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September 8, 1997

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Active matrix for flighty graphics

ViewSonic's PV140 ViewPanel LCD flat-panel display is that company's first foray into active- matrix technology. The 14-inch-diagonal ViewPanel features a maximum non-interlaced resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels at a 75-Hz refresh rate. This viewing area is larger than a 15-inch conventional CRT. And the display weighs just a hair over 12 lb and has a profile of 2.5 in. ViewSonic's display technology supports 16.7 million colors. A menu-driven program allows users to adjust contrast, brightness, color tuning, horizontal and vertical, and many other functions. The ViewPanel is plug-compatible with Windows 95 and supports VGA, SVGA, Macintosh, and XGA pixel formats in all resolutions. The ViewPanel PV140 retails for $2,500.
ViewSonic Corp., Walnut, CA, FAX (909) 468-3756.

U.S. and U.K. warplanes to get active

The low-power, high-resolution benefits of active-matrix LCDs are finding their way into the cockpits of some of the most advanced fighters and trainers. The Eagle-5 from dpiX, a Xerox New Enterprise Company is a 5-inch display that provides color tactical data, full-motion video, and high-resolution monochrome for forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imagery in the same unit. The use of active-matrix technology eliminates the "smearing" of full-motion video, a problem reportedly common with other military flat-panel displays. Planar Advance, a division of Planar Systems Inc., ruggedizes the displays for military use. The first units are being installed in the U.S. Navy's F/A-18 Hornets, Marine AV-8 Harriers, and the U.K.'s Hawk trainers.
dpiX, Palo Alto, CA, FAX (650) 842-9808.

Off-the-shelf LCD is rugged and readable

The EDI1D5 from Electronic Designs Inc. is a 10.4-in active-matrix LCD suitable for applications with high ambient sunlight and harsh environments. Operating temperatures range from - 20 to 70C, and heaters are available to extend the low temperature range. The unit provides 640 x 640-pixel resolution with 120 degree horizontal portrait viewing. The glass has 200:1 contrast with 30-millisecond response time and is equipped with anti-reflective front coatings and an EMI filter. The EDI15D is priced at $4,500 for quantities of 200.
Electronic Designs Inc., Westborough, MA, FAX (508) 836-4850.

High-brightness LCD outshines the sun

The ColorBrite LC640.480-AC1 from Planar Systems Inc. provides 900 nits brightness for sunlight readability in outdoor applications, such as kiosks, gasoline pumps, and other point-of-sale devices. The 10.4-in VGA display uses active-matrix LCD technology and has a number of features for all-weather conditions. These include an automatic brightness adjustment that measures the ambient light level and adjusts brightness and contrast for optimal image quality. Since the units are expected to operate in direct sunlight and possibly extreme temperatures, an over-temperature sensor is included.
Planar Systems Inc., Beaverton, OR, FAX (503) 690-1244.

Flat panel plugs & plays

The PanoView 745 flat-panel monitor from CTX Opto Inc., the LCD products division of CTX International, provides 1024 x 768-pixel resolution without the need for special cards or drivers. The active-matrix LCD connects to computers via a standard VGA port. The 14.5-inch-diagonal display has two backlights to generate 200 nits brightness. Nevertheless, it draws just 30W of power. The PanoView 745 has two 1W internal speakers and a 3W amplifier for multimedia audio applications. The product family features units of many sizes, including options such as touch-screens and remote or on-screen controls. The PanoView 745 retails for $2,795.
CTX Opto Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, FAX (408) 541-6068.

Passive matrix finds the way

A passive-matrix LCD from I Stanley Co. Inc. uses a proprietary Color Super-Homeotropic (CSH) technology to deliver quarter-VGA-size graphics on a 4.5- x 3.4-inch screen. The technology was developed jointly by the French Atomic Energy Department and the Research Development Corporation of Japan. Applications for the units include car navigation systems, video games, and industrial measurement equipment. The screens feature viewing angles of 120 degrees in both the vertical and horizontal directions and 50-millisecond response time.
II Stanley Co. Inc., Irvine, CA, FAX (714) 222-0555.

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