MDM Announces Motor-Management Software

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February 25, 2004

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MDM Announces Motor-Management Software

MDM, Motor Decisions Matter (, a national organization of motor manufacturers, electric utilities, energy-efficiency groups, trade assocations, and government agencies demonstrated software at National Manufacturing week that helps facilities managers reduce downtime and save energy by proactively managing their electric motor resources.

The package, called "1.2.3 Approach" is geared for small- and medium- size companies that may not have the expertise to develop a motor management plan. The Approach is aimed at teaming up facilities managers with experts from a local motor distributor, service center, utility, or energy-efficiency organization. With minimum inputs from the customer, the software calculates annual motor operating costs and presents financial data for future motor management decisions based on life-cycle costs. The information allows the user to make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace a motor before it fails, and to plan accordingly.

Specifically, the package:

  • Calculates energy cost and potential energy savings

  • Calculates and compares the financial impact of repairing or replacing motors

  • Determines the payback periods for NEMA Premium (energy efficient) motors

  • Calculates return-on-investment and net present-value of motors

  • Prints tags that identify the best repair or replace options for each motor

  • Generates a summary report

The "1.2.3 Approach" is available on the MDM Website as well as through the organization's sponsors.

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