Matrox Supersight e2

DN Staff

February 10, 2011

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Matrox Supersight e2

MatroxImaging's Matrox Supersighte2is designed for imaging applications with a high throughput. Leveragingmultiple clusters of CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, Matrox Supersight e2 provides anenvironment for considerable data and task-level parallel processing through aPCI Express x16 2.0 (Gen2) switch fabric. The Matrox Imaging Library, whichincludes its Distributed MIL API, allows developers to create applications forMatrox Supersight e2. As MIL is supported on all Matrox Imaging hardwareplatforms, development on Matrox Supersight e2 is simplified and ensures thatthe source code is portable across all devices, from nodes with 48 CPU coresand 4 FPGAs, to a node with 12 CPU cores, 1 FPGA and 6 (double-wide) GPUs, andeverything in between. A high-bandwidth PCIe 2.0 switched fabric backplane, providessubstantial data throughput and expansion capability for supporting up to sixdouble-wide or up to nine single-wide GPUs in a 4U platform. Each ATI FireProProfessional Graphics card provides up to 1600 stream processors and 147.2 GB/sof memory bandwidth.

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