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May 5, 2003

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Acrylic film

Optical transparency, surface hardness

ROHAGLAS(R) Film 99526 is a clear, colorless cap layer film, designed for medical device injection molders and designers for use in hand-held medical devices, diagnostic test holders, microfluidic assay chips, and glucose meters. Based on PMMA and acrylic elastomers, it has a 4H pencil surface hardness for scratch and mar resistance, and it features a Class A high gloss surface finish reportedly without gels, carbon spotting, and thickness inconsistencies. Suitable for multiple lamination film systems or on extruded plastic sheets, the film may resist weak acids, alkalis, and non-polar solvents. Cyro Industrieswww.cyro.com Enter 596


Flame-retardant, castable liquid

Offering strain relief on electrical cables and connectors, Cable Cast FR urethane is a black, nonshrinking, castable liquid that produces tough but flexible rubber parts. It features a pot life of 10 minutes, a demolding time of 60 minutes, a tensile strength of 2,600 psi, and a maximum elongation of 800%. Used for both insulation and cable jacket repairs, this urethane reaches functional cure in 16 hours at 75F and full cure in 48 hours. Devcon, www.devcon.com Enter 597

Thermal interface material

Thermal performance, electrical isolation

Hi-Flow 300 insulated phase change thermal interface material is engineered to use between electronic power devices providing electrical isolation to the heatsink. A thermally conductive polyimide film is coated with Hi-Flow 300 compound to offer thermal performance around 1 C/W with dielectric strength >5000V ac, in thicknesses of 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 mil. The material comes with a 55C phase change temperature and in configurations of roll form, sheet form, and die-cut parts. The Bergquist Company www.bergquistcompany.com Enter 598

Aqueous dispersions

Low permeability, low coefficient of friction

Teflon(R) ETFE aqueous dispersions may be applied by immersion of spraying in order to coat carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and steel alloys. In doing so, it reportedly provides a surface with high chemical and temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction, low permeability, and non-stick properties of the company's Teflon fluoropolymers. Designed for easy application and improved efficiency, the aqueous dispersions come in powder form for electrostatic spray uses, as an electro-conductive grade for electrostatically charged components, and in filled versions with lower permeability to water vapor. Dupont Engineering Polymerswww.dupont.com Enter 599

Elastomer material

Soft durometer, low temperature

OmniFlex(TM) Fluoroelastomer material provides a softer durometer and better compression set than perfluoroelastomer material, suiting it for use in low-friction hydraulic seals and standard O-rings. According to the company, it operates in temperatures down to -57C (-70F) and up to 218C (424F). The material offers nearly equivalent chemical resistance and inertness as perfluoroelastomer material. Saint-Gobain Performance Plasticswww.plastics.saint-gobain.com Enter 600

Boron Nitride powders

High thermal conductivity

These single-grade boron nitride powders consist of Grade ZG for general use; Grade PS for electrostatic spray systems in precision aluminum processing; and Grade RG for R&D and other applications. Developed through a continuous process, the high-purity powders feature high refractoriness, good dielectric properties, lubriciousness, high thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemicals and molten nonferrous metals. Applications for the powders include plastics, greases, ceramics, and potting compounds, and as a dry-film lubricant and release agent. ZYP Coatings Inc., www.bnpowder.com Enter 601

PPS grade

Auto engine cooling system applications

Fortron(R) 1140EC polyphenylene sulfide is designed to withstand exposure to auto engine compartment fluids, while providing a tensile strength of 170 Mpa, a flexural strength of 255 Mpa, and a flexural modulus of 16,000 Mpa (at 23C). Other features include a high melt flow, low moisture absorption, and low mold shrinkage of 0.002 to 0.006 mm/mm in the flow direction. The new PPS grade may be used in thermostat housings, crossover pipes, and water pump impellers, in the cooling systems of automobiles and light trucks. Ticona, www.ticona.com Enter 602

Nylon material

High melt strengths, low shear rates

Pennite 4508 thermoformable type 6 nylon is an impact modified, branched polyamide 6 with 15% glass fiber, offering low shear rates with higher melt strength compared to other reinforced linear polyamides. Heat-ageing stabilized and colored black, it features a continuous service temperature of 140C (284F) with short-term peak performance of 170C (338F). Coil sizes range from 0.010 to 0.093 inch thick, with master coils from 12 to 24 inches wide, while sheets come 0.031 to 0.25 inch thick, with standard widths up to 48 inches. Designed for thermoformed high heat applications, the material may be used in engine shrouds, ducts, and covers. Penn Fibrewww.pennfibre.com Enter 603

Aluminum powder

Made from gas condensation

These nano-aluminum powders, customized to be air stable, are engineered from a gas condensation process with high purity aluminum. The aluminum powder features a particle diameter of 50 plus or minus 10 nm, oxide thickness of 2 to 3.5 nm, and aluminum metal content of 60 to 75 wt%. According to the company, the nano-aluminum powders are designed for use in propellants, to offer high burn rates; munitions, as lead and mercury-free material and serving as primers; and energetic material, providing increased energy densities and thermite reactions. Technanogy www.technanogy.net Enter 604


Strong chemical resistance

Simriz(R) perfluoroelastomer compounds offer compression set resistance, chemical resistance, steam and organic amine resistance, and high/low temperature capabilities. Engineered for use in valves, sensors, mechanical face seals, and fuel systems, the perfluoroelastomer material may apply to the chemical processing, oil and gas, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. Simrit, www.simrit.com Enter 605

Lubricated alloys

Based on Noryl(R) resins

Lubriloy(R) Z and Lubriloy Z ECO FR (flame retardant) internally lubricated alloys offer low specific gravity, good wear performance, a range of potential use temperatures, and more impact performance over standard PTFE lubricated materials. According to the company, the alloys may be designed to comply with specific environmental standards. Applications include automotive, medical, information technology, and water contact. LNP Engineering Plastics www.lnp.com Enter 606


Cellular, solid versions

BISCO(R) cellular and HT-6360 solid silicones are designed for sound dampening, sealing, and cushioning in mass transit applications such as ventilation, heat, and air conditioning systems and enclosures. According to the company, the material meets industry flame/smoke/toxicity requirements in rail car applications. The cellular silicones reportedly withstand temperatures from -67 to 400F and feature compression-set resistance. The HT-6360 solid silicones, made for high-temperature and high-pressure gasketing uses, feature high-temperature resistance from -80 to 425F, UV and ozone resistance, good sealability, and recovery after compression. Rogers Corp., www.rogerscorporation.com Enter 607


Unique molecular structure

KRATON A polymers are high-performance elastomers that feature a molecular structure that may be controlled for specific applications or compounded further to fit a wider range of uses. Re-processable and designed with good dielectric properties, the polymers are engineered for formulation flexibility and ease of use in thermoplastic processing technology. The polymers may also be compounded to create materials that enhance the temperature resistance, elasticity, strength, appearance, softness, and convenience of applications such as toys, construction, automotive, packaging, and molded and extruded technical goods. Kraton Polymerswww.kraton.com Enter 608


Wide temperature range

Made with a reportedly improved viscosity profile, the Krytox(R) L line of "linear" perfluorinated oils and greases provide low-temperature properties and low volatility, producing low torque combined with a viscous lubricating film at high operating temperatures. Featuring the company's XP soluble additive, it adds a protective coating on metal surfaces, reportedly reducing wear up to 80%. Intended to increase the performance of Krytox(R) lubricants, the material offers lubrication for aviation, national defense, and aerospace applications. DuPont Performance Lubricants www.krytox.com Enter 609

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