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August 18, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Linear actuator

Custom configurations available

Built for several million cycles, the Size 14 captive linear actuator features thermoplastic rotor drive nut and stainless steel Acme lead screw. Actuator resolutions range from 0.000125 - 0.002 inch per step, and thrusts up to 25 lbs. The product includes an anti-rotation mechanism, and it is designed for precise positioning and rapid motion. Applications include medical equipment, X-Y tables, valve control, and automation. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 607

Wire bearings

For rotary indexing tables

A wire ball bearing series for spaces too small for conventional bearing is available. The product is a wire-style rotary ball bearing, made of four hardened steel rings with ground ball tracks and a ball cage strip. A groove in the customer's part accommodates the wires and a 90-degree pressure angle allows loading from any direction. Metric sizes from 140 mm and inch wires from 5.5 inches are standard. LinCor Design Associates, Enter 608

Ball screws

Lengths to 72 inches

This ball screw line handles higher loads at faster speeds than previous products. According to reports, the ball screws operate at nearly 90% efficiency at temperatures from -65 to 300F, using suitable lubricants. Available in 3/8-, .50-, and 5/8-inch diameter, the screws run at 2,000 ipm or faster. They are made from stainless or alloy steels. PIC Design, Enter 609

High-speed spindle

High acceleration rates

The ASR2000 high-speed spindle includes a brushless servomotor, instrument grade angular contact bearings, high acceleration capability, and ISO balance to 1940 G 1.0. The direct-drive spindles accurately position work due to reportedly miniscule total radial error. The spindles feature low inertia and high torque output. Options include vacuum or mechanical chuck configurations. Aerotech Inc., Enter 610

Motion control card

Operating temperature 0 to 50C

Control stepper motors and digital servomotors in four axes use the NPMC6045A-4104 PC/104 controller. Features include a C language library, PLC6045Achip, trapezoidal and constant speed motion profile abilities, a 28-bit up/down counter, open collector or line-driver encoder input, and various homing modes. Units have output power of 5V dc plus or minus 5%. Applications include medical, robot manufacturing, and semiconductors. Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Enter 612

Tension control device

Optimize brake matches

A consistent, reliable tension control device provides matched performance from any number of brakes of like rating and design, the company reports. With a matching level of plus or minus 1%, Matched Hysteresis Brakes precisely matches the torque vs. current performance of each brake. The product is reportedly quiet, smooth, and maintenance-free. Magtrol Inc., Enter 611

Scribing machine

Handles a variety of materials

High-speed linear motors power the MPS14 solar panel scriber, a multi-pin machine with 14 tips and a solid granite base, and reportedly cuts work process time by 75%. The unit scribes plastics, metals, and stone via a gantry to 0.1 micron resolution. Features include monitor, self-testing, air and tip pressure, position and sharpness monitoring, and part registration. Mundt and Associates, Enter 613

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