Innovative Fluid Power Products

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August 20, 2001

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Innovative Fluid Power Products

Hydraulic valve controls movement

What do scissors lifts, small truck-mounted cranes, and mower decks on turf equipment have in common? They all rely on the hydraulic drive control system for precision movement. With hysteresis and repeatability at 10%, the SP Series of valves from Hydraforce provide the proportional speed and direction control required in these and other applications. "The SP is a cartridge type, proportional directional control valve with low hysteresis and high repeatability," says Lisa Williams, an application engineer at Hydra-Force. "These features make it precise," she says. The valves are available with closed-center and motor-spool configurations. The SP08 is rated for flows up to 3 gpm. Its maximum operating pressure is 3,500 psi. The SP Series also includes the SP10, which is rated for 6 gpm. HydraForce offers the SP Series valves with an electric controller and a choice of 12- or 24-volt solenoid coils and a variety of connector options. HydraForce, Inc. : Enter 563

Pump/motor assembly eliminates thrust loads

The E-Series pump and motor assembly from SPX Fluid Power is designed for rugged mobile applications. Its SAE nine-tooth spline shaft provides torque transmission, but eliminates the possibility of imposed thrust loads on pump shafts and the chance of tang slot wear. "Once the tang or grooved end of a shaft breaks, you have to replace the entire shaft," says Othello Garganera, a mechanical engineer and product manager at SPX Fluid Power. The 4,000-psi pumping assembly has valving and porting flexibility for applications in aerial work platforms, truck equipment, and auxiliary power units. Multiple section pump combinations are also offered for other industrial, mobile, and agricultural applications. SPX Fluid Power : Enter 564

Plunger pump is tough

Equipment used on construction sites and in other demanding applications are tough on the pumps that power the equipment. That's why Cat Pump designed their new 6DX plunger pump with over-sized and high-strength connecting rods, solid ceramic plungers, and forged crankshafts that are hardened. The pump delivers 4-gpm flow at 3,400 rpm with up to 4,000 psi of pressure. Its concentrically-ground ceramic plungers are field-proven to extend the life of the pump's high-pressure seals. The heavy-duty manifold has eight bolts for extra strength. A built-in flange permits mounting to most gas engines. The CAT pump has built-in V packings that are reinforced with male adapters for high-pressure applications. A pressure-regulating unloader with a built-in bypass is standard on each pump. CAT Pumps : Enter 565

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