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June 2, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Robotic modules

Configure up to four axes

EZ Modules factory automation robotic units are easy-to-assemble modular axes that can be configured as 1-, 2-, 3- , or 4-axis mechanisms. They run on the company's RC420 and RC520 controllers and ship with RC+ software. Module systems can be upgraded by adding ActiveX controls, conveyor tracking, Ethernet I/O, force sensing, and vision guide capabilities. EpsonRobots Enter 680


Monitor up to eight scales

The Model 1310 indicator/controller monitors any weight-based process and integrates into industrial process control networks. Units display status in graphics or text and isolate potential problems in devices like scales, sensors, and controllers. Model 1310 is customer programmed for each application and includes a large, illuminated screen with digits to 1.16 inches high. It offers a variety of diagnostic and error reporting capabilities. Avery Weigh-Tronix, Inc. Enter 681

Motion controllers

Text editing simplicity

Motion controllers use the OMS EZ(TM) command set that is simple and versatile, composed of ASCII character strings, and requires no major equipment overhaul when motion requirements change. Users may type the sequence into the text editor and send it to the controller. Applications include repetitive motion stamping machines, servo motor controls for router blades, small parts placement in egg crates, and constant velocity contouring on cutting or welding paths. Oregon Micro Systems Enter 682

Worm gear reducer

Four center distances

Stainless steel washdown-duty worm gear reducers are designed to eliminate the problems in high-pressure washdown operations. Features include an O-ring on the face of the input flange, stainless output shaft and hardware, and O-ring seals on covers to eliminate gaskets or sealants. Available in motor/reducer combinations with single-phase, three-phase, or permanent magnet motors. Leeson Electric Corp. Enter 683

Through-hole motors

High resolution encoder

HO Series motors combine NEMA 23 mountings with large through-holes and high-resolution encoders, offering internally mounted glass encoder gratings. Features include precision ABEC-7 bearings standard, direct drive motor technology, 16-mm through bore, and special windings. Standard resolution is greater than 29 million counts/revolution. Units replace geared mechanical stages, a cross between stages and brushless servo motors. Applimotion, Inc. Enter 684

Quiet gearmotors

Very low noise output

Super quiet ac gearmotors are available, producing low noise thresholds of 29 dB while offering high torque output. Very low noise levels are achieved through a special tooth machining process, reduced eccentricities and out-of-balance conditions, and accurate assembly to the micron level. V Series ac motors output at 6, 15, 25, 40 and 60W, depending on the frame. A rigid case and proprietary side-panel construction extend gearmotors' life and give them higher maximum torque. Oriental Motor USA Enter 685

Servomotor software

Import large data files

QuickControl 4.0 development software offers new features including servomotor upload programs, user nameable registers and I/O, indirect addressing for cam profiles and command interface. Available by download or CD, QuickControl 4.0 supports the company's 9-bit binary protocol. Users may import large amounts of data into comma-separated value text files. QuickSilver Controls Inc., Enter 686

Safety light curtain

Diagnostic output, device monitoring

The C4000 safety light curtain is a self-contained, non-contacting machine safeguarding device featuring a small cross-section but high resolution, with protective heights from 300 to 1,800 mm. More features include emergency stops and safety interlock switches, application diagnostic output, external device monitoring, and up to four areas of fixed blanking. Housed in rugged aluminum extrusions, C4000s have filtered front windows, swivel-mount brackets, and cable connections for field mounting. Sick Optic-Electronic, Enter 687

Ac inverter

Water-tight, dust-tight

Specially designed water-tight and dust-tight enclosures also resist chemicals for the MV-Series ac inverter that operates using a front panel with a quick-start keypad. NEMA 4X/12 and IP66 rated, the inverter is available in 230V ac, three-phase, from .50 to 10 hp; or 460V ac, three-phase, from .50 to 15 hp. Applications include food and beverages, mixers, machine tools, pumps, and refrigeration equipment. Omron Electronics Enter 688


No dedicated controllers required

Accelnet all-digital, multi-axis networked servoamplifiers communicate with control PCs and each other via a two-wire CANbus, and eliminate the need for dedicated motion controllers by closing servo loops within the amplifier. Slashing cost and complexity, Accelnet servoamplifiers simplify wiring and allow simpler designs, speeding set-up and commissioning. Applications include fabrication, test, assembly, fastening, packaging, and conveying. Copley Controls Corp., Enter 689

Planetary gearheads

Available with encoders, motors

A series of planetary gearheads offers a wide range of speed reduction ratios and torque multiplication in 19-mm diameters, 20 to 35g, and 16- to 30.4-mm lengths, and maximum continuous torque to 42 oz-inches. Gearheads input at speeds to 6,000 rpm; operate at temperatures of -15 to 65C; and have axial loads to 1.8 lb. Maxon Precision Enter 690

Conveyor stop gate

Reduce total system noise

Low-noise conveyor stop gates emit 20% less noise than standard stops-60 dB(A) during opening and closing actuations. The VE2/L is a single-acting hard stop with maximum queue load of 200 kg. In systems with many stops, the VE2/L helps reduce total noise for better operator comfort. Bosch Rexroth Co. Enter 691

Electronics sensors

IP65 or IP67 ratings

CSPR remote electronics sensors are designed for accurate position sensing in an IP65 plastic model or IP67 metal model, each with a small footprint. Designed for automotive and other applications, sensors are supplied with pigtails instead of connectors for direct wiring to controllers, and metal tabs for mounting. Applications include medical mobility, treatment devices, marine steering, agricultural and construction equipment, and appliance control. MTS Systems Corp. Enter 692

Planetary gearheads

HeliCrown gear teeth

Stealth planetary gearheads are available in PS (in-line) and RS (right-angle) styles, both designed to give more tooth contact and greater face width than spur gears. HeliCrown gear teeth are quieter and stronger and operate at lower temperatures. Features include low-friction Viton output seals, oil lubrication, output seal cover, magnetic drain plugs, and Servo-Mount(R) motor mounting. Bayside Motion Group Enter 693

Milling control system

Reduce cycle times up to 40%

The i Adapt(TM) adaptive milling control system reduces cycle times and increases material removal rates while also increasing tool life. Touted for small- and medium-sized shops, the system optimizes cutting feed rates in real time, based on programmed spindle loads. Each part from first to last is cut at optimal speed and feed rates. The system also monitors limits to reduce machine breakage, and it requires no special programming for interrupted cuts. GE Fanuc Automation, Enter 694

Motor development kit

Auto-calculating control algorithms

A development kit for brushless dc motors helps provide consistent, reliable starting for high- and low-speed motors in applications with high starting torque. Kits operate from 10 to 190V dc, with peak current rating to 45A. Motor controllers are mounted in heat sink enclosures and fully potted. Kits include cables and DPWin setup with tuning and diagnostic software. Built-in control algorithms, parameter setting, data logging, and loop compensators are standard. Agile Systems, Enter 695

Model shop facilities

Builds, ships motor prototypes

Quick turnaround for prototypes and small orders of standard stepper motors is available, using the company's model shop facilities. Turnaround is reportedly two to six days, with customization taking additional time. After deciding on a motor and checking stock for parts, customers can order sizes 25 to 55 mm; standard stack/standard torque or thin stack/standard torque; 25, 48, or 96 steps per revolution. Various windings and gearheads are available. Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd. Enter 696

Robotic bending cell

Real-time bending management

The Roboformer(R) robotic bending cell reportedly offers intuitive software that controls loading, intricate bending, and unloading using one controller and one program. Roboformer features real-time management and instant movement that bends sheet metal projects in minutes. Features include solid drawing import and export, advanced tool file, automatic optimal bending sequence, and interference anticipation. The six-axis robot handles a maximum load of 176 lbs. Salvagnini America Inc., Enter 697

Unground bearings

Burnished races offer smooth operation

Heim Unibal(R) ball bearings handle high loads and reportedly higher load capacity than caged or split-ring bearings. Manufacturing methods produce races uninterrupted by splits or slots. Bearings are not ground but can be used in place of ground bearings in many applications, including wheels, casters, ammunition loaders, door closers, textile machines, power tools, conveyors, and pulleys. Available in plain, flanged OD, and clevis mounted, in standard and special configurations. RBC Bearings, Enter 698

Dc motors

Peak torque to 20 oz-inches

DC motors designed for reduced cogging and smooth running are available in 26-mm configurations. Iron-cored, brush commutated LO-COG(R) motors are reportedly a preferred alternative to coreless motors. Features include bonded neodymium iron boron magnets, cartridge brush assembly, and speeds to 9,000 rpm. Available 1.798, 1.923, or 2.173 inches long, LO-COG motors can be customized with optical encoders, cables, shaft modifications, and more. Pittman Enter 699

Drive controller

Auto or manual fixed speed control

The PFix M4288 Series variable frequency drive controller is self-contained, field mountable, and supplements or replaces PLC-based drive and pump controls. Features include menu driven setup, easy customization, built-in LCD, and four-button keypad. Drive controllers reportedly ease the control of suction and discharge pressures, levels, and flow rates. Capabilities include 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and auto or manual fixed speed control. TTI Enter 700

Linear actuators

Maintenance-free and quiet

Magforce electromechanical linear actuators are designed to replace hydraulic and pneumatic actuation systems in heavy-duty applications and are reportedly safer and more reliable. Applications include automation, assembly, material handling, and conveying. The actuators are said to be maintenance-free and compact and install in any position. Options include free wheel or magnetic brakes, incremental encoders, limit switches, and more. SKF Motion Technologies Enter 701

Linear bearings

Complete sliding system

Drylin(R) T linear guides and bearings are maintenance-free alternatives to standard linear ball guides, the company says. Drylin bearings require no maintenance and accelerate to 25g. Integrated clamps will not harm the anodized aluminum bodies. Gliding surfaces are inserted in adapters and can be replaced. The Drylin N linear guide series is available in 17, 27, 40 and 80-mm sizes, with standard rail lengths from 1,960 to 3,960 mm. IGUS Inc. Enter 702

Smart linear actuators

Repeatability to 1 micron

Smart Digit and Smart Bug linear actuators with included intelligent servomotors feature optical encoder, digital servo amp, indexer, local power supply, serial communications, and optional absolute positioning. Self-contained and compact, smart actuators are reportedly ideal for robotics, packaging, clean rooms, medical equipment, valve actuation, pick-and-place, and positioning. Available in 2, 4, and 8-inch stroke lengths, both series have precision ball or Acme screw drive available by customer specification. Ultra Motion Enter 703

Direct drive

Sensorless vector control

Ethernet direct connectivity and embedded Web pages allow access to drive information transmitted by the Square D Altivar(R) 58 TRX AC adjustable speed drive. The drive offers extended power ratings to 500 hp and reduced motor noise through modulation. With a variety of I/Os and cards for Ethernet and other protocols available, 58 TRX is connectible anywhere, the company says. Mounting kits, ventilation and conduit options offer many building options. Schneider Electric Enter 704

Compact slides

High load capacities

The Series SxL and SxH Slides feature low breakaway piston and rod seals, as well as high capacity internal shock pads for low noise and end-of-travel impact. Slides come in two bearing types and five sizes (8, 10, 14, 20, and 32 mm) with up to 3 inches of travel length. Slides eliminate costly collars, brackets, and target kits by incorporating twin switch slots for flush installation of the company's Series 6790 Switches. Another standard feature includes tapped and counterbored mounting holes in slide housing and optional dowel holes in tool the plate. PHD Inc. Enter 705

Motor control chip

Offload functions from host

A single-axis motion processor provides pulse and direct output to step motor controls up to 50 kpulses/sec, the highest performance to date, the company reports. Features of this dedicated motion chip include S-curve profiling, multiple breakpoints, on-the-fly profile changes, at-rest indicators, and programmable I/Os. The MC3510 is in a 132-pin device with surface mount CMOS technology and powered by 5V. Performance Motion Devices - PMD Enter 706

Roller chain

Coated to fight corrosion

A surface treatment for drive chain offers corrosion protection, allowing up to 10 times the life of nickel-plated chain, the company claims. NEPTUNE(R) chain, tested for 500 hours in saltwater spray, showed no rust. The coating is chromium-free, zinc base coated, and not acid washed. Roller and conveyor chain applications include those exposed to seawater, water, and outdoor environments. Roller chain is available in 35 to 100 sizes; conveyor chain comes in 40 to 100 sizes. U.S. Tsubaki Inc. Enter 707

Motor speed control

12V, 24V dc versions

The Soft Start DC Motor Speed Control comes with short circuit and overload protection, built-in EMI/RFI filters to reduce noise, and a soft start feature to eliminate inrush current. Available in low, medium, and high-speed selections, it reportedly improves efficiency and safety, and it reduces maintenance costs. A compact envelope produces minimal heat, occupies less space, and is programmable for customization. Other features include constant motor speed despite fluctuation in supply voltage; potted environmentally sealed construction for corrosion resistance; and automatic shut-off when current increases beyond programmed limit. Carling Technologies Enter 708

Microstep driver

With CW and CCW limit inputs

Using step and direction signals to operate a motor, the DR-38M intelligent microstep driver offers speed sensed fast/slow decay and ramped jog speed inputs, as well as CW and CCW limit inputs. A 4A, 40V microstep driver, it accepts signals over 28V and works with many PLC controllers. The driver features a RS-232 adapter for customizing configuration memory when removed, or adding input features when attached. Measuring less than 3.25 x 4.25 inches, it has step choices ranging from high torque full step and smooth 1/8 micro step. Step driver may be used in shuttle control applications by converting the step and direction signals to quadrature inputs with an encoder option. Advanced Micro Systems Enter 709

Position sensors

Unaffected by electrical noise

Designed for the transport, food, and vending industries, the PS831 and PS832 position sensors use a normally open GR10 reed switch and normally closed GR165 switch respectively, both operated by the PM83 A1NiCo magnet. Measuring 32 mm long, the sensors come in stainless steel as well as Nylon 6.6 versions, require no voltage for operation, and feature an operating temperature range of -30 to +120C and a maximum contact rating of 100V dc, 250V ac, 1A, and 15W. Gentech International Enter 710

Motion controller

Dual-processor architecture

The eXMP-SynqNet(TM) stand-alone motion controller provides Ethernet, on-board flash memory, up to four com ports, and full PC functionality overall. Supporting up to 32 axes of servo or stepper motors, it features scalable Celeron(R) processor running VxWorks, embedded NT, and the XMP family Sharc(R) DSP motion co-processor. According to the company, the motion controller may be programmed with the company's MPX (ActiveX(R) libraries) to speed and simplify the software design cycle. Motion Engineering Inc. Enter 711

Electromechanical actuators

High-accuracy positioning

The DGE-Series Electromechanical Actuators, available in compact or heavy duty configurations, are made up of spindle (ball screw) and belt actuated linear actuators. Coated linear guides prevent corrosion, while the belt or spindle is incased within a profile barrel to avoid contamination. The actuators reportedly offer maintenance-free operation, low-noise, and vibration-free movement, high acceleration and speeds, and fatigue-proof operation in fatigue limit range. Intended for multi-axis applications and made in sizes 18 to 63 mm, the electromechanical actuators have standard strokes up to 4,500 mm (177 inches) and load capacities from 50 to 3,160 lbs. Festo Enter 712

Linear drive

Prevents backlash

This linear drive design, intended to eliminate the need for additional drive systems in the company's linear drive units, converts rotary motion input from the drive shaft into linear output with zero backlash. With a control lever on the load-bearing drive unit, users may adjust the angle of contact between the bearing assembly and shaft to allow for changes to travel direction and pitch. No changes to the motor of control settings are necessary to provide automatic reversal of the drivehead, nor are clutches, cams, or gears needed. Amacoil Inc. Enter 713

I/O adapter

High serial port count

The COMM+16.PCI 16-port PCI bus serial I/O adapter enables connection to bar code readers, PLCs, scales, and other data acquisition/control devices, via 16 RS-232 ports. The adapter supports standard PC data rates and has a top speed of 460.8 kbps. Made with the XR16C850 UART, it provides a 128-byte FIFO to eliminate errors. A Universal Bus makes the I/O adapter compatible with both 3.3V and 5V computer systems. Sealevel Systems Inc. Enter 714


Universal programming environment

The PACSystems(TM) family of controllers, designed with a single control engine, enables users to upgrade for better control functionality due to the seamless migration across multiple hardware platforms. Built on standard embedded architecture with commercial operating systems, the control engine is portable, allowing users to choose the programming language and hardware. According to the company, the system supports distributed I/O through standards-based communications like Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNet(TM) , and Genius(R) networks. GE Fanuc Automation Enter 715

Servo drive

Onboard PLC functionality

The ArtDrive S series, available with its onboard Motion Drive PLC system with five language IEC1113-3 functionality, allows for motion control and PLC to be embedded into a user's drive. Used in OEM and high-level applications, this concept combines a servo drive, servo controller, I/O, and digital and analog processing power of a PLC. ARTDrive S features 1.5 to 160 kW power range, 208 to 500V ac power range, high-speed Fastlink synchronous communications, and encoder/resolver/absolute feedback options. SIEI America Enter 716


Single-phase motor control

The use of standard programming interfaces makes PIC18F PICmicro(R) Flash microcontrollers ideal for single-phase motor control designs, the company reports. The PIC product series includes a motor control kernel and on-chip pulse width modulation to provide speed control to induction motors. ProMPT motor control offers modulated output of 0 to 127 Hz. Applications include appliances like vending machines, toasters, dishwashers, exhaust fans, whirlpool tubs, and HVAC fans and pumps. Microchip Technology Enter 717

Planetary roller screws

Multiple contact points for performance

"Ultra" power planetary roller screws carry static and dynamic loads up to 60% higher than standard planetary roller screws. Screws allow precise electromechanical operation but provide the power of hydraulic actuators, the company says. Screws include wipers and standard sizes range from 60 to 180 mm. Applications include injection molding machinery, steel casting and rolling machines, broaching machines, and presses. SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 718

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