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March 25, 1996

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International Fluid Power Exposition & Conference

Produced by the National Fluid Power Assoc., The International Fluid Power Exposition and Conference is one of the largest fluid power exposition and technical conferences held in North America. Exhibitors and technical conference participants from countries around the world will bring a collective expertise in hydraulics and pneumatics. Leading component and systems designers and application experts from Europe, Asia, and the United States will be present.

Recognizing the importance of hydraulic fluids as a vital component in hydraulic systems, the IFPE will hold a special Hydraulic Fluids Symposium in conjunction with its Technical Conference. Speakers will cover a broad range of topics as they examine the current technology for high-water-content fluids, vegetable oils, and conventional mineral-based fluids.

A Comparative Motion Control Technology Symposium will explore the issues of motion control engineering in different actuation medias including electrohydraulics, electropneumatics, and electromechanical. This symposium will be useful for application, manufacturing, and machine design engineers, as well as distributors and manufacturers.

New to the conference, "Hydraulic System Maintenance and Troubleshooting" will help attendees learn to develop and implement preventive maintenance programs, assign personnel responsibilities, and select program software. General systems maintenance tips, including some on fluids and filter maintenance, as well as specific precautions for cold weather will be covered.

"IFPE attendees will have a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of innovations and all motion control technologies at one combined event," says William Prueser, IFPE's Director of expositions. Conference organizers expect more than 300 exhibitors and 100 presentations.


The MegaCrimp(TM) coupling is leak resistant and easy to crimp. It has a patented "C" insert, attached to the ferrule, that freely encases hoses of different constructions and wall thicknesses. During crimping, only the ferrule takes on the traditional octagonal shape formed by the die fingers. The "C" insert remains round and evenly distributes crimp forces, producing a tight concentric seal.
The Gates Rubber Co. Booth 385 Box 5887 Denver, CO 80217


Pneumatic cushion seals dampen the pistons in cylinders and take over the function of mechanical check valves. The V6 Cushioning Seal housing is nearly equal to that of an O-ring, installs easily in small housings with simple grooves, has consistent cushioning properties, and is available in both metric and inch sizes. V6 Cushion Seals are available in urethane, nitrile, and fluorocarbon. The PP Cushion Seal has high cushioning consistency due to automatic centralizing, even in the case of misalignment of the cushioning spear to the cylinder head. The PP cushioning seal is for metric studs in nitrile.
Parker Hannifin Seal Group Booth 244 2220 S. 3610 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
FAX (801) 972-6703


Variable volume, pressure-compensated axial piston pumps are available with four pressure compensator options and with a range of five displacements from 0.88 to 3.78 cubic inches. Continuous operating pressure is up to 3,500 psi with intermittent pressure to 4,000 psi. The pump design results in quiet operation and high contaminant tolerance for reduced maintenance cost. The pumps can be used for replacement of other hydraulic pumps or in new equipment.
Continental Hydraulics Booth 379 12520 Quentin Ave. S. Savage, MN 55378 FAX (612) 895-6444

Compressors and pumps

600 (single-piston) and 2600 (double-piston) Series models of air compressors and vacuum pumps feature a large diameter motor, increasing electrical efficiencies. The 600 Series has an open flow rate up to 2.70 CFM with maximum continuous pressures up to 160 psi, and maximum vacuums up to 28.5 inches Hg. The 2600 Series has an open flow rate up to 4.80 CFM with maximum continuous pressures up to 160 psi, and maximum vacuums up to 29.0 inches Hg. All Series models also feature permanently lubricated bearings, lightweight die-cast aluminum components, and a long-life piston seal.
Thomas Industries Inc. Booth 107 Box 29 Sheboygan, WI 53082 FAX (414) 451-4237

Brake valve

Pedal-actuated, integrated-tandem, full-power brake valve reduces system plumbing for easier, less expensive installation. It incorporates accumulator charging and service brake modulation. The valve charges two accumulators within a predetermined pressure range. The valve is available for open-center and load-sensing hydraulic systems.
MICO Inc. Booth 361 1911 Lee Blvd. N. Mankato, MN 56003 FAX (507) 625-3212

Impulse testing

Impulse testing is offered for static, hydraulic-flex, and rotary hydraulic-flex testing. Standard impulse chamber specifications include a pressure range from 1,250 to 10,000 or 15,000 psi, oil temperature range from 100 to 300F, and square-wave pattern per SAE J343 and J517. Capacity for standard flex is .25- to 2-inch inside diameter, and for rotary a maximum 1-inch inside diameter.
HMF Inc. Booth 733 2214 Franklin St. Manitowoc, MI 54220 FAX (414) 684-6004


Hi-Q check valves feature a cage and poppet assembly that maximizes flow capacity and contamination resistance. 100% testing ensures long-term performance in 4,000 psid systems at temperatures up to 1,100F. Leakage meets ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class 5 specifications. They are compatible with standard fitting systems and will flow a variety of liquids, including fuel oil and deionized water. Hi-Q valves are available in .50, .75, and 1 inch diameters and in cartridge or linemount configurations.
The Lee Co. Booth 317 Box 424 Westbrook, CT 06498 FAX (860) 399-2270


Micro-Orifices(TM) are produced in brass or stainless steel and are used to accurately meter the flow of liquids or gases. They can be used as standards for flow or leak rates in test equipment, or for precision metering of very low flow rates in analytical instrumentation. The all-metal construction allows usage of the orifices at elevated temperatures. Orifice diameters start at less than 10 microns and range up to 125 microns.
O'Keefe Controls Co. Booth 254 Box Q Trumbull, CT 06611 FAX (203) 261-8331


Weld-spatter-resistant tubing has a flame-retardant cover that possesses excellent tear and tensile strength. It resists oils, greases, acids, bases, aqueous solutions, ozone, UV light, and heat aging. The cover has insulative properties and meets UL-94-VO specifications.
Freelin-Wade Booth 297 Box 1007 McMinnville, OR 97128 FAX (503) 434-5561


Power Take Off (PTO) clutches disengage the hydraulic pump of large construction equipment. Disengaging the hydraulic pump when the circuit is at rest will reduce fuel consumption, save horsepower, and help eliminate heat generation. Primary markets include mobile off-road heavy construction equipment, the refuse industry, and specialized high-horsepower transmission market segments.
Horton Industrial Products Inc. Booth 476


BTL-3 linear position sensor achieves accuracy of plus or minus 0.0015 inches over lengths up to 100 inches, with resolution and repeatability of 0.0007 inches. It is shock-resistant and sealed to IP 67 requirements, and immune to chips, dirt, oil, and wear, making it useful for machine tools, automated assembly equipment, measuring machines, and other demanding linear motion control applications. The BTL-3 has synchronous serial interface, a signal format supported by most major controllers, including NC. Because signal processing and serial conversion are performed internally--with no need for a separate, external processor card--the sensor connects directly to the host controller. Absolute output signal renders the transducer immune to power failures, eliminating the need to mechanically re-home after an outage.
Balluff Corp. Booth 530 8125 Holton Dr. Florence, KY 41042 FAX (606) 727-4823


Duplex filters for pressure and return lines are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 3,500 GPM. Pressures are up to 6,000 psi with a filtration level from 3,500 micron nominal to 3 micron absolute. The filters are available in stainless steel.
EPE Fluid Power Components Booth 844 Box 670 Barrington, IL 60010 FAX (708) 381-0918


DH Series cylinder is rated to a full 3,000 psi working pressure and is for use in tough applications. It has heavier castings for greater strength. A wear ring with teflon seal on the piston and a double-lipped polyurethane u-cup rod seal provide high pressure performance. The cylinders are available with a 2- through 4-inch bore, and with hardened steel pins in 3-, 3.50-, and 4-inch bores.
Cross Mfg. Inc. Booth 838 100 Factory St. Lewis, KN 67552 FAX (316) 324-5737

Gear pump

High-pressure, single-stage internal gear pump has volumetric efficiency up to 97%. The lightweight pump provides pressures of up to 315 bars for low displacement volumes. Logical graduation of displacement volumes ranges from 5 to 125 cm3/rev., speeds are between 450 and 3,600 rpm, and power input ranges from 3.5 to 80 kW. Modular pumps can be assembled to form one multi-circuit pump.
BETRO Inc. Booth 303 525 Kelly Ct. Lombard, IL 60148 FAX (708) 932-7744

Ball valves

Manually operated ball valves provide .25-turn shutoff of liquid or gas flow at pressures up to 20,000 psi. All metal components are stainless steel for consistent operation in corrosive atmospheres. Teflon packing provides leak-free services up to 450F.
High Pressure Equipment Co. Booth 272 Box 8248 Erie, PA 16505 FAX (814) 838-6075


Series 04 solenoid-cartridge valves fit standard 7/8 through 14(-10) threaded cavity, and rate up to 10 GPM and 5,000 psi. The four-way, three-position directional control valves screw in and have a single-piece cartridge-sleeve design that eliminates misalignment. The patented coil is water and thermo-shock proof, does not require O-rings, and can be installed in either direction without affecting valve performance.
Sterling Hydraulics, Inc. Booth 322 902 E. State Pkwy. Schaumburg, IL 60173 FAX (708) 490-1669


Solenoid-operated, three-port, two-position direction control valves allow gradual increase in downstream pressure. They feature an auto-pilot that automatically switches to full flow pressure at 60% of supply pressure. The valves provide a soft start when energized, and a quick exhaust when de-energized. Model SC105 has a .75-inch NPT exhaust port, while model SC75 has a .50-inch port.
Watts FluidAir Booth 646 9 Cutts Rd. Kittery, ME 03904 FAX (207) 439-5632

Control assembly

Stacked control assembly rates to 2.1 GPM and 4,500 psi, weighs 7.75 lbs, and measures 8 x 7.50 x 4 inches. It includes a four-way, three-position, solenoid-operated directional valve; a four-way, two-position, single solenoid-operated directional control valve; two dual-pressure control-valve sandwiches; and a dual-flow control and check-valve sandwich.
Wandfluh of America Inc. Booth 325 913 High St. Mundelein, IL 60060 FAX (708) 566-5700


Flange check valves are compatible with SAE J518 4-bolt flange connections. A lack of threaded connections allows for easy installation as well as removal without disturbing system lines. SAE flange sizes range from .75 through 2 inches. The valves are for rugged applications where threaded-end connections are impractical or inconvenient.
Kepner Products Co. Booth 430 995 N. Ellsworth Ave. Villa Park, IL 60181 FAX (708) 279-9669

Expansion plugs

The Cv expansion plug is a single-piece assembly. It is available in English and metric diameters ranging from 0.156 to 0.562 inches, and from 4 to 14 mm. Made from carbon steel, 303 and 416 stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, the plug's material can exactly match the installation hole material. A simple three-step installation is able to seal drilled holes with proof pressures up to 40,000 psig.
Farmington Engineering Inc. Booth 236 7 Orchard Park Rd. Madison, CT 06443 FAX (203) 245-3072


"W" Series of cylinders feature 3,000-psi operating pressure, are available in all bore sizes, and feature non-metallic riders for the piston and rod bearings to protect against severe side loading. The externally threaded retainer cap makes it easy to change the piston and rod seals. Standard NFPA mounting dimensions available. Porting available to fit NFPA, SAE, or ISO standards.
Atlas Cylinders Booth 306 Box 2248 Eugene, OR 97402 FAX (503) 688-6771

Pre-treating process

The patented NITROTEC pre-treating process provides high corrosion resistance and lubrication retention, improved wear and dent resistance, and uniform size. Pre-treated tubes and bars can outperform hard- chrome-plated products. The process is a non-toxic alternative to metal plating and offers no risk of surface pitting, flaking, or hydrogen embrittlement.
NITROSTEEL Booth 372 Box 396 Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 FAX (414) 947-0881


HDA-3700/3800 tranducers use thin-film, solid-state technology to provide high resistance to flow surges, pressure spikes, shock, and vibration. They convert hydraulic or pneumatic pressure into an electrical output signal linearly proportional to the input pressure. The pressure transducers allow for a wide selection of output signals and pressure ranges. The HDA-3700 is rated at 0.5% accuracy, while the HDA-3800 is rated at 0.3% accuracy.
Hycon Corp. Booth 545 2260 City Line Rd. Bethlehem, PA 18017 FAX (610) 264-3540

Rotary actuators

PH Series rotary actuator offers four models with torque output to 27,000 inch/lbs @ 3,000 psi. Standard rotations are 180 and 360 degrees. Shaft support is provided by integrated ball bearings that permit heavy-radial, moment, and thrust loads to be carried without additional external bearing support. All mechanical backlash, internal bypass leakage, and external leakage have been eliminated, giving the PH Series the ability to hold loads in precise position without drift.
Helac Corp. Booth 233 225 Battersby Ave. Enumclaw, WA 98022 FAX (360) 825-1603

Vacuum pumps

MLD pumps provide vacuum levels up to 27 inches Hg, and flow rates up to 31 CFM. Each pump has broad application capabilities that allow the user to choose a pump without the need to specify very precise operating characteristics. Multi-ejector pumps are for applications requiring high flow at moderate vacuum levels. The pumps are quiet, small, efficient, easily installed, and virtually maintenance-free.
PIAB Vacuum Products Booth 720 65 Sharp St. Hingham, MA 02043 FAX (617) 337-8028

Directional valve

Compact, seven-gallon directional valve is rated up to 7 GPM and 3,000 psi system pressure. The ductile iron body, ground and plated-steel spools, and buna o-ring seals provide excellent spool metering and low leakage. The valve features integral load check, symmetrical spools in single- or multi-spool configurations, and 9/16 through 18 (SAE #6) ports. Applications include, small loaders and backhoes, stationary compactors, tire cutters and filter crushers, and series motor operation.
Cross Mfg. Inc. Booth 838 100 Factory St. Lewis, KS 67552 FAX (316) 324-5737

Hydraulic flanges

Square, four-bolt hydraulic flanges are offered in more than 700 sizes and configurations. Selections include 3,000 and 6,000 psi, split flange and captive flange, and socket and butt weld. Flanges feature one-piece construction of forged carbon steel or 316L stainless steel, annular surface finish, and 0.250-inch radius curves. Butt-weld ends are prepared for Schedule 40, 80, 160, and XXS pipe. Flange sizes range from .50 to 4 inches; metric sizes are also available.
Anchor Flange Co. Booth 246 5555 Fair Ln. Cincinnati, OH 45227 FAX (513) 527-4449


Series nuts include nylon-insert and all-metal prevailing locknuts and hard-to-get sizes of slotted, castellated, jam, and high nuts (grades 2 through 8). Free-spinning flange wheel nuts for use with buses, trucks, and applications requiring higher clamping loads and more bearing surface are also available. Sizes range from .75- to 12-inch OD. The nuts are manufactured to customer blueprint.
Industrial Nut Corp. Booth 232 1425 Tiffin Ave. Sandusky, OH 44870 FAX (419) 625-5517

Filter-regulator lubricator

The QB1 and QB4 modular filter-regulator lubricator (FRL) units are used to prepare compressed air in pneumatic applications. Main modules include a cyclonic filter with a sintered porous element; pressure-regulator locking knob that is diaphragm or piston operated; and a lubricator with high-sensitivity even with low air consumption.
Motion Control Co. Booth 21226 3rd Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98198 FAX (206) 878-9421

Motion control

The TMC 188/40-DPM motion controller offers greater machine control and accuracy for the automated production line. Capable of 32 signal recirculations, it is less susceptible to the electrical noises most plants generate. The PC-based DCSMON software included with each module provides a window-into-motion to graphically view position, speed, and drive output. The module is compatible with the MTS systems family of Temposonics(R) magnetostrictive transducers.
Delta Computer Systems Inc. Booth 595 11419 N.E. 95th St., Suite D, Vancouver, WA 98682 FAX (360) 254-5435

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