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June 3, 2002

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New fluid power products shown at NDES

Design News editors encountered numerous new products at the 2002 National Design Engineering Show (NDES), some of which have medical applications.

A three-way isolation valve uses a soft disk within a diaphragm to create a tight seal. The Series 462 valve from ASCO Valve is made from inert materials, including PTFE, PEEK, and FFKM, which makes it suitable for use with the reagents and high-purity media found in analytical and medical applications. ASCO Valve, www.ascovalve.com. Enter 601

A new vacuum generator from Clippard Instrument Laboratory combines a fully ported three-way valve with a venturi vacuum generator. It functions as a stand-alone device or as part of a pneumatic circuit. The valve uses microgap construction, giving a short stroke of the balanced spool. Applications for the vacuum generator include pick-and-place equipment, work-holding machines, and liquid draw-back circuits. Clippard Instrument Lab, www.clippard.com. Enter 602

Bird Precision introduced new 7.5-, 10-, 25-, 30-, 40-, and 50-micron medical gas orifices at NDES. The ruby and sapphire orifices control precise amounts of oxygen and other medical gases and fluids. The orifices have flow rates less than 1 cc/min and are chemically inert and wear resistant. Orifices come pre-mounted in stainless steel, brass, and plastic fittings with or without filters. Bird Precision, www.birdprecision.com. Enter 603

FESTO's new MHI miniature valve family for standard sub-base, sub-D connector, and PCB-mounted manifolds now includes a 10-mm, 10 liter/min unit. It is available with one of three electrical connection configurations. The first configuration is a direct plug-in style where a connection is made when the valve body is mounted to the sub-base. The other connectors plug into the rear or top of the coil housing. FESTO, www.festo-usa.com. Enter 604

Bimba Manufacturing Co. introduced an extruded linear thruster that combines a cylinder bore, switch mounting tracks, and guide shafts in a single package. The stainless-steel guide shafts resist corrosive damage from water in wash-down environments. The thruster body and tooling plate are made from anodized aluminum. Bimba, www.bimba.com. Enter 605

Dispensing valve

The DSVP12 liquid dispensing valve is gravity-fed and designed to dispense water-based solutions from non-pressurized tanks. Valve features Class F molded coils and an optional venting system. A conical diaphragm may contribute to a better performance by eliminating lime and mineral buildup on the valve seat. Applications include vending equipment, ice making machines, and water purification devices. Deltrol Controlswww.deltrol.com/controls. Enter 606

Submersible pump

Sub-Prime(R) electric submersible GSP model pumps have maximum flow rates up to 5,000 gpm and up to 375-ft discharge heads. Engineered with single-phase motors to 6 horsepower and three-phase motors to 80 horsepower, the pumps operate in large dewatering applications. The pumps are made with rubber coated adjustable wear parts and a cast chromium steel impeller. Godwin Pumps, www.godwinpumps.com. Enter 607

Flow meter

The MuCell(R) mass air flow meter is designed as an alternative to conventional solid molding for use in Delphi Automotive Systems' Energy & Chassis division. This two-component assembly is mated with a slide and latch system made of plastic. According to the company, the flow meter's injection molding process application reduces both warpage and machine size. Trexel Inc., www.trexel.com. Enter 608

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