction Torque Cells are designed to combine small size with high torsional stiffness and low sensitivity to extraneous loads. They offer 200 percent safe overload capacity and are available in five mounting styles: shaft, mini shaft, flange, hollow flange, and flat disk types. The typical output is 1.5 mV/V and is compatible with standard strain gauge signal conditioners and digital indicators. Interface Inc.

Vertical lifts

Safety and design improvements

Hevi-Rail(R) profile rails and bearings reportedly form a compact, safe, and economical vertical lifting system. The product combines axial and radial bearings and eliminates the need for cam followers. It is available with a fixed or adjustable eccentric bearing; from 52.5- to 140-mm OD; and single bearing capacity from 5,000 to 33,500 lbs. Systems for up to 100 tons are available. Pacific Bearing

Cable carrier

Easy assembly, no tools required

Combining two patented designs into one product, the E-Z Triflex incorporates a special crossbar design that consists of two memory-retaining engineered polymer pieces. This allows cables and hoses to be pressed directly into the carrier without the need for tools. Designed for flexibility and quick assembly, the product is suitable for robotic and other space-restricted, multiple-axis applications where maximum freedom of movement and minimum assembly time are crucial. igus inc.

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