Linear guide borrows ball bearing technology

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March 24, 1997

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Linear guide borrows ball bearing technology

Rotterdam, The Netherlands--When selecting materials and components, machine designers and manufacturers often place low noise on a par with other important features such as safety and reliability. By fitting plastic ball retainers to its Type SSR Super Silent LM guides, THK helps meet the demand for quieter components.

Type SSR generates less noise than THK's conventional linear motion guides.

Like the cages of rotary ball bearings, the SSR retainer separates the guide's rolling elements so that there is no contact between balls. The design, therefore, eliminates the normal noise of balls colliding with each other, resulting in lower, more comfortable, running-sound levels.

In addition to reducing noise, the retainers contribute to better performance and longer life. "Point contact between adjacent balls in conventional linear motion guides," notes Robert Love, THK District Manager, Milton Keynes, UK, "can create high stress levels in the lubricating film, causing breakdown." The SSR retainers, however, enhance grease retention, which results in less heat and, ultimately, less wear. Better lubrication and guided balls, adds Love, reduce rolling resistance variations to 1/10 that experienced by conventional types.

Specially suited for high-speed applications, Type SSR Super Silent LM guides come in three models: SSR15, SSR20, and SSR25. Rail widths measure 15, 20, and 23 mm respectively, while total height--from rail mounting surface to the top of the block--is 24, 28, and 33 mm. Basic load-carrying capacities of the SSR line of LMguides are 9.5, 12.5, and 20.3 kN dynamic; 16.5, 23.4, and 36.4 kN static.

Additional details, Europe...Contact Robert Love, THK Milton Keynes, 26 Alston Dr., Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes MK13 9HA, Tel: +44 1908 222159, FAX: +44 1908 222161.

Additional details, U.S....THK Amer-ica Inc., 200 East Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, Tel: (708) 310-1111, FAX: (708) 310-1271.

Plastic retainer eliminates friction between adjacent balls, extending life of lubricating film. Benefits: low noise, less wear, high speeds.

Other Applications

  • Medical equipment

  • Industrial robots

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