Handheld PC recognizes handwriting in real-time

DN Staff

July 6, 1998

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Handheld PC recognizes handwriting in real-time

ParaGraph PI, a pen and Internet technology group headquartered in Mountain View, CA, has announced that NEC Computer Systems became the first manufacturer to include built-in natural handwriting recognition in its Microsoft(reg) Windows(reg) CE handheld PC. The MobilePro(TM) 750C H/PC features Paragraph's CalliGrapher(reg) software in ROM. Users simply write on the PC's screen and the software converts the handwriting in real-time into ASCII text. The handwriting recognition tool understands how people normally write--natural cursive, print/mixed cursive, or print. Based on patented fuzzy logic and neural network techniques, the program recognizes dictionary and non-dictionary works, as well as arbitrary symbol sequences--without any user training. The PC, which went on the market last month, sells for about $900. E-mail [email protected].

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