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October 20, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Send to any FTP server

Added features and hardware highlight the SNAP Ultimate I/O System, including a firmware upgrade and an updated version of the SNAP Ultimate Brain. Features include a new file system, FTP capabilities, and expanded capacity of digital channels on a single rack. Users can combine up to 64 analog, digital and serial I/O points on the same rack. Capabilities include organizing and transporting system data for batch downloads, reporting, and archiving. Opto 22, www.opto22.com Enter 613


Simplifies control technology

Improvements to a programmable controller include movement commands and profiles of stepper and servo motors. The MAC300 Series multi-axis controller has advanced software, firmware, and control circuitry, the company reports. An EPROM chip stored in the housing simplifies motion control and facilitates safety backup. Programmed data is automatically stored in the unit. Nyden Corp., www.nyden.com Enter 614


Available as rotor/stator sets

BLDCmotor(TM) operates up to 10,000 rpm, with continuous torque rated to 53 oz/inches and power output to 150W. The NEMA 23 motor is available in three stack lengths. Winding options include voltages from 12-160V dc. Features include 10,000 hours continuous operation, permanently lubricated ball bearings, totally enclosed motor housings, and dynamically-balanced rotors. This brushless dc servomotor may reportedly boost performance in assemblies by 15%. EADmotors, www.eadmotors.com Enter 615


Motor kit, backstop kit available

The Torque Taper Plus reducer line is available in sizes 107, 115, 203, 207, 215, 307, and 315. The larger sizes feature reverse-mount bushings and a barrier seal system. The latter combines a V-ring face seal, grease-filled labyrinth, and rotating outer flinger. They can be bushing-mounted from either side. Ratios include 5, 9, 15, 25, and 35:1. The larger sizes also offer bigger input shafts and increased torque ratings than prior models. Emerson Power Transmissionwww.emerson-ept.com Enter 616


Improve layer flexibility

CAN-LIN System Basis Chips for in-vehicle networking improve layer flexibility, and combine transceiver, voltage regulators, and a watchdog. The unit includes diagnostics and an embedded failsafe system, which offers protection against network lockups and dead batteries. Electronic control unit functions are contained on one chip, offering easier design for engineers of network nodes. Philips Semiconductorwww.semiconductors.philips.com Enter 617


For stand-alone applications

A compact dc drive and retrofit package combination provides simple installation and pre-configured applications for minimal downtime, the company reports. Drives in need of retrofitting include those with functioning motors in which the controls cannot cost-effectively be maintained. Pull old drives and plug in new, using the DC400 RetroPak system, rated to 500 HP and 230 to 500V. Saftronicswww.saftronics.com Enter 618


Permanent magnet stators

LO-COG(R) brush-commutated gearmotors are available in various lengths, with sintered steel spur gears standard. They are offered in many ratios and up to 500 oz-inch of torque using strong gears. Options include cartridge brush assemblies, encoders, modified shafts, and ball bearings. Applications include data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, and automation. Pittman, www.pittmannet.com Enter 619


Low-inertia armature

The TG3300-63 Series brush dc motor produces 495W of continuous shaft power, the company claims. Features include up to 13,000 rpm, 425 oz-inch of torque, and up to 90% efficiency. The rugged package can eliminate the need for a gearbox in many applications. The product uses precision-machined copper sheets to replace magnet wires and iron cores, eliminating eddy currents and hysteresis. ThinGap Motor Technologies, www.thingap.com Enter 620


Shield from spatter, clogs

System E6 enclosed tube Energy Chain(R) is vibration-free, precise, and designed for long travel applications. The modular chain can be easily shortened or lengthened, the company reports, and helps reduce noise on machinery. Applications include printing machines, measurement equipment, precision cutting systems, and clean rooms. IGUS Inc., www.igus.com Enter 621


Eliminates secondary facing

The CM150AN circular saw system uses narrow kerf blades for accurate cuts with excellent surface finishes, the company reports. This CNC machine includes a specially designed mist system for lubrication, carbide blades, and servo motor. Features include a vibration-free spindle mechanism, wear-resistant vise, automatic trim cut sorting, and an anti-backlash brake system. The loading size is 39 x 20 inches. Amada Co. Ltd., www.amadabandsaw.com Enter 622


Independently controlled outputs

Multi-function, 600V driver ICs IR2304 and IR2308 feature integrated protection for MOSFET or IGBT circuits used in ballasts, power supplies, and motor drives. The IR2304 is designed for low drive current, while the IR2308 has two non-inverting inputs for larger MOSFETs or high frequency applications. The drivers reportedly save space, reduce component count, and increase reliability. International Rectifier, www.irf.com Enter 623


Safety and design improvements

Hevi-Rail(R) profile rails and bearings reportedly form a compact, safe, and economical vertical lifting system. The product combines axial and radial bearings and eliminates the need for cam followers. It is available with a fixed or adjustable eccentric bearing; from 52.5 to 140-mm OD; and single bearing capacity from 5,000 to 33,500 lbs. Systems for up to 100 tons are available. Pacific Bearing, www.pacific-bearing.com Enter 624


For robotics and automation

The RE Series of rare earth magnet motors is designed for maximum torque in a 30-mm diameter package, and maximum efficiency of 86%. Features include a rhombic moving coil for long life, low electrical noise, and fast acceleration. Several windings, encoders, and matching gearheads are available. Applications include robotics, automation equipment, pumps, biomedical devices, and semiconductors. Maxon Precision Motorswww.maxonmotorusa.com Enter 625


Self-contained, compact

The Surf Shooter SMT(TM) loose pin feeder is available in duel or triple bowl configurations, including up to three bowls and three feeder heads. The unit can feed pins of the same or different diameters simultaneously. Feed speeds are greater from 1-3 pins/sec. Units operate on 110V ac, 60-cycle circuits, or optional 220V ac, 50-cycle circuits. The product mounts into the feeder bay, requires no electronic control interface, and feeds various sizes of pins. Zierick Manufacturing Corp.www.zierick.com Enter 626

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