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February 17, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Electromagnetic brake motors

Eliminates motor heat damage, build-up

The AM series of fail-safe electromagnetic brakes, coupled to the company's 5-Phase Stepper, features a reportedly effective interior friction disc lining and a maximum motor torque range of 51.4 to 527 oz-in and brake holding torque range of 41.66 to 138.87 oz-in. Contributing to the control mechanism in electrical and mechanical uses, the motors also have a fast brake activation time of 35 msec or less and brake release time of 50 msec or less. Applications include fiber optic test equipment, packaging equipment, machine-building control systems, conveyors, material handling equipment, and robotics. Nyden Corp., Enter 618


Oil-shear design reduces shock load

Used in OEM and MRO applications, Posidyne X Series clutch-brakes feature an oil shear design that acts as a cushion to reduce shock loads on motors and machine components. Available in torque ratings from 100 to 1000 in-lbs and made for up to 10 hp drives, they provide hostile or washdown environment installation, 20 msec response, and service life tested to more than 40 million cycles. Four standard models-X1, X2, X3, and X4-come in horizontal, vertical-input down, and vertical-input up versions. Force Control Industries, Enter 619

Piezoelectric motor

25% more speed, force, and duty cycle

The HR8EE motor is designed to improve heat dissipation, increase maximum speed to 350 mm/sec, and extend maximum force to 45N. Based on ultrasonic standing waves, the motor offers reportedly high resolution, unlimited travel, and no intrinsic magnetic field. Motor may be used in such industries as electronics, fiber optics, semiconductor, automotive, biomedical/pharmaceutical, and general assembly manufacturing equipment. Nanomotion, Enter 620

Vertical machining centers

High speed machining

The S33 VMC is designed to offer machine rigidity, speed, flexibility, and accuracy for part production applications. The company's Geometric Intelligence (GI) servo control features special control elements made for high speed/high volume part machining, in addition to a 40 taper, 13,000-rpm spindle offering stiffness, torque, and rigidity. The VMC also provides tool-to-tool exchange in 1.3 seconds with a 20-tool magazine and automatic tool changer. Makino, Enter 621

Slotless brush PM motor

Eliminates cogging torque

The TG3300 Series slotless brush PM motor has an armature coil assembly design that provides high power efficiency in a wide speed range while eliminating cogging torque, iron, and hysteresis losses. The TG3300-70B motor, in particular, has a maximum continuous torque of 80 oz-in. at 10,000 rpm, a 24V dc input voltage, and a current of 27.5A. Engineered for uses requiring lightweight, high power, acceleration, and smooth operation, the brush motor series suits such applications as material handling, packaging machinery, and robotics. ThinGap Motor Technologies, Enter 622

Timer/counter module

High current load control

The NHPU Series high power solid state ProgramaCube(TM) timer/counter module allows users to create time and count ranges without designing a new module. Making high current load control possible, the module needs no contactor to switch motors, heaters, and lamps. The module features 6, 10, or 20A high current solid state output, 100 million operations on average, and switch adjustable time delays of 0.1 second to 1023 hours in six ranges or three with functions/ranges. ABB, Enter 623

Incremental encoder

Few components needed

The 2-inch CI20 Series Incremental Encoder comes with any incremental count from 1 to 8,192 ppr with no extra lead time, or added cost. Incremental feedback for speeds up to 10,000 rpm is achieved through electrical bandwidth up to 820 kHz and a firmware generated marker pulse of 90 or 180. As part of the CoreTech(R) encoder family, it requires only a proprietary hybrid OPTO-ASIC and small, unique code disk. According to the company, it is the only incremental encoder to have a direct read from the code disk while reducing the form factor of 8.192 line incremental feedback to a 2-inch housing size. Stegmann Inc., Enter 624

Closed loop ac drives

With DSP technology

The VLT(R) 5000 FLUX Drives feature Digital Signal Processing technology and flux vector control at up to 250 HP, allowing them to replace many servo systems at low cost. Providing fast torque control and working with standard inverter duty ac motors, the drives operate in such precise closed loop control applications as elevators, hoisting, and precise positioning. Danfoss Drives, Enter 625

Ball transfer system

Hollow balls, less weight

Ball Transfer/transfer systems feature hollow balls that are 60% lighter than solid balls. Features include 1-inch stainless ball, nylon-flanged base, no lubrication requirement, stainless cup and can, and 125-lb load capacity. Molded design allows options like nylon balls and various ball sizes, housing materials, and mounting configurations. Applications for these units include palletizers, ball tables, steel handling, and conveyor systems. Thomson Industries, Enter 626

High-speed actuator

Features isolated load carriers

The high-speed SKR actuator includes caged technology, which isolates each load-carrying element in their guides within an individual gage or pocket. The cage prevents ball-to-ball contact, is a reservoir for lubricants, and increases the speed and accuracy of motion. Benefits include decreased noise levels, maintenance-free operations, and reduced contamination. The SKR is available with outer rails of 150 to 740 mm and stroke range of 55 to 608.5 mm. THK America Inc., Enter 627


Mount stops deforming play

A new clamped-split-quill mount reportedly increases cycle rates, run life, and reliability in double C-face mounting. The clamp design splits the input quill four ways at 90 degrees intervals, offering a 360 degrees clamping effect. Clutch/brakes with the clamped-split-quill are used on case-packers, cartoners, fillers, indexing conveyers, and other high-cycle machinery. A keyway is centered in one of the splits to securely lock the key on both sides. Force Control Industries, Enter 628

Adjustable frequency drive

Small, with built-in software

VLT(R) MICRO adjustable frequency drives offer dc performance from ac motors and are available with 5 hp for 230 and 460V ac applications. Features include easy installation, sophisticated control, small footprint, automatic voltage regulation, S-curve or linear ramp profiles, momentary power failure restart, optional DIN rail mount, and digital keypad/display module. Applications include conveyers, pumps, and fans that need small units. Danfoss Drives, Enter 629

Worm speed reducers

Totally enclosed, ventless system

A line of single-reduction, right angle worm speed reducers are designed with a totally enclosed ventless sealing system. TIGEAR-2 includes synthetic lubricant, eliminating the need for routine oil changes and a sealing system for a longer seal life. It reportedly reduces 30% increase in output torque, so designers can use smaller sizes in applications without sacrificing useful life. Ten standard sizes are available in center distances of 1.33 to 4.75 inches, and the reducer is dimensionally interchangeable with many competitive models. Rockwell Enter 630

Semicon servo solution

Fewer parts, direct coupling

GOLDLINE(R) DDR servo systems help eliminate engineering problems by offering a standard product with a fully integrated feedback device, matched drive amplifier, and cable sets. Features include simplified construction, reduced parts, and direct coupling. Applications include aerospace, defense, packaging, health and fitness, automation, electronic assembly, and medical. This servo series is reportedly ideal for OEM equipment requiring very high torque density servos. Kollmorgen, Enter 631

Contact bearings

Self-aligning, thermopolymeric

ABP contact bearings maintain contact with shafts at various temperatures, provide shaft self-alignment, and absorb residence vibration. Self-aligning and internally lubricated, this thermopolymer product is reportedly designed to provide superior precision and tracking. These polymer bearings offer designers more solutions for automotive components, precision instruments, printers, copiers, and cameras. Designed for low-to-medium load applications, their zero clearance operation reportedly offers superior durability. Applied Bearing Productswww.appliedbearing.comEnter 632

Fiber optic cable

Hi-flex, long-distance accuracy

Chainflex(R) CFLG cable, designed for fiber optic systems requiring high quality transmission rates and cable flexibility, is the glass fiber in CFLG cable, reportedly more flexible than any plastic cable. Designed for temperatures 20 to 158F and for use in a cable carrier, Chainflex carries a nominal voltage of 300 to 500V and a bandwidth of 20 MHz/km. This product also has a damping rate of 6 dB/km at 820 nm and 30 dB/km at 1300 nm. igus inc., Enter 633

P/S sensing system

For hazardous environments

Position and speed-sensing systems provide precision measurements in hazardous environments like well logging, chemical handling, paint spray operations, printing, and other processes involving flammable gases and liquids. The systems ensure that energy levels to optical encoder sensors are kept below ignition points and meet CENELEC hazardous ratings. Encoder systems include a select rotary encoder, cable assembly, and intrinsic safety barrier. BEI Technologies Inc., Enter 634

Planetary gearhead

Very low backlash level

A patented technology reportedly gives the Planetary(R) HPG Series gearhead consistently low backlash, high efficiency, and high torsional stiffness in applications like automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, and machine tools. With a backlash level of less than 1 arc-min, the HPG size 14 has a 60-mm square mounting flange and is 85 mm long. The gearheads are available in gear ratios from 5 to 45:1. Harmonic Drive Enter 635

Absolute encoder

High data rates, auto-correct

Modern motion control systems demand precision and high data rates for absolute position feedback signals. This absolute encoder unit reportedly offers better precision when compared to control systems using sign-cosign or sinusoidal signals. Benefits include automatic corrections for offset and gain that are faster and more precise, simpler computations resulting in more orderly usage of computational resources, and simplified mechanical configuration of the sensor. The unit's geometry is ideal for micro and nano positioning requirements, the company says. TRJ & Co Enter 636

Planetary gear drive

Rotating flange replaces shaft

The Type BDB gearhead substitutes a rotating flange for the typical output shaft in standard gearheads, reportedly solving performance and design problems in many motion control applications. No shaft means no torsional deflection inherent in its operation. Maximum backlash offered in BDB gearheads is 5, 3, or 1 arc-min. BDBs are pancake style due to their internal design, which maximizes torque over short lengths. Available in hypertorque versions, the units are offered in seven diameters between 64 and 285 mm. Mijno Precision Enter 637

Motion control chip

For stepper motors, servomotors

The PCL6025 motion control chip is designed for use with stepper motors and pulse-direction input servomotors. Features include 6.5 mpps output speed, linear or S-curve acceleration, and positioning/speed changes on the fly. These high-pulse generator chips cover nearly all stepper control motor applications. Applications include XY stage semiconductor manufacturing, inspection systems, medical analysis machines, scientific instruments, and biotechnical products. Other benefits include automatic speed correction, out-of-step detection, and four counters per axis. Nippon Pulse Motor Enter 638

Linear actuator

Various sizes for military apps

Sealed linear actuators for extremely harsh environments are available in various sizes and are reportedly ideal for military applications. This product version has a maximum force of 200 lbs and incremental movement per step ranges of 0.0004167 to 0.002 inch per step. According to the company, ideal applications require precise positioning, reliable motion, and long life and can be customized for specific environmental hazards. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 639

Brushless motors

Slotless stator, low inductance

SL(TM) brushless dc motors and gear motors feature a slotless stator design that eliminates magnetic cogging. These three-phase, four-pole products offer low inductance and high current bandwidth for precise control in rapid acceleration and motion applications. Available in three frame sizes, gear motors feature modular designs for imaging and medical diagnostic devices, computer peripherals, and semiconductor equipment. Pittman, Enter 640

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