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April 22, 2002

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Linear assembly lubricants

E-900 Quick Lube linear motion spray lubricant features a lasting film, offering anti-wear protection and corrosion and oxidation-resistance. Used in ball screw assemblies and linear bearing/shafting assemblies, the lubricant avoids inter-ball friction due to its low starting torque. The E-100 Quick Lube linear motion spray lubricant provides high temperature and corrosion resistance for rolled, ground, or milled acme thread screw assemblies. PAG-1 is a non-aerosol grease used in spot lubrication. Nook Industries, Enter 651

Soybean and corn resin

ENVIREZ(R) 5000 soybean and corn resin is designed for the agricultural, transportation, off-road, and construction industries, in sheet-molding-compound for compression-molding applications. The renewable-source resin is currently used by John Deere to manufacture composite hoods and body panels in the agricultural and off-road markets. Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., Enter 652

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