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November 3, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


High starting torque

The BL8000 brushless motor features high starting torque equal to brush motors, but longer life, the company claims. The frame is 3.55 inches square, in three lengths, and output ranges from 1/7 to .50 horsepower. Standard line voltage is 163V, but motors are available in low voltages from 12 to 24V. Features include an aluminum frame, ball bearings, Class F insulation, IP 44-rated enclosures, and powder-coat finish. Groschopp, Enter 611


CE compliant, standard interfaces

Modular flat belt conveying units can reportedly transport PCBs and pallets, on inclines or declines. The Genesis series F3000 is designed for transporting from wave soldering systems using high-temperature ESD belting. Modules can be fitted with a variety of workstation options. Features include dc speed controller and adjustable belt tension. Options include a PLC control package, alarms, and cooling fans. FlexLink Enter 612


3-axis tip/tilt stage

The DynamYX GT 300-mm air-bearing positioning system offers 6-axis motion control, including a 3-axis tip/tilt stage. Designed for 300-mm wafer processing, the system has a lightweight silicon carbide stage. Units are designed for speed and accuracy in a low-profile, non-contact design. System flatness reportedly results in good pitch, yaw, and roll control. Newport Corp., Enter 613


Locate on any free feeder slot

A dip-flux feeder accurately fluxes flip chips and other components prior to placement. According to the company, it picks up parts from a waffle tray, stick feeder, or tape feeder and dips it in a rotating flux bath. The machine also accurately places pre-flipped flip chips, the company adds. A fixed squeegee in a rotating bath ensures constant flux wave height, and the feeder is not fixed-mounted. MIMOT North America Enter 614


Multiple safety features

MATRIX linear actuators offer safe and effective power lifting for beds, therapy couches, and patient lifters in medical settings. These modular actuators can be installed at any angle, vertical or horizontal, and are maintenance-free alternatives to fluid power cylinders. Stroke lengths to 28 inches, forces to 1,800 lbs, and speeds to 0.6 inches/sec are available. Safety features include self-locking brakes. SKF Magnetic, Enter 615


Self-contained design

The Thomson Electrak 1 Long Life actuator was created to work under adverse conditions such as mobile off highway and agricultural applications. It is sealed for outdoor use, and its compact size is reportedly ideal for fitting into small areas without sacrificing power or reliability. The actuator is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch stroke lengths and is equipped with an acme screw drive that delivers up to 75 lbs of force at a minimum extension speed of 0.6 inches/sec. All models feature 12 or 24V dc input with clevis style mounting and a plug-in connector. Danaher Motion, Enter 616


Executes preset commands

An integrated step motor and controller solution reportedly allows rapid deployment of stepper motors requiring automation. The Simple Step 17 can be preset to execute commands on power-up, including nested loops and execution halt. This product can link up to 16 step motors and store up to 16 programs, operating without a PC. An integrated controller is included in the back of the stepper motor. Lin Engineering, Enter 617


Finished and semi-finished

Control/Display modules are available for OEMs as turnkey units. The company manufactures to customer or in-house designs, producing finished or semi-finished modules. Time, temperature, humidity, speed, pressure, motion, and other variables are included in the design. Applications include the machinery in packaging, medical, food service, bulk, imaging, and heat processing markets. Most modules are microprocessor based. Durex Industries, Enter 618


For very small parts

The micro grippers are designed for pick-and-place service in automation applications with small parts. The blank fingers fit small parts and finger sets are easily exchanged without disturbing a mounting set up, the company says. The fingers close with spring force and open with plant air, using standard valves on traditional three-way control circuits. The products are offered in five micro sizes, in three basic configurations, and four mounting styles. Mack Corp., Enter 619


Convert serial to Ethernet data

An industrial radio with serial-to-Ethernet capability is available for communication with legacy devices. The OS2400-Ethernet-STE industrial radio establishes a connection between devices and Ethernet host. No serial communication software is required. The radio, which can be remotely programmed, can be configured on wired or wireless networks. Users can program a radio network from their office via wireless command rather than going onsite to each radio. Locus Inc., Enter 620


For mixed assembly processes

Used to quickly place a wide range of components into assembly processes, the KE-2060 surface mounter includes a multi-nozzle laser head and one high-resolution head. The product includes a dual component recognition system using vision and laser technology. Vision recognition is used for the placement of odd-shaped components. The vision centering system features bottom, side, and back lighting for superior recognition. Juki Automation Systems, Enter 621


Integrates with IPm

SXIPM-HART, a new HART(R) Master Driver option, enables SIXNET's IPm line of embedded Linux-based controllers and RTUs to gather variables and other data directly from HART-compatible smart transmitters and devices. The software module puts variables and transmitter data into the SIXNET IPm I/O registers, making data directly available to applications running in the IPm unit. SXIPM-HART can be installed using SIXNET's easy-to-use windows utilities. SIXNET, Enter 622


One million actuations

Deltran PT DuraLIFE-33 is an electromagnetic spring clutch offering high torque and rapid acceleration, bringing loads from 0 to full speed in less than 3 msec. Features include 30 lb/inch of torque, a cycle life of 1M actuations, minimum cycle-to-cycle actuation, and swap out with many other spring clutches. Options include CW or CCW direction, 4 bore sizes, 3 voltages, 2 electrical connections, and a cross pin/D-shaft. Danaher Motion, Enter 623


Total weight of 4.8 oz

The RS15, a self-contained size 15 optical encoder, offers a 3-channel signal output. Features include shielded or sealed ball bearings, a single LED, a sensor arrangement, and a 1.62-inch encoder housing. A face-mount or C-flange mount adapter and optional flex coupling are available. This product is offered with over 30 resolutions ranging from 16 to 1,250 lines per revolution. Renco Encoders Inc., Enter 624


Controlled acceleration, deceleration

A series of compact ac motor speed controllers operates on 110-115V or 200-230V, controlling ac motors and gear motors over a wide speed range. Outputs range from 6-60W for the ES01/ES02 series. Functions include controlled acceleration and deceleration, instant stopping, and speed setting via built-in or external potentiometer. Safety standards include UL508, CSA, and several EN regulations. Oriental Motor USA Corp., Enter 625


Maximum torque: 1,920 inches/lb

The HPG Size 20 planetary gearhead has a 90-mm square-mounting flange, backlash level of less than 1 arc/min and is 105 mm long. With a rated torque of 321 inches/lb and gear ratios from 5:1 to 45:1, this product offers low backlash and high torsional stiffness. Applications include automation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, and machine tools. Harmonic Drive Systems, Enter 626


For irregular shapes

A variety of part-marking systems has been introduced with integratable marking heads. The marking capabilities include instantaneous computation of a number of variables: batch number, incrementing numbers, and time recording, among others. The marking heads are designed to handle large, irregular shaped, and cylindrical parts with various surface conditions. They can be customized for use on production lines. Technifor Incorporated, Enter 627


Advanced device support

The HMI500 Series of touchscreen interfaces includes four controller protocols, allowing it to communicate with more than 75 controller families from leading manufacturers. Examples include Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Koyo, Siemens, and Omron. Protocol support includes Control Technology Corp., Yaskawa, Siemens, and Keyence. Features include 256 colors, pop-up windows, and unlimited touchcells on each screen. Maple Systems, Enter 628


Features flat glide pads

The newest version of the DryLin(R) R linear bearing reportedly reduces clearance between liner and shaft by 50%. The company states that the lower clearance will increase the product's lifespan. The new version also features an adjustment to the axial fastener that is designed to increase stability to the bearing and secure it more tightly to the outside housing. Designed for round shafts and applications requiring speed and low noise, the product is composed of a self-lubricating polymer. IGUS Inc., Enter 629


Selective blasting applications

The RX-800 features a custom-designed fixture that holds the component in the correct orientation for presentation to the blast from one or more pre-positioned nozzles. Designed to isolate the automated blasting process, the four component-holding fixtures are equally spaced around the perimeter of its 36-inch diameter indexing table, and the interior is divided into three separate chambers. It is suited for such applications as deburring, deflashing, and etching and surface preparation that require selective blasting. Guyson Corporation of U.S.A., Enter 630


Reduced delivery times

The ProCoder multi-turn absolute optical rotary encoder is bundled with the company's software, allowing users to program resolution settings, direction, zero points, and bus ID nodes with any Windows(R) -based PC. Featuring 29 programmable bits of resolution and 200G shock protection, the product's modular system is designed to increase adaptability and reduce delivery times. Its small size-58 mm in diameter by 89 mm in depth-reportedly eliminates the bulky traditional gear system used for tracking revolutions. Baumer Electric Ltd., Enter 631


High efficiency

Featuring a peak torque of 425 oz/inch and a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm, the TG3300-63 series brush dc motor has 495W of continuous shaft power. The electromotive coil technology uses multiple precision-machined copper sheets to replace the magnet wire and iron core of conventional motors. It is suited for such battery-powered applications as aerospace, construction, medical, and military. ThinGap Motor Technologies, Enter 632


High-performance sensing

The PIIPM15P12D007 servo and motor drive module is rated 1200V 15A, which includes the bridge, brake, and inverter functions into a single unit. Protection circuits are designed to disable PWM operation, using a double-path technique for reported redundancy and safety. High-voltage ICs intend to protect against de-saturation and over-voltage. The product was created for a variety of applications, including assembly robots, food processing, conveyor belts, and elevators. International Rectifier, Enter 633


All-in-one features

The smartSCANNER(TM) is a joystick-operated combination tool for corrective and predictive maintenance tasks. With data collection, machine analysis, and correction, it is designed to be an all-in-one tool that reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity. Its displacement and velocity follow ISO standards, and options for vibration Spectra and Time Waveform are available. Ludeca, Enter 634


Conforms with ODVA Vol. II

DeviceNet, an industry standard machine control interface, was created to work with the MicroLYNX machine control system. The interface is designed to conform with ODVA Vol. II, Release 2.0 Errata 3 as a position controller. Communication with the system is done either by I/O or via Explicit Messaging. It is suited for applications in industrial electrical environments, such as packaging, semi-conductor, labeling, engraving, and material handling. Intelligent Motion Systems Enter 635


Daisy chain configuration

Designed to increase productivity and improve time to market for finished products, the CS1W-MCH71 advanced motion controller reportedly provides fast, accurate control of up to 30 physical axes of motion simultaneously. Up to eight programs can run concurrently from simple point-to-point positioning to complex cam following and advanced synchronous applications, the company claims. The motion network operates at a recorded 10 MHz to send and receive information from each amplifier in real time. Users that may find this product useful include designers, and users of packaging, printing, converting, and other motion intensive machinery. Omron Electronics Inc., Enter 636


Complete motion simulator

The SPiiPlusCM multi-axis motion controller features integrated digital amplifiers; PIV control with programmable notch and second order low pass filters; and one, two, or three, internal digital drives with space vector modulation. It reportedly provides a 120-MHz RISC processor core with peripherals that are formulated to meet motion control application needs, and is ideal for system integrators, stage manufacturers, and OEMs. ACS Tech80 Inc., Enter 637


Corrosion resistant

With a reported 90% power efficiency and a voltage of 24Vdc, the brushless dc motor supplies 125 oz/inch of peak torque at stall and a no-load speed of 6,000 rpm. Created with high-grade bearings and high performance materials, the product is fully encased within a sealed, stainless steel housing. It is designed for harsh environments requiring a reliable and efficient motor. Servo Magnetics Inc., Enter 638


Solutions for complex applications

TwinCAT CNC is an expansion of the TwinCat PC-based control software, now with multi-axis interpolated motion CNC control. Using a Pentium 4, 2.4-GHz processor, the product requires only 260 microseconds to handle an application with five interpolating axes and one spindle. Users are able to integrate their I/O sequencing as part of the program, and it supports most I/O networks and many motion networks. Beckhoff Automation Enter 639


Enables precise positioning

Featuring a robust internal recirculation system that is intended to promote durability and high performance in demanding linear-actuation applications, the precision ground ball screws have a "no-tubing" internal return design, according to the company. This eliminates external parts and delivers high-speed operation without the presence of traditional burst-prone return tubes, the company adds. They are available in sizes ranging from 3/8- to 6-inch diameters, with leads from 0.10 to 1 inch, and with lengths up to 60 ft. SKF Linear Motion & Precision Enter 640


Increased load capacity

The company's new inverter duty gearmotors feature ISR magnet wire, IP 20 protection, and are rated at 3/8 hp, 230V, 60 Hz, and three phase. With an operating range of 10-90 Hz, the gearmotors are available in right angle and parallel shaft configurations. Both styles are reportedly lubricated for life and require no maintenance. Ideal applications include conveyors, machine tools, packaging, and material handling. Baldor Motors, Drives, & Generators Enter 641


Ensures fault-tolerant I/O updates

The EtherTRAK(R) is designed to offer a redundant Ethernet interface for distributed I/O clusters. The ET-GT-ST-3 reportedly helps ensure fault-tolerant I/O updates in mission critical systems. Its two Ethernet ports allow two IP addresses to be used for redundant networking processes. The product can be DIN rail or direct panel mounted, and comes encased in a Lexan and metal shell. SIXNET, Enter 642


Long motor life

Electronically commutated, the EC 90 series of brushless "pancake" motors are designed to have long motor lives. With a diameter of 3.5 inches, the motor's maximum continuous torque output is 55.6 oz/inch with a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. With a weight of 1.4 lbs and an ambient temperature rating of -40 to 212F, the motors are suited for automation and packaging equipment, robotics, pumps, and pick-and-place machines. Maxon Precision Motors, Enter 643


High current

The SD275 is designed to accept pulses and direction signals and generate phase currents when paired with most 2- and 4-phase stepper motors. Its high-powered input capability ranges up to 6A of continuous current per phase, and users may select adaptable load speed-torque characteristics. Also included is a built-in 24-75V dc power supply. Its universal construction makes it ideal for a range of machine design requirements. Nyden Corp., Enter 644


Provides voltage sag immunity

The Altivar(R) CL8839 58M enclosed Square D(R) adjustable speed drives feature built-in Ethernet connectivity. Optional is an door-mounted display center with a three-color matrix screen. The drives are packaged in Type 1, 12, integrated, or barriered enclosures for wall or floor mounting. With a circuit breaker disconnect for lock-outs, a doo- mounted keypad, and dry contacts for drive run and drive fail indication, the drives are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotech, and water/wastewater applications. Schneider Electric, Enter 645

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