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June 16, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Rare earth magnet motors

Sub-miniature package

High performance and small size are features of the RE08 series of 8-mm motors that use rare earth magnets for maximum torque. Features include an ironless rotor for zero cogging, simple control, 67% maximum efficiency, and rhombic moving coil design. Matching gearheads with ratios 3.9:1 to 854:1, as well as encoders, are available. Applications include miniature pumps, surgical devices, air samplers and laser-measuring devices. Maxon Precision Motors Enter 636

Positioning controller

Create modular positioning systems

The multi-axis positioning controller module IB IL POS 200 accepts additional functioning modules and is designed to offer an intermediate motion solution between manual changeover and total servo control. To create a modular positioning system, modules consist of dc servo amplifiers and encoder input modules with built-in I/Os. Benefits include automatic machine setup and up to 10 axes of motion control. Phoenix Contact Enter 637

Communications module

Low access times, large memory

Designed for embedded applications requiring many serial I/O ports, the PCM-COM8 8-channel serial RS-232/422/485 asynchronous communications module provides each transmit and receive channel with a 128-byte deep FIFO. Four-levels of FIFO trigger interrupt and automatic hardware/software flow control streamline data throughput performance. Two serial communication controllers are improved versions of the prior controllers and have higher operating speeds, lower access times, and larger FIFO memory. WinSystems Inc., Enter 638

Driver software

Reduces programming time

Simplifying configurations and providing access to more than 50 I/O modules, NI-CAN 2.0 software is fully compatible with the FP-1300 FieldPoint CAN interface module. The software includes configuration tools, which access vector database files so users can convert raw data to engineering units. Easy system debugging is included. National Instruments, Enter 639

Development tools

Check prototype performance

Self-diagnosis, versatility, more information and safer operation are highlights of the CAN control module in the prototype development package for bench testing assemblies. System parts include CL-100 central control module, the CL-300 power module, and the CL-400 I/O module. Units include wire harness and configurator software. The special software program allows developers to tweak operations on the spot and includes prompts to guide users. Hydro Electronic Devices Enter 640

Miniature stepper motor

Lightweight, high-torque

Small motors like the 211 standard, 1.8 degrees NEMA 11 are designed for limited-space applications intended to provide maximum holding torques of 9.2, 13.7, or 16.6 oz/in, depending upon length. Only 1.1 inch2, the motors are designed for applications such as instrumentation, medical devices, communications, and semiconductor equipment. Lin Engineering; Enter 641

Portable davit cranes

Adjustable leg width and length

Portable davit cranes convert to roll-around cranes using wheel bases 510R and 524R. Cranes are reportedly ideal for lifting grates, motors and other loads from floor level or below. Applications include wastewater plants, HVHC construction, and general industrial lifting. Adjustable leg width is available on all models. Changing load and site conditions demand mobile and adjustable crane performance, the company says. Thern Inc., Enter 642

Brushless DC motor

22.4 oz-in. peak torque

Compact brushless dc motors offer high torque-to-size ratios. Features include 5.5 ms mechanical time, peak torque rating 22.4 oz-inch, and electrical time constant of 0.86 ms. De-signed for applications including x-y positioning tables, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other industrial process equipment, the motor is reportedly ideal where space is a major factor. Options include a 2-data channel and a 2,048-line encoder with 200 kHz response. Servo Magnetics Inc., Enter 643

C-drive amplifier

With surface mount technology

Designers can keep their motion controllers and operate motorized positioners with the C-drive amplifier series, designed to drive motorized stages and actuators. Distributed, general purpose amplifiers allow operation of products using controllers from National Instruments, Delta Tau, MEI and others. This product is made of a dc brush servo amplifier and stepper motor amplifier, both operating from 48V dc power. Newport Corporation Enter 644

Molded rubber rollers

Special surfaces available

Special molded rubber rollers are available with application-specific surface finishes and are customized for difficult applications. A variety of tool combinations used in the molding process will work for 80% of rubber roller styles, eliminating custom tooling in many cases. Applications include laser printer rollers, crowned, cleaning, and mail-sorting rollers, medical imagers, and photographic systems. Hiawatha Rubber, Enter 645

Vacuum preloaded bearings

Standard, custom items available

Machine designers can combine x and y axis linear motion using Vacuum Preloaded (VPL) air bearings on one flat surface, eliminating stacking of separate stages. Angular and thermal errors are minimized. VPL bearings float on a thin film of air while being sucked down by vacuum, providing the benefits of zero friction motion. VPL bearings are usually run against granite, ceramics, and non-corrosive or coated metals. New Way Bearings, Enter 646

Conveyor drive belts

Long life at high speeds

Grooved belts for conveyer applications meet the demand for heavier and higher torque material handling applications. High torque brush or brushless Conveyor Roller-Drives(R) is ideal for speeds to 150 fpm and weights to 300 lbs. Grooved belts handle higher load capacity, speeds, and torque than conventional belting or O-rings. Interroll Corp., Enter 647

Dancer arm controller

Arm maintains constant tension

The RSD200 digital dancer arm controller system includes position controller EN50 electro-pneumatic transducer, DPS 30 and 60 dancer position sensor and power supply. Completely automatic during normal operation, the RSD200 is designed to maintain consistent tension by compensating for roll diameter changes, egg shapes, and other tension disturbances. Applications include winding and unwinding paper, film, foil, cloth, and wire. Nexen Group Inc., Enter 648

Long-range CMM

3D measurement technology

A duo of portable, coordinate measuring machines is available in one package called the Platinum FaroArm Control Station(R) featuring a long-reach, six-degree-of-freedom probe. When the Laser Tracker Si(R) is included, measurement range is 230 ft. This machine measures to 0.005 inch and is available for inspection, reverse engineering or CAD-to-part analysis. Applications include forming, molding, fabricating, casting and assembly. Faro Technologies Enter 649

Mini-series lead screws

303 stainless steel construction

The non-ball lead screw mini-series offers a solution for motion control problems in miniature applications like data storage drives, miniature pumps, dispensing systems, micro-actuators, and laser or optical focusing mechanisms. The company's lead screw assemblies are precision rolled, small diameter units intended for long life. These products require no external lubrication, maintenance, or adjustment. Kerk Motion Products Enter 650

Analog output module

All-current loop or all-voltage

Featuring 16 analog outputs and 24 digital I/Os, the RPC616 analog output module offers selectable data transfer width of 8 or 16 bits. This product has 16, 12-bit resolution analog outputs that can be set to one of seven voltage ranges. Programmers begin in the configuration register to enable or disable desired features and users may change settings at any time. An extended temperature version is available. Robotrol Corp.; Enter 651

Motor drive amplifiers

Installation, maintenance time reduced

The Geo Drive family of brushless motor drive amplifiers includes 1- and 2-axis, three-phase, servo drive amplifiers that support many motor types, power ranges, and interfaces. The design minimizes wiring and reduces panel space requirements. Also designed to reduce installation time, Geo Drive amplifiers operate directly from power mains. Units interface to the direct PWM drive amplifier through standard, 36-pin mini-D cable. Delta Tau Data Systems, Enter 652

Microstepping system

Low velocity vibration

Motor and driver microstepping system packages are available with extremely low velocity vibration capabilities. The Nanostep(R) CFK II series includes a miniature 5-phase hybrid motor, producing 3.2 oz-in. of holding torque. Motors are 20-mm square and weigh 0.11 lbs, include open-loop drivers with special mid-frequency resolution suppression circuit, and use 24V dc and current of 1A per phase. Oriental Motor USA Enter 653

Milling machine adapters

For Kaiser tool systems

The Coromant Capto(R) adapter line is expanded, with KAB tool connections allowing the use of the Kaiser's modular boring tool system used in combination with basic holders C5, C6, and C8. The boring range is 0.078 to 46.46 inches. Adapters are high carbon alloy steel, case hardened to RC58, which improves the life of the adapter. The adapters expand the capability of mill/turn multi-tasking machines. KPT/Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc Enter 654

Process controller

Eliminates proprietary software

The WebMaster(R) GI Controller features ShoulderTap(R) server-on-demand technology without a permanent internet connection. Unlike modem-to-modem communications, ShoulderTap allows simultaneous multi-user access to key systems. The WebMaster GI includes four sensor inputs, eight analog inputs, nine digital inputs, e-mail notifications, data logs, alarms and system summaries. Walchem Corp., Enter 655

Angle gearboxes

Ground bores, self-lubricating

The Slide-Rite(TM) gearbox supplies power around corners, operates in any direction, and slides along the drive or driven shaft. Features include a one-piece aluminum housing, geared shaft, 1 degrees backlash on reversal, and speeds to 1,200 rpm. Low speed operation is enhanced by bores ground to 0.002 inch total tolerance, hardened steel bearing races, and factory-sealed bearings. Tol-O-Matic, Enter 656

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