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April 21, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Microstep driver

With CW and CCW limit inputs

Using step and direction signals to operate a motor, the DR-38M intelligent microstep driver offers speed sensed fast/slow decay and ramped jog speed inputs, as well as CW and CCW limit inputs. A 4A, 40V microstep driver, it accepts signals over 28V and works with many PLC controllers. The driver features a RS-232 adapter for customizing configuration memory when removed, or adding input features when attached. Measuring less than 3.25 x 4.25 inches, it has step choices from high torque full step and smooth 1/8 micro step. Step driver may be used in shuttle control applications by converting the step and direction signals to quadrature inputs with an encoder option. Advanced Micro Enter 620

Motion controller

Dual-processor architecture

The eXMP-SynqNet(TM) stand-alone motion controller provides Ethernet, on-board flash memory, up to four com ports, and full PC functionality overall. Supporting up to 32 axes of servo or stepper motors, it features scalable Celeron(R) processor running VxWorks, embedded NT, and the XMP family Sharc(R) DSP motion co-processor. According to the company, the motion controller may be programmed with the company's MPX (ActiveX(R) libraries) to speed and simplify the software design cycle. Motion Engineering Enter 621

Servo amplifier

Velocity, torque control uses

Engineered for brushless motors with both Hall effect sensors and a digital encoder, the four-quadrant DES 70/10 digital servo amplifier features sinusoidal commutation at 50 kHz for smooth velocity and torque control down to low speeds. Using 24 to 70V dc supply voltage, it operates at 10A continuous current or 30A peak current. The servo amplifier is protected against over-current, over-temperature, and short circuit of the motor leads. An optional choke module makes it compatible with low inductance motors. Maxon Precision Enter 622

Motor speed control

12V, 24V dc versions

The Soft Start DC Motor Speed Control comes with short circuit and overload protection, built-in EMI/RFI filters to reduce noise, and a soft start feature to eliminate inrush current. Available in low, medium, and high-speed selections, it reportedly improves efficiency and safety, and reduces maintenance costs. A compact envelope produces minimal heat, occupies less space, and is programmable for customization. Other features include constant motor speed despite fluctuation in supply voltage; potted environmentally sealed construction for corrosion resistance; and automatic shut-off when current increases beyond a programmed limit. Carling Enter 623

Electromechanical actuators

High-accuracy positioning

The DGE-Series Electromechanical Actuators, available in compact or heavy duty configurations, are made up of spindle (ball screw) and belt actuated linear actuators. Coated linear guides prevent corrosion, while the belt or spindle is incased within a profile barrel to avoid contamination. The actuators reportedly offer maintenance-free operation, low noise and vibration-free movement, high acceleration and speeds, and fatigue-proof operation in fatigue limit range. Intended for multi-axis applications and made in sizes 18 to 63 mm, the electromechanical actuators have standard strokes up to 4,500 mm (177 inches) and load capacities from 50 to 3,160 lbs. Enter 624


Low cost, continuous torque

The MD1622 series motor provides up to 0.14 oz-in of continuous torque, and up to 56.6 oz-in continuous torque when combined with planetary gearbox series MD15P. The 16-mm diameter series DC-Ironcore motor comes in 4.5, 7, and 12V dc, and has no load speeds up to 12,900 rpm. DM15P features reduction ratios of 19:1 up to 23,014:1, for reportedly any speed reduction or torque-boosting requirement. Enter 625

Step motor controller

Programmable pulse, direction output

The MC2502 series motion processor comes in one (MC2512), two (MC2522), and four (MC2542) axis configurations, and is considered a low-cost step-motor control version of the company's Navigator(TM) Family 2500 series of motion processor chips. Two components-a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device-are surface mount CMOS technology and powered by 5V. Driven by a host microprocessor through an 8-bit or 16-bit bus interface or through an asynchronous bi-directional serial port, the motion processor allows users to offload motion control functions from the applications host. The step motor controller is designed for automation, industrial control, and robotics applications. Performance Motion Enter 626

Linear drive

Mitigates backlash

This linear drive design, intended to eliminate the need for additional drive systems in the company's linear drive units, converts rotary motion input from the drive shaft into linear output with zero backlash. With a control lever on the load-bearing drive unit, users may adjust the angle of contact between the bearing assembly and shaft to allow for changes to travel direction and pitch. No changes to the motor of control settings are necessary to provide automatic reversal of the drivehead, nor are clutches, cams, or gears needed. Amacoil Enter 627

I/O adapter

High serial port count

The COMM+16.PCI 16-port PCI bus serial I/O adapter enables connection to bar code readers, PLCs, scales, and other data acquisition/control devices via 16 RS-232 ports. The adapter supports standard PC data rates and has a top speed of 460.8K bps. Made with the XR16C850 UART, it provides a 128-byte FIFO to eliminate errors. A Universal Bus makes the I/O adapter compatible with both 3.3V and 5V computer systems. Sealevel Systems Enter 628


Universal programming environment

The PACSystems(TM) family of controllers, designed with a single control engine, enables users to upgrade for better control functionality, due to the seamless migration across multiple hardware platforms. Built on standard embedded architecture with commercial operating systems, the control engine is portable, allowing users to choose the programming language and hardware. According to the company, the system supports distributed I/O through standards-based communications like Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNet(TM), and Genius(R) networks. GE Fanuc Enter 629

Servo drive

Custom motion control systems

The Intelligent Servo Drive (ISD) consists of a series of hardware and software modules that are integrated to design custom motion control systems for OEMs. With no reliance on a standard board layout or packaging configuration, the servo drive includes brushless motors up to 750W, variable frequency drives up to 1 hp, 24V dc isolated I/O, analog I/O, logic and I/O power supplies, an 8051 microprocessor core with flash memory, and high-speed RS-232 and RS-485 serial busses. Industrial Indexing Enter 630

Compact slides

High load capacities

The Series SxL and SxH Slides feature low breakaway piston and rod seals, as well as high capacity internal shock pads for low noise and end-of-travel impact. Slides come in two bearing types and five sizes (8, 10, 14, 20, and 32 mm) with up to 3 inches of travel length. Slides eliminate costly collars, brackets, and target kits by incorporating twin switch slots for flush installation of the company's Series 6790 Switches. Another standard feature includes tapped and/or counterbored mounting holes in slide housing and optional dowel holes in the tool plate. PHD Enter 631

Position sensors

Unaffected by electrical noise

Designed for the transport, food, and vending industries, the PS831 and PS832 position sensors use a normally open GR10 reed switch and normally closed GR165 switch respectively, both operated by the PM83 A1NiCo magnet. Measuring 32 mm long, the sensors come in stainless steel and Nylon 6.6 versions, require no voltage for operation, and feature an operating temperature range of -30 to +120C and a maximum contact rating of 100V dc, 250V ac, 1A, 15W. Gentech Enter 632


Prevents inrush current stress

The solid-state Series EMC three-phase induction motor softstarters help motors avoid the stress of high inrush current, which may cause voltage dips, overheating, excessive noise, wasted power, contactor wear, and early electrical or mechanical failure in motors. A six-thyristor structure reportedly reduces the induction motor starting current and starting torque to avoid voltage fluctuations, lower mechanical stress, and improve power efficiency. Applications include pumps, compressors, escalators, conveyors, elevators, lamps, fans, cranes, and three-phase motor uses. Teledyne Relays, Enter 633

Servo drive

Onboard PLC functionality

The ArtDrive S series, available with its onboard Motion Drive PLC system with five language IEC1113-3 functionality, allows for motion control and PLC to be embedded into a user's drive. Used in OEM and high-level applications, this concept combines a servo drive, servo controller, I/O, and digital and analog processing power of a PLC. ARTDrive S features 1.5 to 160 kW power range, 208 to 500V ac power range, high-speed Fastlink synchronous communications, and encoder/resolver/absolute feedback options. SIEI America, Enter 634

Linear carriage

Reduced lateral clearance

The N17 Series is the company's smallest miniature guide system, available in a standard and preloaded design. Made from iglide(R) J material and assembled with brass fittings, the preloaded N17 linear carriage is wear resistant, lightweight, maintenance-free, and low cost, in addition to being capable of operating at high speeds and accelerations. igus inc., Enter 635

I/O learning

Standalone system

The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center incorporates the company's hardware and software into a system that uses a SNAP Ultimate processor, assorted I/O modules, SNAP rack, load panel, power supply, and cables. Available with a training manual, the learning system includes ioControl(TM), ioManager(TM), OptoOPCServer, and ioDisplay(TM) for delivering real-time industrial data to enterprise software and databases. I/O Learning Center is intended to help users develop industrial applications for automation. Opto 22, Enter 636

Linear actuators

Enables customization

Made to be custom-built with standard internal and external components, the CAT21 electromechanical linear actuators feature a modular design suited to meet medical and industrial application requirements. Operating silently, the actuators have high dynamic load capacities of 600N, low energy consumption, and stroke lengths from 50 to 300 mm. The electromechanical actuators, intended for space-limited applications in repetitive-motion devices, may be used to function in opening/closing, clamping/gripping, raising/lowering, or pushing/pulling. SKF Magnetic Enter 637

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