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October 6, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Real-time status information

The Posys(TM) ISA-BUS motion controller operates brush and brushless servo motors or steppers in 1-, 2-, or 4-axis configurations. Units generate a PWM signal for servos or a pulse and direction signal for steppers. Motion profiles include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. Features include advanced PID filter, preload or on-the-fly updates, and trace capability for system checks. Intelligent Motion Control Enter 586


No pulsation effect

High accuracy, cross roller precision linear bearings are available in two quality options: special and super special quality. SQ bearings are designed for applications requiring runout of no more than 5 microns over distances up to 1,800 mm. SSQ has runout of no more than 2.5 microns over distances up to 1,200 mm. Some of the features include near-zero friction and extreme smoothness in travel; low-profile packages; and no pulsation effect entering or leaving the load zone. Schneeberger Enter 587


High displacement speeds

Planetary roller screws and bearing components are designed as ready-to-fit assemblies. Roller screws reportedly have greater rigidity, lower axial clearance, and higher limiting speeds than ball screw drives. Features include low sensitivity to shock loading, very high displacement speeds, and low internal friction. Applications include precision machine tools, measuring machines, industrial robots, mining, and aerospace. INA USA CORP., Enter 588


For multiple-axis operations

The CS1W-MCH71 advanced motion controller is designed as a single module for fast and accurate control of up to 30 axes of motion at one time. Up to eight programs run concurrently. The controller can handle point-to-point positioning and complex cam following or advanced synchronous uses. Applications include packaging, printing, converting, motion machinery, and other multiple access control operations. Omron Electronics Inc., Enter 589


For lathes, mills, and grinders

Wrench-operated collet chucks are reportedly ideal for combination lathes that are operated manually or through a CNC control. Features include adjustable concentricity, precision clamping, universal flat back, and availability of types 5C, 16C, 3J, and 22J. A complete range of collet sizes in each type is also available. All collet chucks operate with a standard chuck key. Lexair Inc., Enter 590


Long life, high precision performance

Size 14 hybrid external linear actuators feature an ACME stainless steel lead screw and require no lead screw couplers. The linear actuator assembly replaces motor, coupler, lead screw and nut. Actuators are available in resolutions ranging from 0.000125-0.002 inch per step. This product delivers thrust of up to 25 lbs. Applications include medical equipment, X-Y tables, automation, valve control and other uses. Haydon Switch & Instrument Enter 591


For 8 micro-inch surface or lower

Improved roller technology helps the company manufacture needle rollers with tolerances held to 0.0001 inch or better, and surface finishes of 8 micro-inches or lower. Needle rollers are used in the automotive and agricultural equipment industry in such applications as power transmission systems. These products range from 0.045- to 0.5-inches in diameter and 0.1 to 3.5 inches long. Other applications include planetary gear sets, clutches, steering columns, motor shafts, and small engines. RBC Enter 592


Mechanical reversal included

Users may spool materials of various diameters using one winding assembly-the Kinemax linear drive featuring variable pitch turndown. Linear pitch is set using a control dial on the drive unit and the pitch remains constant regardless of the drive motor speed or the take-up reel speed. The process ensures that material is spooled smoothly and evenly. Features include mechanical reverse, adjustable end-stops, and smooth shaft. Amacoil Inc. Enter 593


Meets safety standards

The SB50 Brake Pack features four key control functions for AC induction, reversible, watertight and electromagnetic brakes. Also integrated into this package are instant stop, forward/reverse motion, electromagnetic brake control, and thermal protector. SB50 covers single-phase voltage ranges of 100-230V ac, 50/60 Hz. Units conform to major safety standards including US and Canada. Oriental Motor USA Enter 594


Analog or digital output

Precise feedback for accurate control is a main feature of the SG1000 slide gate monitor, which reports the position of slide gates and valves. The monitor is available in a 4-20 mA analog output version, or a DeviceNet interface; both install on a wide variety of gates. Units are housed in explosion-proof, waterproof cast aluminum that resists dirt, dust, and grease. Electro-Sensors Inc., Enter 595


Compact but efficient

The In-Sight(R) 1700 Series prober retrofit kit is easy to install and reportedly features the 1700 Series wafer readers. The readers read alphanumeric and 2D matrix codes, track wafers through production, and read degraded softmarked codes and new compact codes. Kits include hardware, software and instructions, and provide integrated Ethernet communication. Cognex Corp., Enter 596


Easy upgrade ability

Nine products, developed in the framework of ProDAQ, are available for entry into the VXIbus controller market. Three VXIbus Slot-0 controllers offer measured data throughput rates to 32 Mbytes/sec sustained, depending on the slave. They include USB 2.0, the standard interface on new PCs. Features include a 1.3 GHz processor, 256-Mbyte memory, library, resource manager, and Windows(TM) or Linux(TM) support. Bustec Inc., Enter 597


Jobber length for ductile materials

The A509 Dialub coated drill series is designed for drilling stainless steel and other tough materials. Made of M42 HSCo steel for wear-resistance, the series features a diamond coating which lowers friction and improves hole finish. Standard tools have a 135 degrees point, splint point, steep web taper and thin web. This jobber-length drill series is designed for soft, ductile materials like aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys. Dormer Tools Inc., Enter 598


Compatible with Windows

ioControl 5.0 programming software-Manager 5.0 software for Ethernet and ioDisplay 5.0 graphics-based interface software-are available for input-output applications. The first product lets users develop control and data acquisition applications quickly, then download and run them in real time. The second product is a software utility for configuring and managing SNAP input-output systems. It can view, configure, and change I/O parameters in real time. Lastly, the display product allows creation of graphical interfaces using commands, symbols, and bitmaps. Opto 22, Enter 599


Adjustable cushions, standard ports

Rodless rail slides feature enclosed precision bearings, stainless steel outer band, saddle scraper seal, and side switch slots. The slides accommodate series 6790, 4-mm reed or solid-state switches. Available in two bore sizes and travel lengths to 3,400 mm, the slides have continuously protected internal mechanisms and saddles that are easily removed for custom machining. PHD Inc., Enter 600


Protected from overages and shorts

The 371-0028 brushless dc motor controller provides 1,000W of power in a footprint of 3 x 4.65 x 1.75 inches. Suitable for closed or open-loop velocity or torque control, the controller accepts voltages from 10-50V and is rated at 20A continuous and 40A peak. Features include quick disconnect, on-board LED indicator, forward/reverse motion, and tachometer output. Servo Magnetics Inc., Enter 601


Last up to 10 times longer

Taperhex(R) spring-loaded gold rollers use a tapered hexagonal shaft to firmly fit into side-frame mounting holes of conveyers. The rollers fit regardless of the size or condition of the frame, reducing wear and maintenance, the company claims. Features include chrome alloy steel precision bearings, self-adjusting fit, noise reduction specification, and standard diameters and lengths up to 88 inches. Material handling applications include assembly, warehousing, and distribution. Interroll Corp., Enter 602


Constant angular velocity

Couplings for large parallel offset shafts help prevent sideload damage and misalignment. These couplings impose no sideload on shafts or bearings, and eliminate radial shaft vibration. Products are available from 0.156-to 17.29-inch shaft displacement, and torque capacities from 55 to 459,000 in-lbs. Offset couplings maintain constant angular velocity. Applications include printing, robotics, electronics, paper conversion, and business machines. Zero-Max, Enter 603


Built-in safety features

Intelligent servo drives reportedly control brushed and brushless motors from a single unit using a programmable drive and extensive networking. The PMC90 drive switches between motors automatically, without jumpers. Builders can daisy chain up to 31 drives on an RS-485 network using standard connectors. Built-in safety features include short-circuit and overheat protection. Applications for the servo drives include process equipment, robotic systems, factory automation, and medical equipment. PML Flightlink Ltd., Enter 604


Extreme torsional stiffness

A high-torque, brushless ac servomotor offers low backlash in many dynamic applications. The TPMA ac servo actuator is available in various frame sizes and gear ratios of 110:1 or 220:1. It offers continuous torque from 480 to 2,600 Nm. Reportedly ideal for loading and unloading robots and rotary tables, the TPMA is 50% shorter and far lighter than standard motor/gearheads, the company claims. Features include tapered roller bearings, driving flange, high torsional stiffness, and rigid bearing design. Alpha Gear Drives Inc., Enter 605


Fast connection terminals included

The SINAMICS G110 frequency inverter, rated for 200-240V input and power range of 1/6 to 4.0 HP, is a low-power ac drive inverter for the high-volume marketplace. Reportedly offering smooth continuous speed control, the product installs without removing covers. The G110 is available in three frame sizes and offers options that include flat plate, serial set point, and analog set point versions. Siemens Energy & Enter 606


Promote extended service life

400-series stainless steel ball bearings resist corrosion, offer various closure and lubrication options, inhibit contamination of bearings, and can be specified with solid lubricant packs. Made of 400-series stainless steel, they are available in bore sizes from 1/8 to 1.378 inches. Features include open, double-sealed or shielded versions, various operating temperatures, loads and speeds, and food grade oil and standard mineral oil solid lubricant packs. MRC Bearing Services, Enter 607


Electro-polished surface

For medical and food handling applications, stainless steel automation products have proven ideal. The Series CG5 stainless pneumatically driven linear actuator is compatible with food stuffs, sterilizing solutions, dyes, and a variety of inorganic and organic chemicals. Features include polished mounting brackets, screwed end-caps, metal plugs, and a specialized rod scraper. The components of this actuator increase its service life an average of 10 times over standard items, according to the company. SMC Corp. of Enter 608


Automotive and industrial applications

Signal processing, fast flash, and fast clock speed are combined in the Series 56F8300 hybrid controller for automotive and industrial use. The controller offers signal processing and MCU instructions, executes code at up to 60 MIPS, and uses no acceleration technology. This product reportedly reduces development costs by using 16-bit devices in applications that typically require 32-bit microcontrollers. The controllers enable drive-by-wire functionality, like power-assisted steering, torque, braking, traction control, and occupant detection. Motorola Enter 609


Pre-loaded system has no backlash

Vibration-free traverse speeds and minimum noise levels are reported benefits of using the WGT Series ball ring screw drive for linear motion. Features include ready-to-fit elements, low maintenance performance, low heat generation, and corrosion resistance. Ideal for both low- and high-speed applications, units include threaded spindle, roller nut, ball bearings, insert elements, and set screws. Inner rings act as rolling rings, meshing with threads on the spindle and rolling on thread flanks. INA USA Corporation, Enter 610


Simplify design, increase reliability

Current sensing motor drives and inverter driver chip sets are available for fast frequency output and faster acceleration. Drives and chip sets include integrated protection circuits. The chip set is the bridge between the digital control engine and the power stage, while the linear drive is designed for 230V, 3-phase ac or brushless dc industrial drive applications. Servomotor applications include high-speed printing, packaging, machine tools, robotics, and positioning stages. International Rectifier, Enter 611


Correct misalignment and relieve stress

A variety of coupling options are available using one piece flexible couplings made from steel, aluminum and other materials. Various standard sizes and coil variations are offered in addition to custom couplings. End connections are made-to-order. The couplings are designed to correct misalignment, relieving stress so that machinery and other components have longer wear life. Two or more pieces can be used in a single construction. Helical Products, Enter 612


Automatic reversal available

Options for rolling ring drive assemblies help prevent sudden stops and starts, and allow ramp up and down without changing motor speed. No controls or programming are needed. The V-cam option reduces the linear speed of the drive-head before reversal. After reversal, the drive-head ramps back up to speed. Applications include spraying, slicing, scoring, probing, and processes that require soft reversal of the tool. Amacoil Inc., Enter 613

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