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January 13, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

High-torque motor

Continuous duty in a small package

Permanent magnetic motors that reportedly offer higher than standard torque rating for their size are available in model lengths 4.44 and 4.94 inches. The M1600 Series motors weigh 2.75 - 3.25 lbs., are UL-approved and feature high-energy ceramic magnets and reversible designs. Standard features include double-shielded ball bearings, Class F insulation, dynamically balanced armature and externally replaceable brushes. The maximum continuous torque for each unit is 36.5 oz-in.; the maximum speed is 5,000 rpm. Applications include pump drives, welding wire feeders, conveyor drives and bio-analytical equipment. RAE Enter 626

Precision steel balls

Hardening, shaping tools

Distinctively shaped precision balls are available for various applications where balls are used for hardened polishing and shaping tools. Flat, diagonally cut, cone and pin shapes are use-specific to polishing surfaces with sharp edges and polishing shaped flats such as coins. Balls are available in sizes of 1/16- to 1-inch in stainless steel, 52100 chrome or ceramic materials, and special sizes and materials are available by request. The manufacturer is QS-9000, ISO 9002 and has an A2LA-accredited metrology lab. Thomson Enter 627

Ball screw

Outperforms many cylinders

HBN heavy-load ball screws with caged technology reportedly offer improved energy use and superior positioning accuracy, outperforming hydraulic cylinders in injection molding, pressing, blow molding and die casting applications. According to the company, the HBN ball screw runs clean, with enhanced machine control and reduced maintenance, but has the durability of hydraulic units. The cage acts as a lubricant reservoir, and Type HBN is available in 32 - 63mm diameters and 10 - 20 leads. THK America Inc., Enter 628

Polymer bearings

Choose from 13 grades

Standard polymer plain, spherical, pillow block and rod end bearings are available in inch and metric sizes. The bearing technology is the result of extensive materials and application testing, the company says. Iglide(R) plain bearings are self-lubricating, with 13 material grades in stock. DryLin(R) linear bearings interchange with linear ball bearings and are oil-free, self-lubricating and suited for short-stroke, high frequency applications. Igubal(R) bearings are lightweight spherical, rod end and pillow block styles, and include a clevis joint and retaining pin type. igus inc., Enter 629

Custom slides

Designed for harshest use

Customized, heavy-duty linear slides are available to fit specific engineered applications and include products for the harsh environments and heavy loads. Self-lubricating bearing slides reportedly have load capacity 5 times standard rolling surface bearings and eliminate metal-to-metal contact using Frelon(R) bearing surfaces. Slides wipe shafts clean with use, have no mechanical components and operate between -400 and 500F. Applications include fiberglass manufacturing and processing, stone cutting and other quarry operations, automotive testing, welding and assembly lines and machine tools. Pacific Bearing, Enter 630

Stepper motor

High-torque, on-board drive

The Mdrive14 high-torque stepping motors with onboard drives are the company's smallest in the Mdrive line. A NEMA 14 motor and half/full step drive measures 1.7 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches; the complete assembly weighs 5 oz. Features include optically isolated logic inputs that accept 5 to 24 V dc signals, sourcing or sinking. The Mdrive14 is available in several configurations including single-shaft stand-alone or dual-shaft rotary motor with optical encoder or control knob. Setup settings can be changed in operation or downloaded and stored using a provided GUI. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc. Enter 631

Ball bearing unit

Air-handling, low vibration

ConCentra air handling ball bearing units are designed for fan and blower OEM applications or upgrades to set-screw and concentric collar locking bearing units. The manufacturer says the units offer longer life, lower vibration, reduce fretting corrosion and reduce maintenance requirements. ConCentra's multi-step sleeves allow the use of commercial grade shafting due to a secure concentric fit throughout the assembly. Features include high locking force, near 360 degrees fit, two-part sealing, and lubrication for life. Available in bore increments of 1 to 215/16 inches. SKF USA Inc., Enter 632

Combined servo unit

Power, amplifier in one

A complete power supply/brushless servo amplifier combined product runs directly off 30 125V ac and outputs 25A peak and 12.5A continuously. The units can be configured for current or open loop mode. Dipswitches let users adjust current scaling and configure the active fault level. Typical velocity mode applications for this 1,500V dc isolation standard unit include patient moving, angiographic fluid delivery, parcel sorting, air regulation equipment and robotic systems. Advanced Motion Controls, Enter 633

Reinforced gearbox

Low maintenance, low noise

The SK 12382 Clincher(TM) gearbox is the largest in the line of parallel-mounted gearboxes, with maximum output torque of 796,500 lb-in. With reinforced construction, high-grade materials and condensed power, the gearbox features a one-piece housing, Quadrilip(TM) oil sealing system, low maintenance and low noise. Units offer a power range of 15 to 200 HP, output speeds of 8.7 to 62 rpm and gear ratios of 69:1 to 202:1. The SK 12383 is a triple-stage geared motor available with hollow or solid output shaft. Nord Gear Corp, Enter 634

Guideway coverstrips

Cleans and protects against contaminants

MAC rail coverstrips for Linear guideways reportedly install easily and protect against a number of contaminants in the guideway. Coverstrips replace plastic caps used to cover counterbored mounting holes and snap into full-length position in the rail groove, saving time and increasing protection over conventional methods. Coolant, dirt and debris are kept out, while wipers are protected. Units are stainless steel, 0.5-mm thick, unbreakable during assembly, and designed to lengthen wiper life. Schneeberger Inc., Enter 635

Slides and stages

High-speed and rough-duty

EasyLinear round way and profiled rail ball slides, and Teflon(R) composite slides are designed to offer precision performance in conjunction with EasyLinear stages. Teflon slides are designed for rugged environments while ball slides are used for high speed and positioning applications. Stages reportedly outperform belt drive systems, carrying higher loads and better positional accuracy, and offering more design flexibility. Leidemaul Inc., Enter 636

Linear drive

Controls ramp down speed

Ramp down and reversal of linear speed is simplified with a K option linear drive assembly that provides mechanical control over down speed to the reversal of drive heads. Units offer smooth slowing and reversal with no sudden stops or system vibration. Designed for OEM installations and some retrofitting on the company's machines, K option applications include converting, assembling, metalworking and finishing operations, and in traverse winding of fine, breakable materials. Amacoil Inc., Enter 637

Mechanical struts

Stainless shells, no seals

Two lines of mechanical, extension-force struts reportedly offer durability and flexibility in many applications. Standard mechanical struts are available with 2- to 5-inch stroke and have stainless steel shell and springs, with M6 ends. High-load mechanical struts are available with 1- to 4.6-inch stroke and have stainless steel shell, hi-tensile carbon steel springs and M8 ends. Mechanical struts have no gas or seals and withstand operating temperatures to 400F. End configurations include ball, blade or clevis. Associated Spring-Raymond, Enter 638

Shaft-mounted clutch-brake

Uses springs as actuators

A compact, single-piston clutch-brake is reportedly the solution for repeating material handling applications like starting and stopping the roller shaft on chain-driven accumulating conveyors. The clutch disengagement springs act as brake actuators in the LSCB-44 unit, eliminating simultaneous engagement. Features of the clutch-brake include varied mounts, 6.3 Nm brake torque, 238 Nm clutch torque at 5.5 bar, 115-mm diameter, 12- to 32-mm bores and internal spline drive. An open design dissipates heat and no rotary air union is required. Nexen Group Inc., Enter 639

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