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July 19, 2004

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Complete offline simulation for controllers

Designed to be compatible with the WAGO Series of programmable fieldbus controllers, the 759-333 WAGO-IO-PRO-CAA (CoDeSys Automation Alliance compatible) programming software is fully compliant with the IEC 61131-3 open programming standard. Users have the ability to select platforms/components, develop the network, and program. Other key features include a six language option, visualization elements, DDE or OPC server, hierarchical graphical PLC configuration, and library management for user-defined libraries. WAGO Corp.


No need for cable

The 4-axis SDM-20640 amplifier board, designed for microstepping four stepper motors, attaches directly to the 96-pin DIN connector of the controller without any need for a cable. The board is a compact 6.92 inches by 5.10 inches, and each amplifier is able to drive a two-phase bipolar stepper motor operating at 18 to 60V dc. There are four featured settings for the board: 0.5, 1, 2, and 3.5A. Along with current settings, the board has a low-current mode that reduces current power by 75 percent when the motor is at a stop. The drives produce 12,800 steps per revolution for a standard 200-step motor. Galil Motion Control Inc.


For simplified motor control

A new integrated drive has been added to the NEMA size 23 brushless dc motor, which can be customized according to specific application requirements. The drive controls the motor speed by analog voltage or pulse-width modulation and is compact, adding one inch to the motor length. The standard drive is rated at 24V dc but can be configured for voltages up to 48V dc. The command lead-configurable to accept either a 0-6V dc signal or a 6V, 1-kHz pulse with modulated square wave-controls motor speed. EADmotors


High resolution

Designed for light industrial applications requiring high resolution in a small package, these optical rotary incremental encoders are typically 12 mm in diameter and 25 mm long. The GPI R112s and R112B are available in shafted or blind-hollow shaft versions. The encoders have resolutions up to 8,000 cycles/rev (32,000 counts/rev). Some common applications for the encoders can include x-y stages, medical devices, compact motors and actuators, and small instrumentation. Gurley Precision Instruments


Easy installation

Designed to provide two channels of incremental shaft position at 500 lines per revolution with quadrature and an index pulse, the new compact hollow-shaft encoder features a single LED emitter /receiver and a glass code disk mounted on an aluminum hub for high reliability. This RS-422 output differential line driver device is reportedly easy to install and has a low profile design, adding 0.45 inch in length. No adjustments are required and no mechanical rubbing exists once installed. Servo Magnetics Inc.


Standard and low inertia models

Baldor Electric has added to its line of servo motors by introducing inertial matching for machines. Delivery can now be same day, since the expansion includes encoders. Encoders added to the stock feature a 2,500 ppr encoder as a standard. The expansion also contains BSM servomotors with holding brakes. Typical applications for the newly updated BSM-series include packaging, material handling, registration, labeling, flying shears, capping, form/fill/seal, and factory automation. Baldor Electric Co.


Consistent with dependable operation

Rated for one million actuations at their stated dynamic load capacity, the EC5, ED15, ED20, and EC30 clutches from REELL Precision provide dependable timing for motion control. The clutches are capable of accelerating loads from 0 to full speed in less than 3 msec and operate on either 12 or 24V dc, filtered or unfiltered. In addition, the clutches provide torque in one direction only, which permits overrunning, and typically operate at speeds between 100 and 900 rpm with a maximum of 1,400 rpm. There is reportedly almost no slippage at engagement and almost instantaneous disengagement. REELL Precision Manufacturing Corp.


Low friction

The HepcoMotion PDU2 (Profile Driven Unit, size 2) is engineered for applications needing a cost effective solution to fit into a compact space envelope. The belt drive fits into a slotted profile, sealing the unit. The unit is virtually friction-free, as the wheels run easily on the inside surface without lubrication, providing support for the carriage plate. Operating at speeds up to 6 m/sec and at 500N, the PDU2 has a high load capacity, measuring 60 x 51 mm at the cross section. Drive shafts can be configured in a few different positions. Bishop-Wisecarver


With commutation and serial interface

The RCM15si is a 1.5-inch-diameter rotary optical encoder that combines brushless motor commutation pulses and incremental position feedback. An LED and sensor arrangement improves performance and reliability of the motor. The encoder is available with resolutions up to 2,048 lines. Featured in the RCM15si is the slide/gap mechanism for ease of installation and performance as well as servo groove, allowing at least 20 degrees of rotation of the encoder to align the commutation tracks with the motor poles. Renco Encoders Inc.


For customer friendly convenience

Featuring a 120 or 220V ac single-phase, permanent split-capacitor, reversible induction motor, the Series 73 R5 rectangular electric actuator for rotary valves reportedly delivers reliable service. The R5 is waterproof and available in three on-off models with 100, 300, or 600 lb-inch output torque. The actuator reduces the time required for field start-up and installation and also delivers high torque in a compact design. Designed to replace burdensome internal component wiring, the R5 has a heavy-duty printed circuit board as well. Bray International Inc.


High power density

Elmo's new digital servo drive, Bassoon, has an integrated power supply that controls 5A at an input voltage range of 30-255V ac at 50-60 Hz. There are three models: BAS-1/230, BAS 3/230, and BAS 5/230, all of which control dc brush, as well as dc and ac brushless motors. The drives feature a wide range of operating functions, including CANopen networking and 32 kbytes of on-board programmable user memory for use in controlling complex motion profiles, as well as event capturing and triggering functions. Elmo Motion Control


Up to 20 percent more continuous force

Combining traditional brushless technology with the less expensive features of stepper technology, the HyCore linear motor provides peak performance in a small package (5 x 4 x 4 inches). The motor has several benefits: no backlash, unlimited travel, improved accuracy, fast velocities and high accelerations-over 60 inches/ sec (1.5 m/sec) and up to 3 Gs. Baldor also offers controls to power the motor. Baldor Electric Co.


High-speed industrial inspection

The Global Lab Image/2 3.6 (GLI/2 3.6) imaging software, has recently gained DirectShow support. The software is now easier to use when building applications with FireWire and USB cameras. According to the company, the software is also intended for measurement, analysis, and image processing in the scientific image analysis industry, as well as general-purpose industry markets. The GLI/2 3.6 is useful in many medical applications, such as cell and tissue analysis. Data Translation


Built-in feedback devices

The AlphaStep series of motors utilizes harmonic gearheads to offer precise, zero-backlash performance while providing extremely high torque. With a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors the motor shaft to detect and correct loss of synchronism, the AlphaStep uses microstep control, which translates to up to 10,000 steps per revolution for smooth, low-speed operation. The HG gearhead and motor models produce a maximum holding torque between 22 and 35 lb/inch. Oriental Motor USA Corp.


Greater flexibility in applying precision

Eight new sizes have recently been added to the Series 24xx Quiet Ball Screw from Steinmeyer. The ball screws were specifically engineered for smooth quiet motion, with plastic used in the manufacturing process instead of metal. The new additions are available with or without backlash and with a choice of two accuracy grades. The ball nut is fitted with the Steinmeyer Combination Wiper system, consisting of labyrinth seals and felt wipers to guard against contamination. The Series 24xx Quiet Ball Screw can be used in semiconductor production machines, inspection equipment, medical devices, pick-and-place machines, automation equipment, and robotic mechanisms. Steinmeyer Inc.


Fast measurement and inspection

The F210 high-speed vision sensor combines image acquisition as fast as 1.4 msec with advanced measurement algorithms. The system also features the company's QUEST algorithm for advanced OCR/OCV capability and its Edge Code technology, which detects defects. Available with two cameras for multi-angle inspections, the F210 system can be used for packaging inspection applications and in auto assembly line part inspections. The system also features productivity tools, including the Intelligent Light Source, (ILS) which controls the light source intensity and direction, and can also save the settings internally. Omron Electronics LLC


Features motion control products

Aerotech Inc. has recently published a new brochure entitled Automation Solutions for Electronic Manufacturing, Test and Inspection, and Data Storage that features several products outlining their motion control and positioning systems and component solutions. Featured products include the Automation 3,200 digital automation platform, linear and rotary nanopositioners, servomotors and drives, robots, actuators, and industry-specific motion systems. Aerotech Inc.


New sizes, debris-resistant

There are six new sizes available for the ETP Stainless Steel shaft-locking bushings. The ETP express bushings are ideal for use in food, beverage, and dairy processing equipment. In addition, they resist debris collection as they are completely sealed and are easily cleaned. They can handle temperature ranges from -22 to 180F. The unique design of the ETP express makes it superior to mechanical locking bushings, as it has a single adjusting screw. It can handle torque ranges from 40 to 1,500 lb-ft and provide concentricity to 0.001 inch T.I.R. Zero-Max Inc.

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