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Intellect Marks New Software EraIntellect Marks New Software Era

DN Staff

September 15, 2004

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Intellect Marks New Software Era

What started out as an upgrade to DVT Corp.'s Framework software morphed into its new Intellect program, which has been rewritten from the ground up. Intellect is much easier to use, with a new user interface, and it manages multiple camera connections in the same user interface.
"Intellect is organized along tasks users want to perform, which will make it easier for first time users," says Steve Giesking, R&D director. For example, developers trying to locate objects can go to a positioning tool, which will help them focus in one the device.

Items are defined using real world planes, so cameras that have been pushed out of position can be recalibrated by pressing a single button. A communication manager permits moving tags to move information without scripting.

The software, like all DVT code, is free. "I think customers have been gouged on software. We will never charge for it," says Bob Steinke, CEO at DVT. The new software will be supported by a number of free training seminars, both live and on line, he adds. That support is part of DVT's servant leadership model. Like the Greek term agape, which means unconditional love, DVT offers Agape support, which is unconditional.


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