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Motion Control/Power Transmission 12353Motion Control/Power Transmission

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May 5, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


High frequency, thermal stability

Model SR0220RNP miniature angular accelerometer features a rugged suspension system with good rejection of linear acceleration, suiting it for a range of space-saving applications. Electrically damped, it operates independently of fluid for damping or rotational inertia, and has a servo loop design for reportedly good thermal stability of zero bias, frequency, and scale factor qualities. With temperatures ranging from -50 to +85C, the accelerometer operates on plus or minus 15V dc, with plus or minus 0.25% F.R. accuracy, and ranges of plus or minus 100, plus or minus 500, plus or minus 1,000, and plus or minus 5,000 rad/sec2. Columbia Research Laboratorieswww.columbiaresearchlab.com Enter 576

Precision gantry

Frictionless motion

The Ultra Precision Gantry uses a magnetically preloaded XY air bearing system in a stable platform. Sinusoidally commutating servo amplifiers drive the company's zero- cogging brushless linear servo motors used in the gantry. It achieves constant velocity scans for large travel precision XY motion, and features cleanroom compatibility and non-contact design elements that reduce particle generation for low-maintenance operation. The gantry may include equipment like welded steel support frames, vibration isolation systems, complete servo drive and motion control packages. Anorad Corp., www.anorad.com Enter 577


Corrosion-resistant 300-series stainless steel

Intended to meet sanitation requirements in the food processing industry, the Premium Stainless Steel motors reportedly resist corrosive washdown solutions that use bleach, acids, caustic lye, alkalines, and surfactants. Features include a conduit box design that seals the contact area between the motor and the box; O-rings between the endbells and motor frame; double-lip seals used in both endbells on TEFC motors and on the shaft end of TENV motors; hydrophobic breathers that equalize pressure and prevent moisture from entering the motor; and external seals, gaskets, and O-rings made from Viton(R) material for chemical resistance. Leeson Electric Corp., www.leeson.com Enter 578

Interface module

Eliminates need for joysticks

Designed to steer wheeled or tracked vehicles via a steering wheel, the multi-function vehicle operational interface module eliminates the need to develop a steering and operational function panel. Functional controls include throttle control, speed control, parking brakes, and engine monitoring. The module offers such standard features as friction detent speed control, key start, automatic guidance control, and warning lights for low fuel. Omnitrac LLC, www.omnitrac.com Enter 579


High torque, low wind-up

This beam-style coupling line, consisting of Flexbeam-2(TM) and Flexbeam-3(TM) couplings, features one-piece aluminum or stainless steel components with spiral cuts to work with angular misalignment, parallel misalignment, and axial motion. The Flexbeam-2 couplings have small bearings for low radial forces, and two sets of two spiral cuts, designed for precision applications with components like encoders and tachometers. Flexbeam-3 couplings have a large body and strong beams, and also use two sets of two spiral cuts for light duty power transmission applications. The couplings come in 20 body sizes with outside diameters ranging from 9.5 to 40 mm. Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc., www.ruland.com Enter 580

Servo actuator

High thrust, low weight

The HT Series Actuators offer integrated motors, actuators, and feedback for use in scissor, pinch, or C-style welding guns. Reportedly rated for 6 million welds at up to 2,300 lbs, the lubricated and sealed servo actuators are designed to reduce contamination and maintenance. Actuators feature a nut-thrust-tube coupler and bearings on the nose that isolate radial loading and provide anti-rotation. Available in three sizes rated for 700, 1,200, and 2,300 lbs of thrust in custom stroke lengths, they may be used for replacement/retrofitting in fixture or robotic pneumatic guns. Tol-O-Matic www.tolomatic.com Enter 581

Driver, stepping motor systems

Controls, links 14 motion profiles

The AlphaStep PLUS family of programmable driver and stepping motor systems has expanded to offer frame sizes of 1.65, 2.36, and 3.35 inch2. for round shaft models and 3.54 inch2 for geared models, as well as motors with zero backlash planetary or low backlash tapered hob gearheads, and a holding torque range of 41.5 oz-inches to 327 lb-inches. Software enables the user to control and link 14 motion profiles in absolute mode (absolute distance specification) or incremental mode (relative distance specification). Four operation modes are available for the driver-controller platform: mechanical home seeking, positioning, continuous motion, and electrical home seeking. Oriental Motor USA Corp.www.orientalmotor.com Enter 582

Speed reducers, gearmotors

Modular design, quick configuration

The C Series of helical speed reducers and gearmotors features output torque improved by up to 66%, compact size for easier installation and space-saving applications, 30% increase in available ratios, and more efficiency to save energy. With cast aluminum for sizes 11-21-31, the line of reducers and gearmotors reportedly provides quick configuration in meeting drive applications. Bonfiglioli USAwww.bonfiglioliusa.com Enter 583

Absolute encoders

Non-contact design, construction

The "Kubler by TURCK" line of Profibus-DP programmable encoders come in shaft and large bore hollowshaft construction, with a Class 2 Profibus-DP fieldbus communication protocol for user-specific configuration and diagnostic programming, as well as address DIP switches and an onboard terminating resistor. The encoders feature the company's non-contact Intelligent Sensing Technology and Integrated Technology, used with custom ASICs with components mounted on one PCB. Encoders have 25-bits of resolution, shock loads up to 250 gs, high resistance to EMI, and IP 65 and IP 66 environmental ratings with shaft seals. Applications include frequency converters, clutches, drives, and brakes. TURCK Inc.www.turck.com Enter 584

HMI software

Reduces training and design time

PMAC HMI software is an operator interface design tool intended for the PMAC motion controller. Users may design a custom interface display with a suite of ActiveX graphical control objects, simplified with the help of design wizards in HMI. PCOMM32 communicates with the PMAC motion controller by allowing a reliable interface with single or multiple PMACs via any communication port available. Delta Tau Data Systemswww.deltatau.com Enter 585

Ethernet module

Connects drives to Internet

The NETA-01 intelligent Ethernet module allows users to receive email alerts from a motor drive system, requiring only one of the company's drives, along with a fiber optic link, to communicate via a Web browser. Featuring an embedded server with all the required software, the Ethernet module allows for up to nine modules to be connected and provides a way to integrate both process and office environments. With the module, users can gain access to remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, and control of a drive/motor, while also providing process-related information. The Ethernet module reportedly supports HTTP, IP, TCP, BOOTP, SMTP, UDP, FTP, Telnet, and Modbus/TCP protocols. ABB Drives & Power Productswww.abb.com/motors&drives Enter 586

Signal conditioner

Supports any standard LVDT

The LVC-2402 dc-operated LVDT signal conditioner, intended for automation applications with PLCs and mini-PLCs, does not require a phase adjustment control. According to the company, the signal conditioner offers LVDT excitation frequency in 3, 5, or 10 kHz; analog outputs of 0 to plus or minus 10V dc, 0 to 10V dc, or 4 to 20 mA current output in three- or four-wire current loop configuration; as well as fully enclosed components in a polymide housing that measures 0.88 x 2.95 inches. Designed with the 24V dc input power isolated from the analog outputs, the signal conditioner also features external zero control, which allows for output offset adjustments of -100 to +100% of full scale output. Macro Sensors, www.macrosensors.com Enter 587

Linear encoders

Low cost, high resolution

Made of an extruded aluminum housing and intended for motion control applications, the model MT360 linear encoders have an optional lip seal that resists contaminants and a potted cable egress in the slider mechanism. Encoders have a stainless steel flex bracket that allows for 0.015-inch misalignment between the slider and the housing. A Delrin AF bearing used in the slider may operate at more than one million cycles. According to the company, the encoders may be configured for applications like analytical instrumentation, medical instrumentation, fluid handling robots, packaging, and woodworking. MEG-TEK, http://home.woh.rr.com/megtek Enter 588


Resists flat development, reduces shock

The Power-Core(TM) rollers are designed with a thermal-fit, snap-in roller assembly of composite tires over roller or needle bearings. The gravity-cast roller material reportedly improves tensile strength, dimensional stability, and elasticity, while providing a homogenous crystalline structure for self-lubrication. The rollers limit noise and shock, resist flat development, and offer dimensional stability in moisture and extreme temperature environments. Applications include high-speed linear positioners, ski lifts, clean room conveyors, high-quality sliding door hardware, and automatic doors. Intech Corp., www.intechpower.com Enter 589

Controller boards

Features PMD motion processors

The Millenium series has a new PCI-bus multi-axis motion controller, powered by the Navigator MC2xxx series chipsets with an advanced PID filter and ASIC and surface mount technologies. With 64 kbyte on-board memory, users may store motion data for system performance analysis, servo filter gains tuning, and diagnostic purposes. The servo controller boards interface to external components with a 100-pin high-density connector, which also provides opto-isolated dedicated input signals for limit switches, and home and fault functions. Cito Systems, www.citosys.com Enter 590

Spindle bearings

Prevents early tool failure

SKF(R) sealed precision angular contact ball bearings feature a low-friction, wear-resistant seal tightened with steel and available properly pre-greased to eliminate lubrication problems and for ready-to-mount assembly. The seal prevents premature tool failure caused by lubrication loss or infiltration by contaminants. Compared to standard spindle-bearing designs, these bearings use smaller-diameter balls, which reduce centrifugal forces and contact pressure between balls and the raceway, for better running accuracy. SKF Machine Tool Precision Technologieswww.skf.com Enter 591


Eliminates standard motion controllers

Accelnet servoamplifiers reportedly close individual servo loops within the amplifier, eliminating traditional motion controllers and ultimately cutting costs, labor, and complexity of multi-axis automation. The all-digital servoamplifier is compatible with the CANopen networking protocol, enabling it to communicate with the control PC via 2-wire CAN bus. Technicians may work the installation, debugging and system commissioning. Copley Controls Corp.www.copleycontrols.com Enter 592

Linear actuators

Different designs, load capacities

The M-230, M-232, and M-235 series of ultra-high resolution motorized linear actuators features low-friction ball screws and high-resolution encoders, to produce design resolutions between 5 and 100 nm and pushing forces to 30 lbs. Fitted with non-contact, high-precision limit switches, they have non-rotating tips for better repeatability, velocity to 50 mm/sec, and travel ranges to 50 mm. Applications include semiconductor test equipment, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. Polytech Pl Inc.; www.polytechpi.com Enter 593

Line reactors

CE marked, cULus listed

The SLR Series of DIN rail mounted line reactors are designed to protect high frequency drives and electronic equipment, with the inductive filter preventing damage to any three-phase electronic system with capacitor or large load switching. Line reactors also reportedly remove harmonics for smooth line voltage, reduce drive component stress, limit nuisance tripping, and eliminate drive cross-talk and interference. Sola / Hevi-Dutywww.sola-hevi-duty.com Enter 594

Miniature gearhead

High precision, zero backlash

The CSF-XHF Size 5 miniature gearhead offers 3 arc-min positional accuracy, with a rated torque of 5 inch-lb and a maximum torque of 24 inch-lb. The gearhead has a flange output for a compact axial length, as well as an input for direct connection to any motor. The gearhead comes in gear ratios of 30, 50, and 100:1. HD Systems Inc., www.hdsi.net Enter 595

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