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January 13, 2003

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Stainless machining bar

Consistency, speed, and output

Premium stainless steel machining alloys are designed to give parts makers better lot-to-lot consistency and faster machining speeds. Benefits include faster output, less tool wear, and consistency in machining applications that include aerospace, industrial, automotive, and others. Project 70+ stainless is available in 303, 304/304L, 316/316L, 416, custom 630 and 15Cr-5Ni stainless steels. Free machining bar is available in 0.125- to 3.25-inch sizes in standard increments. Carpenter Technology Corp., www.cartech.com Enter 613

Lubricated compound

Low wear, cost

Plastic-on-plastic wear situations call for cost-effective, internally lubricated plastics like Lu-bricomp(R) aramid fiber-filled acetal compound. Lubricomp K-AF compound uses a polymeric lubricant system that reportedly outperforms PTFE compounds for similar use. Aramid fiber offers good wear properties especially when run against itself, and excellent wear properties when run against steel or soft metals like copper and aluminum. The company says the product is ideal for use in making gears, bearings, slides and guides, for automotive and industrial applications. LNP Engineering Plastics, www.lnp.com Enter 614

Nanopowder material

Isotropic properties from cubic symmetry

Developing high-performance products that have strength and transparency is possible using an aluminum oxynitride nanopowder, or AlON. AlON nanopowder uses cubic symmetry and inline transmission in the visible and near-infrared regions greater than 80%. Applications include transparent armor for defense and law enforcement, face shields, protective head gear for bomb disposal, protective glass and domes, and various protective windows. Non-defense applications include watch crystals, lenses, refractories, and high-temperature structural components. Nanomat Inc., www.nanomat.com Enter 615

Metalizing ceramics

Bonds to clips, metal parts

Thick-film metallizing and thin-filmed metalized patterns are available on a complete line of beryllium oxide disks. Thick-film metalizing techniques include screen print, spray, roller coat and hard application, and can be applied to fired ceramics to provide a bonding surface. Sputtered, thin-film patterns permit very tightly spaced lines to be applied to a fired ceramic substrate and are available for special applications. Normally, a molybdenum-manganese refractory composition is used, and fired at 1,400C. Typical thicknesses for fired products are 2.5-25 microns. American Beryllia Corp.www.americanberyllia.com Enter 616

Superconducting metal

High melting points, superconductivity

Super-conducting and anti-corrosive niobium is available for research and industrial applications. Niobium and its alloys have high melting points, allowing service temperatures above 1,200C, and can be used for alloying steels, where it improves strength. The product is available in micro foil, foil, sputtering target, wire, insulated wire, rod, tube, powder, lump, sphere and single crystal. Niobium is reportedly highly super-conductive when alloyed with tin or zirconium. Goodfellow Corp., www.goodfellow.com Enter 617

Coated metals

Low coefficient of friction

Teflon(R)-coated, stainless steel or nitinol forming mandrels feature uniform non-flaking coating that offers slippery surfaces with 0.05 coefficient of friction. These units, with optimum release properties, help increase the manufacturing output of stent delivery systems and related medical parts, the company claims. Key features include repeated use, high-temperature operation, superior coating bond due to grit blasting, and tight tolerances. Mandrels are tested to ASTM-1894. Applied Plastics Co. Inc.www.appliedplastics.com Enter 618

Heat resistive overcoat

Resists high temperatures, pressures

A heat-resistive, aqueous resin and coating system, Santel(R) Toradex NZ-2, is available as a protective overcoat against high temperature and pressure. The firm claims the product offers a superior film with heat and grease-resistant properties. Products do not contain zinc compounds or other metal modifiers or catalysts. Applications include overcoating for flexible packaging, folding boxes and other general converting uses. ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., www.admtronics.com Enter 619

Stereolithography material

Durable, high temperature

A range of materials is now available for stereolithography systems for SL materials. Accura(TM) SI10, SI20, SI30, and SI40 are high-temperature, durable and general-purpose materials for use across the SLA product line. SI10 is a general purpose, accurate product with long vat-life. SI20 is a durable white material offering high green strength, good through-put and humidity resistance. SI30 material is a durable, low viscosity product for functional prototypes. SI40 combines high temperature with toughness. 3D Systems, www.3dsystems.com Enter 620

Polystyrene resin

High impact strength and efficiency

Process-efficiency and high impact strength in finished products are possible using a polystyrene grade 473D. This high-flow resin offers excellent process parameters and superior flow characteristics, the company claims. Molded products pass critical toughness and durability tests. 473D is formulated to provide high corner strength and lot-to-lot consistency. Product applications include consumer electronics, office equipment, magnetic/optical media, housewares, building and construction, furniture, sporting goods and personal care products. BASF Corp., www.basf.com Enter 621

Heat shrink tubing

Low temperature, ultra-thin walls

Heat shrink tubing designed for temperature ranges of 185 to 300F operates at lower temperatures than other standard polyester tubing. Medical device makers benefit from reduced thermal damage and quicker manufacturing time. Available in over 350 standard sizes, 0.008 to 1 inch, low temp tubing can be used in most medical devices needing the world's thinnest and strongest product, the company claims. Ultra-thin walls allow the tubing to shrink immediately upon the application of heat, which reduces damaged substrates. Advanced Polymers, www.advpoly.com Enter 622

TPU elastomers

Rubber characteristics

High performance, rubberized thermoplastic urethane alloys, VERSOLLAN(TM) TPE series, are designed to offer a rubbery soft feel and a rubber matte finish. The alloys' rubber characteristic offers a high coefficient of friction for use in products such as soft-touch grips, handles, knobs for power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and business machines. Other benefits include good mechanical properties such as tensile and tear strength and good chemical and oil resistance. Alloys reportedly offer good moldability, easy processing and improved cycle times. GLS Corp., www.glscorporation.com Enter 623

Conductive plastic

EMI shielding and grounding

Conductive plastics offer higher shielding and grounding rates in electronic devices, claims the maker of PREMIER(TM) thermoplastics. These products feature a dispersion of long, nickel-plated carbon fibers in various resin matrices. Evenly dispersed, randomly oriented fibers offer better shielding in housings without the need for plating, painting or vacuum coating. Benefits of PREMIER parts include strength, light weight, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to corrosion. Parts can be molded in wall thicknesses less than 0.8 mm. Parker Hannifin, Chomerics Division www.chomerics.com Enter 624

Fluoropolymer tubing

Flexible and chemical resistant

CONTEF, a translucent PTFE fluoropolymer tubing, is designed for applications requiring flexibility, chemical resistance, non-stick properties, and wide temperature range operation. With flexibility not standard in typical PTFE tubing, ideal applications include medical, aerospace, chemical, food/beverage, computer, cryogenic, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and industries needing fluid/air transfers. CONTEF has a vacuum rating of 29.9 in/Hg at 70F and is available in standard sizes without wire to 4-inch ID. New Age Industries Inc.www.newageindustries.com Enter 625

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