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February 3, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Absolute encoders

High resolution, compact design

The Dynapar ACURO series of absolute encoders are available in two versions: ACURO Industry, with 58-mm housing and resolution up to 17 bits in single-turn and 12 bits in multi-turn configurations, and ACURO Drive, offering up to 22 bits in single-turn and 12 bits in multi-turn configurations. ACURO Industry reportedly operates from -40 to 100C in industrial and systems engineering applications, while ACURO Drive features a temperature range of -15 to 120C for motor feedback. Danaher Controls, www.dancon.com Enter 593

Rotary actuators

Maintenance-free, modular construction

SKF(R) rotary actuators feature a preloaded ball-screw assembly and gear-tooth profile for high repeatability, precise motion, and high stiffness, without backlash. Replacing standard worm gears in offering partial rotary motion, they provide rotational motion ranges from 100 to 360 degrees, and more than 5,100 ft-lbs torque capacity. Applications include foodservice, ergonomic, medical, and heavy-duty industrial uses. SKF Motion Technologies, www.skf.com Enter 594

Stepping motor control

4X oversize motor drives

The VXM stepping motor controller is designed as a single chip microcontroller, with preset pulse width modulation and oversize motor drives for overload tolerance and long life. A complete control/driver/indexer/ac power supply with RS-232 interface, it digitally controls interface functions and can perform commands for operating four motors, running one at a time. Used alone or interactively with a PC, the microcontroller weighs 2.6 lbs and measures 3.25 x 4.5 x 7 inches. Velmex, www.velmex.com Enter 595

Electric actuator

Energy efficient, eco-friendly

The Type ELA electric actuator features rolling type parts, offering better positioning repeatability and more energy efficiency than sliding type parts. Without the oil leaks or air mist emissions of hydraulics or pneumatics, the actuator operates on electricity, making it environmentally friendly and maintenance-free at the power source. In carrying torque, radial, and moment loads, it also avoids cost and space requirements by using the company's Type LT Ball Spline. THK America Inc., www.thk.com Enter 596

Miniature linear encoder

Designed for semiconductor industry

Intended for fiber stage manufacturers and the development of positioning stages, LIF400 Series miniature exposed linear encoder features the SUPRADUR grating style, offering a high tolerance to contamination. The encoder has a long wave accuracy grade of plus or minus 3 mum, travels up to 1m, and works with coarse and fine measurement applications. Additional elements of the encoder include optical limit switches, allowing users to mount the scale closer to a motor than scales with magnetic switches. Heidenhain Corp., www.heidenhain.com Enter 597

Tapered roller bearings

Logarithmic raceway design

Tyson Tapered Roller Bearings have an inner ring raceway with a logarithmic design that evenly distributes light and heavy loads throughout the length of the inner ring, resulting with more uniform load carrying capabilities. Engineered for the transportation industry, the roller bearings feature optimized roller flange contact and improved flange and roller end surfaces. Case-hardened rollers, and inner and outer rings, are also designed to withstand shock loads. RBC Bearings, www.rbcbearings.com Enter 598

Gearheads and actuators

High torque, zero backlash

PS Series flange output (PSF) and shaft output (PSS) gearheads and actuators are designed for accurate positioning and precise motion control. The series reportedly features zero backlash and high torque gearing and is available with a wide range of input options. Ratio range is 50-160:1 with output speeds up to 90 rpm, and positional accuracy is reportedly less than 1 arc min. All units offer flexible integration so they can be used with most servo or stepper motors. Harmonic Drive Technologieswww.harmonic-drive.com Enter 599

Linear actuator

Extended travel for military use

The size 17 and size 23 hybrid captive linear actuators offer extended travel up to 2.5 inches, precision per step down to 0.00012 inch, and anti-backlash nuts for extreme bi-directional precision. For size 17 linear actuators, forces may reach 50 lbs, and up to 200 lbs for size 23 linear actuators. Intended for rapid motion, long life, and precise positioning, they are used in medical equipment, valve control, X-Y tables, and automation. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.www.hsi-inc.com Enter 600

DSP-based servo drives

For space-limited applications

PCE800 Series Servo Drives provide 480V ac operation, simplified drive setup and tuning, and advanced anti-resonance filters. Drives also include 400 Hz velocity-loop bandwidth, an internal profile generator for pre-set index moves, and a 24-bit Digital Resolver to Digital Conversion algorithm for position accuracy at 5 arc seconds. Designed for small space applications, the servo drives may be used in robotics, electronic assembly, packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, printing, and material handling. Pacific Scientificwww.pacsci.com Enter 601

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