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April 26, 2004

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


For motor control applications

The company's three new converters for motor control applications are designed to solve challenges associated with current and voltage monitoring, optical encoder feedback, and resolver-to-digital converters. They include what's reported to be the industry's fastest 12-bit, simultaneous-sampling, successive-approximation ADC, and they feature 2 MS/s throughput and less than half the power consumption of competitors. They are also reportedly the industry's first isolated ADC. Analog Devices


Delivers high peak torque

The TG2300 Series NEMA 23 frame brushless dc servomotor features a peak torque of 574 oz-inch, engineered for quick acceleration and deceleration of heavy loads at up to 7,200 rpm. The patented high-efficiency electromotive coil technology delivers high peak torque, eliminating the need for gearbox reduction in many applications, according to the company. This is designed to reduce backlash, cost, noise, heat buildup, and space requirements. ThinGap Motor Technologies


Various shaft options

Designed to benefit from several mounting configurations (including base, end, side flange, shaft mount, and pilot), the company's new hollow shaft right angle gearmotor line features shaft options that include .75-inch hollow, along with double and single extension .75-, 5/8-, and .50-inch diameter shafts with keys. According to Bison, the product line is all ball bearing and synthetic oil lubricated, and the motors used run at 1,800 rpm for low noise and low temperature rise. Bison Gear & Engineering

Optical rotary encoder

Compact, high resolution

Designed for light industrial applications that require high resolution in a small package, the R112S and R112B optical rotary incremental encoders are available in either shafted or blind-hollow shaft versions. They are 12 x 25 mm long, with resolutions up to 8,000 cycles/rev. GURLEY PRECISION INST.


Small size

The BHF Series of 50.60 Hz ac motors with inverter speed control and low noise pre-assembled gearheads feature a motor frame size of 4.09-inches2 . This is reportedly the smallest size 200W output motor on the market. Available gear ratios range from 5:1 to 180:1 for the right angle series, and 3:1 to 180:1 for the standard parallel shaft series. They are available with an electromagnetic brake for applications with vertical motion. Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Servo control

Trims costs

Engineered to help designers trim costs while improving motor speed, smoothness, as well as resolutions, the MicroFlex servo control is a single-axis brushless drive. According to the company, it allows for software selection of feedback device-incremental encoder, SSI encoder, or Hall sensors. In addition, MicroFlex provides 17-bit resolution for high-resolution packages, the company adds. Baldor Electric Co.

Motion controller


For users requiring a cost-effective, compact, flexible, and reliable solution, the PMAC2-PC/104 motion controller for mid- to high-volume 4- or 8-axis motion control systems can be applied directly to both analog servos and pulse-and-direction stepper drives. It reportedly uses a high level of integration to achieve its small form factor, and features stand-alone operation, advanced PID servo motion algorithms, and S-curve acceleration and deceleration. The product also features linear and circular interpolation and cubic trajectory calculations. Delta Tau Data Systems

HMI panels

Delivers remote access

The G3 HMI Series is a family of operator panels that reportedly offers up to five communication ports, as well as next-generation software and a built-in gateway to web-enable virtually any device. The product is designed to deliver remote access, monitoring, and virtual operation, either via company LAN or the Internet. This facilitates real-time operational access and data logging from a remote PC, according to the company. Three models are being introduced, two of which are touchscreens. Red Lion Controls Inc.

Linear encoder

Long wave accuracy grade

The LIF400 Series miniature incremental exposed linear encoder features a postage stamp-size scanning unit. With travel up to 1m, the product reportedly maintains a long wave accuracy grade of plus or minus 3 mum. They are designed for users developing positioning stages or requiring a very small measurement component. It is also suitable for both coarse and fine measurement applications (4 microns to 10 nanometers of resolution). Heidenhain Corp.


Choose from over 100 I/O signals

The BX Controller is designed to fill a gap for the low- to mid-range machine control. It allows users to program with one open software package, choose from over 100 different I/O signals, and stock one type of I/O for all various machine types. It is IP20 rated and is positioned between the IP20-rated BC and CX controllers in both price and functionality. It features a real-time clock, multi-tasking capability, and built-in SSB bus for peer-to-peer and HMI communications. Beckhoff Automation LLC

Block style I/O modules

For automation systems

Inline Block I/O modules are a family of block style I/O modules that include 16 and 32 channel digital block modules. They are compatible with a variety of fieldbus protocols and the compact design (a height of 2 inches) allows them to be installed in distributed control panels or control cabinet doors. Installing the product is designed to be easy and communications are integrated into one, reportedly low-cost unit. Phoenix Contact


Reduced size, high traveling speeds

With a reduced height, length, and width, the company's BMK Ball Monorail Carriage is designed to provide a space-saving solution that allows for lower profile stages with less mass. It is available in two sizes-BMK 15 and BMK 20-and dimensions range from 24 to 28 mm in height, 34 to 44 mm in width, and 37 to 47.7 mm in length. It reportedly offers such features as low pulsation, low friction values, and high traveling speeds. Schneeberger Inc.

PC tool

Allows easy transfer

The TwinCAT Backup is designed to allow easy transfer of all critical data from one PC controller to another, eliminating the need for identical PC hardware. It reportedly enables users to leverage the latest PC technology while reducing their cost of change, and allows them to easily replace one controller for another. The product runs as a normal program in Windows and will automatically perform full and incremental data backups, according to the company. Beckhoff Automation LLC

Networking product line

Supports 15 Fieldbus networks

Consisting of over 120 different products, the AnyBus-X Gateway family is a product line that is designed to connect nearly every possible combination of two industrial networks. It supports 15 different Fieldbus networks (such as PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, and CANopen), and is designed for use in automated industrial plants. The products, with small and rugged housings, reportedly help system integrators to easily interconnect between the networks and ensure a transparent information flow throughout the entire plant. Configuration can be done by a variety of means, depending on which version is chosen. HMS Industrial Networks

Single chip programmable logic controller

For easy customer ladder diagram

PLC on a Chip(TM) is programmed by the EZ LADDER PC-based software featuring ladder diagram and function block programming. It can reportedly be embedded into OEM products (such as drives, sensors, and valve assemblies) to allow for easy customer ladder diagram and function block programming. It is reportedly the first programmable logic controller offered at the integrated circuit level. Divelbiss

Vehicle sensor

Made from extruded PVC

The company's non-corroding vehicle sensor is engineered to offer a contact closure when depressed at any point. It is made from extruded PVC that has been UV stabilized and double-sealed. It is reportedly immune to messy weather and harsh environmental conditions, and its flexible housing makes it ideal for mounting on contoured or irregular surfaces. Suitable applications include vehicle or axle counting, vehicle positioning, and intrusion detection. Tapeswitch Corp.

Software toolkit

Easy-to-use interface

A portable version of the company's proTern(TM) software, pockeTern(TM) Software Toolkit reportedly turns a pocket PC or PDA into a portable teach pendant. This is designed to allow plant technicians to commission, test, download data, and recalibrate alpha Ternary(R) actuators right at the machine on the plant floor. It features an easy to use interface that graphically displays performance metrics. Alpha Gear Drives Inc.


Offers freedom and functionality

The IndraControl L is a DIN rail mount controller that is designed to combine the advantages of embedded PC architecture with the company's I/O system. Expansion modules can reportedly be installed in the controller to provide additional interfaces, such as DeviceNet and ASi. The product features an integrated display for extensive diagnostic and status messages, and an easily accessible CompactFlash(TM) module for program and data storage. Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Control programming HMI software

Design data acquisition applications quickly

The company's ioControl 5.1 is the latest version of its control programming software, and ioDisplay 5.1 is an updated graphics-based HMI software package. Both are designed to form the core of the company's new ioProject software suite for use with the company's SNAP Ethernet systems. IoControl 5.1 is a flowchart-based control programming application that reportedly enables users to design control and data acquisition applications quickly and easily. IoDisplay 5.1 is an HMI application for developing operator interfaces for Microsoft Windows-based clients communicating with the SNAP Ethernet controllers. Opto 22

Design program

Dynamic calculation process

The Conveyer Dynamic Analysis Design Program is made to enable users to perform full flexible body conveyer design. The program reportedly builds on the strong base formed by the Helix delta-T5 "Static" design program, and the new version calculates the transient belt tensions and velocities during the starting and stopping of a conveyor. The program reportedly allows users to input any number of drives, brakes, and pulleys, and allows for input of drive torque/speed curves, delay times, and braking torques, among other things. MOTORSOFT INC.

Linear measurement system

Available with quick disconnect

The Kubler linear measurement system is a high-resolution linear encoder that reportedly allows measurement of linear position or speed without contact between the sensor head and scale. It is available with a molded eurofast(R) quick disconnect that is designed to provide the user with higher performance, lower cost, and a faster and more reliable installation. The product senses movement via a magnetic scale and a separate sensor head. TURCK Inc.

Shaft horsepower meters

With digital and analog outputs

Featuring full scale ranges from 5 to 76,000 horsepower, the non-contact MCRT(R) Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Meters can reportedly accumulate virtually unlimited net energy. They output plus or minus 10V analogs of power, torque, speed, and energy, as well as data in engineering units via a resident com port. The product requires no manual adjustments, according to the company. S. Himmelstein and Co.

Pushbutton solution

Compact, rugged

Designed as the perfect pushbutton solution, the FDN20-4S-4XSG-E is compact and rugged and has a built-in DeviceNet(TM) eurofast(R) connector. The device powers its input and outputs from DeviceNet(TM), so no other cables are needed. It has an operating temperature range of -25 to 70C and the printed circuit board is coated to protect electronics against condensation within the enclosure. InterlinkBT

AC motor speed controllers

Offers range of functions

The ES01/ES02 series of compact ac motor speed controllers accepts input power of 110/115V (ES01) and 200/230V (ES02) to control ac motors and gearmotors over a range of 90 to 1,400 rpm and 90 to 1,600 rpm. According to the company. they can be used with the Oriental Motor's World K and V series ac induction or reversible speed control motors. Included functions are controlled acceleration and deceleration and instantaneous stopping capability. Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Servo drive

Small package

The Bassoon "off-line" digital servo drive is engineered to deliver up to 1 kW of continuous power and 2 kW of peak power. According to the company, it combines intelligence, programmability, and high power density in a 4 x 3 x 2 inch package. It weighs 12.3 oz and includes an integrated power supply that controls 4A at an input voltage range of 30 to 255V ac at 50/60 Hz. The product controls dc brush as well as dc and ac brushless motors. Elmo Motion Control

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