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August 16, 2004

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Minimizes magnetic cogging

Featuring 11-slot skewed armatures, the PITTMAN(R) Series 1400(TM) brush-commutated dc motors and gearmotors can be customized for each user with brush materials, encoders, timing belt pulleys, brakes, cables, connectors, modified shafts, and RFI suppression. The motors, offered in seven sizes, can achieve torques up to 410 oz-inches and speeds up to 4,230. The gearmotors, offered in seven sizes, can achieve torques up to 175 oz-inches or 500 oz-inches with high torque wide face gears. PennEngineering (R) Motion Technologies


Available for commercial use

Designed for industrial functions, this commercial-grade monitor can be installed in rugged environments. The FPM-2150G has a NEMA4/IP65 certification, meaning that spilled liquids present no problem. The stainless steel chassis and Al-Mg front panel provides a large amount of protection for the monitor. The anti-glare, high brightness LCD screen is 15 inches and a PS/2 connector is available, making it possible to connect a mouse or keyboard. The FPM-2150G is a very slim industrial monitor, making it easy to mount. Advantech Corp.


Convenient, self-contained

Designed to accelerate mounting, cleaning and sensor alignment procedures, Mercury encoder installation kits are suitable for use with evaluation units. By providing all the necessary supplies, the kits reportedly save time and add convenience. The kits are available for linear and rotary models with U.S. standard or Metric hardware. Each kit contains: two-part epoxy, silicone adhesive, powder-free finger cots, and cleaning tissues. MicroE Systems


New support and storage capabilities

The TCP/IP Programmable Fieldbus Controller features double data memory to 256 Kbytes, a multi-tasking operating system, and the ability to complete on-line programming changes. The controller can support barcode readers, RFIDS, HMIs, encoders, barcode printers, message displays, light boards, and drive interfaces. It reportedly eliminates the need for periodic battery replacement by storing programs in flash memory, and also features a clock for time stamping and scheduling applications. WAGO


Integrated power supply

The XtraDrive has recently upgraded, thanks to the ECAM(TM) feature set. The ECAM enhances an on-board controller which includes features such as Electronic Camming, a function that creates motion according to a particular profile, depending on master axis encoder position, or a virtual master axis. The XtraDrive itself has many appealing features. This includes an integrated power supply for 230 and 480V ac operation and a fully programmable one-and-a-half axis positioner. It is offered in power ranges from 30 to 3,000W. YET USA Inc.


Ergonomic solutions

Designed to enable reliable, safe, and controlled power-driven height adjustment of tables, desks, chairs, and lightweight equipment, the actuators and actuation systems from SKF(R) can satisfy everyday office needs or be available on the production floor. All systems feature compact, slim profile designs and can be integrated and adapted easily. The specialized product line available offers TELESMART TMA and TMD lifting columns for table height adjustment, among other products such as telescopic pillars, linear actuators, and control units. SKF Actuation Systems



Because each flexure is produced from a single piece of material, the product can be manufactured into a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the user's preferences. The flexure performs multiple functions without separate parts or the backlash usually involved in rotating equipment. Helical Products


Communication enhancements

The Model 5200 Blue Fusion controller features a built-in Web server, multi-unit expansion racks, local data logging, and flash file storage. Bidirectional e-mail support allows the Model 5200 to send alerts or production data by way of e-mail messages. According to the company, the controller can also be used as an FTP server for upgrades and support, or for transmitting control strategy from one control unit to others. Control Technology


Good for space-restricted designs

The 8.4-mm tall MicroE Systems miniature vacuum-compatible motion feedback encoders can operate in both linear and rotary applications. There are five new models available. Some features included in a couple of these sensors are the RS 422 compatible quadrature output, offered with the M3500V encoder, which has a resolution to 5 nM. The M100V provides sine/cosine output for use with interpolation electronics. All vacuum encoder sensors are vented and compatible with 10-8 Torr vacuum levels. MicroE Systems


Detailed descriptions

The iTNC 530 Control Catalog features the contouring capabilities of milling, drilling, and boring machines and machining centers, as well as closed loop control methods and short block processing times. A fast editor allows users to quickly verify complex programs. The free catalog provides detailed descriptions and explanations of product features, including detailed specifications. Heidenhain


Efficient, external power supply

The 750-641 DALI Interface Module reportedly allows users to monitor more efficiently and control building lighting. The product utilizes an external power supply to provide up to 400 mA of current, while featuring noise reduction and energy-conserving capabilities. Additional features include: digital outputs that control relays and solenoids, analog outputs for temperature control, and the ability to communicate to over 46 DALI ballasts. WAGO Corp.


Expanded range

The HEIDENHAIN Motors for Axis and Spindle Drives catalog provides an overview of the expanded range of available motors, including their technical ranges and dimensions. The catalog, available for free, gives detailed information on the company's synchronous and asynchronous motors. Heidenhain


With anti-rotation mechanism

The company's durable size 14 linear actuator features a stainless steel Acme lead screw, as well as thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut. Designed with a patented anti-rotation mechanism, the actuator works well in applications where external anti-rotation methods would be difficult to employ. The product is available in resolutions ranging from 0.003048 to 0.048768 mm per step, delivering thrusts of up to 50 lbs. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.


Positions through 360 degrees

The MH20 and MH40 constant-torque hinges control motion in applications that involve positioning an object through 360 degrees of rotation. The hinges provide no backlash and a typical spring-back of less than 1 degree, while delivering a useful life of 20,000 cycles. The hinges are available in load capacities ranging from 1.7 to 36.5 lbs-per-inch. Reell Precision Manufacturing Corp.


Environmentally sealed

Designed for medical, food handling, cleanroom, and wet applications, the NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 size actuators can be autoclaved and washed down. The motor end is sealed with polyolefin shrink tubing and polyurethane adhesive sealant, while the stainless steel shaft is sealed with a high tensile, low friction Buna-N U-Cup seal. The products are available in 2-, 4-, and 8-inch stroke lengths with four standard lead screw options. Ultra Motion Co.


Versatile industry use

Made for holding high accuracy work, the spring-engaged, air-released rod lock is designed to hold and clamp cylinder rods and shafts up to 32 mm. The rod locks work well in the machine tool, food processing, material handling, printing, semi-conductor, and injection-molding industries. Additional product features include: low backlash, high clamping force, small air chamber and low air consumption, blue anodized finish, and large clamp-to-rod surface area. Nexen Group Inc.


Multiple connections

The 4166 Model is designed to connect multiple embedded system cards without the power or mechanical problems with consumer-type Ethernet switches. The product reportedly eliminates the need for crossover cables through the use of half and full duplex connections. The switch's bandwidth provides full duplex wire speed connections on all ports. Mesa Electronics

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