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July 8, 2002

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SL materials

Two stereolithography (SL) materials simulate the performance properties of ABS thermoplastics. A third SL material features enhanced processing characteristics for generating polypropylene-like models, prototypes, and parts. The two ABS-like SL photopolymers, SL 7560 and SL 7570, exhibit a combination of rigidity, durability, and heat resistance. SL 7545 polypropylene-like material provides a flexural modulus of 200,000 psi along with good elongation, impact strength, and heat-deflection temperature. Vantico Inc., Enter 608

Elastomer alloys

A new line of Versaflex(TM) Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloys supplies excellent adhesion during two-shot insert overmolding onto nylon 6/6 and nylon 6 substrates. Possible applications for the new GLS TPE grade include lawn and garden tools and equipment, sports equipment, hardware, power tools, and soft-touch grips, handles, and buttons. The Versaflex OM6000 series' ability to overmold over rigid thermoplastic substrates allows designers to eliminate the need for primers and adhesives, or having to use mechanical interlocks. GLS Corp., Enter 609

Resin systems

Designated the 2700 U, 2700 S, and 2800 B Series, three new resin systems combine the functional performance and properties of conventional thermoset rubbers with the processability of thermoplastics for a balance of physical properties and economics. With shorehardnesses ranging from 30 A to 75 D, these new systems can be formulated with properties to increase strength, impart flame retardance, provide conductivity, and alter appearance through special effects coloring. RTP Co., Enter 610

TPV elastomers

A series of thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) elastomers provide ISO-10993 standardization for biocompatibility. Formulated for medical, food-contact, and potable-water applications, Uniprene(R) 7010 Series compounds can be injection molded or extruded and range in hardness from 60 Shore A to 50 Shore D. Potential applications include syringe plunger tips and seals, vial and pipette stoppers, surgical cable coatings, filter elements, tubing, bellows, bulbs, and diaphragms. All Uniprene 7010 Series products conform to 21 CFR. Teknor Apex, Enter 611

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