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June 16, 2003

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Medical Urethane Foams

No plasticizers contained

PORON, open-celled urethane foams, are designed to be breathable and to offer flexibility and resistance to collapse with shock-absorption capabilities. Featuring the APMA seal of acceptance, the product is intended to be used for cushioning applications in orthopedic and prosthetic devices, and for bandages, along with a variety of other uses. In addition to water-blocking benefits, the urethanes are thin and stretchable, intended for comfort around joints. Rogers Corp., www.rogers-corp.com Enter 504

Actuators and Presses

Accommodates range of users

The Spectrum Slim-Line Series of actuators is designed for use with bench-top manual operations and semi- and fully automated systems for plastics assembly. Featuring a new modular microprocessor controlled power supply, the products can be operated from over 10 ft from the power supply. Its features include integrated hydraulic speed controls, built-in pneumatic controls, micro-adjustable positive stops, and "post-cooling" manifolds. The product can be either mounted directly on a machine frame or supplied with its own fixed rigid column with integrated mounting hub and support frame assembly. Sonitek, www.sonitek.com Enter 605

Polyurethane enamel

Exterior durability

The new Polane G Plus polyurethane enamel is a two-component system that is intended to offer a fast drying time. With a high-gloss topcoat and high-volume solids, the product is meant to improve the productivity of OEM finishers. Available in a range of colors, the enamel is suitable for construction, agricultural, industrial equipment, and off-road vehicle manufacturers. The product can be used over various metals and plastic substrates, and it is free of lead and chromate hazards. Sherwin Williams, www.sherwin-williams.com Enter 606

Flame retardant

Lightweight foam

Developed specifically for use in low-density polyethylene foams, PM 12501E4 flame retardant is carried in LDPE pellets. This low-weight product is designed for use in aircrafts with the intention of passing the FAA's FAR 25.853 and ASTM tests E-906 and F-814. The concentrated additive produces lightweight foams and low-densities for flame retardant foams. Techmer Polymer Modifierswww.techmerpm.com Enter 607

Stainless steel

Corrosion resistant

Developed for use in the production of caustic soda, SAF 2906 has high chromium and nitrogen and moderated molybdenum contents. It has a minimum yield strength of 650 MPa in the annealed condition and is intended to have a high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Typical applications include heat exchanger tubes for caustic evaporation plants, a cast impeller for a circulation pump, and pipe elbows. AB Sandvik; www.smt.sandvik.com Enter 608

Surface treatment

Increases graphite oxidation protection

The BORACARB process is a high-temperature gas phase treatment that is intended to protect graphite from oxidation in air up to 900C (1650F) for thousands of hours. The process produces a protective "case" conversion layer that is comparable to the carburizing or nitriding of steel, and it is meant to replace the use of ceramic paints and coatings to protect graphite oxidation. Married to the graphite component, the case is wear resistant and electrically insulating. ZYP Coatings Inc., www.boracarb.com Enter 609


Low temperature flexibility

Able to meet an array of application needs, Mediflex TPE compounds are available in an assortment of grades. From very hard (60 Shore D) to very soft (8 Shore A), these products have suggested uses ranging from the applications of syringe tips and tourniquet bands, to nasal hoods and suction bulbs. All products are recyclable and non-allergenic, and they contain no carbamates or potentially hazardous extractables. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be colored, translucent, or clear. Star Thermoplasticswww.starthermoplastics.com Enter 610

Electroless nickel

Provides wear and corrosion protection

Nitec 9500 is a pH-regulated, 6-9% phosphorus electroless nickel created for use over magnesium, brass, copper, aluminum, steel, and other base metals. Combining bright deposits and high-speed deposition, the deposits are intended to remain bright through eight or more turnovers. The product's ductility passes 180 degrees bend test per Mil-C-26074. Heatbath Corp, www.heatbath.com Enter 611

Compounded color effects

New color effects

Two new Leda compounded color effects were created for use with Makrolon polycarbonate (PC) and Bayblend (PC/ABS) resins. Atlantis has a metameric effect that color shifts between green and purple, and Deja Blue is a bright blue with a glowing edge. Both are part of the Fantasia colors and special effects palette that is intended to provide for a wide range of design and processing needs. Bayer Polymers LLC, www.bayerfantasia.com Enter 612


Applies directly to packaging

RustBan 105 is a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) treatment engineered for primary packaging of ferrous metal parts. When applied directly to corrugated, solid fiber, and other paper-board packaging during the converting process, the product is a cost-competitive alternative to VCI bags. The nitrate-free, recyclable packaging features a variety of hotmelt and coldset adhesives, and it can be applied with blade or rod coaters. Michelman Inc., www.rustban.com Enter 613

Thermoplastic elastomers

Based on proprietary technology

TPSiV materials combine the melt reprocessability and thermal and chemical resistance of engineering thermoplastics with the high-temperature elastomeric performance of silicone rubber. The product's material applications include high-performance jackets for industrial and automotive hoses. MULTIFLEX, SEBS, and SBS thermoplastic elastomers are suited for PVC replacement for interior car parts such as steering wheels and arm rests. Multibase Inc., www.multibase.com Enter 614


Maintains fluid purity, reduces taste transfer

Vendflow Taste Barrier Tubing is intended for use in water and beverage transfer applications with strict taste requirements. With a low absorption rate, the product is clear and flexible and meets FDA food contact requirements. It is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths, and its special construction is intended to lessen the need for frequent tubing re-placement. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics www.tygon.com Enter 615

Color concentrates

Complex shifting hues

Magic Color Concentrates use VARIOCROM pigments to offer a wide range of colors and effects suited for film, sheets, bottles, or injection-molded parts. The pigments are designed to shift and merge with each other and can be used with polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and most ABS grades. Featured colors include red, green, gold, purple, violet, blue, autumn, purple-green, and green-gold; other combinations are available upon request. Teknor Color Co, www.teknorcolor.com Enter 616

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