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General Purpose Triconex Control SystemGeneral Purpose Triconex Control System

October 21, 2010

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General Purpose Triconex Control System

The  new TriconexGeneral Purpose System reportedly enables businesses to fulfill requirementsfor critical control applications needing high availability (e.g.,turbomachinery control), as well as SIL 2 safety applications (e.g., emergencyshutdown, fire and gas protection and burner management). The system iscompatible with Invensys' Triconex Tricon and Triconex Trident safety systemsthat already meet SIL 3 requirements.

The new Triconex system comes with safety and critical control applicationlibraries, proven in demanding real world applications, and its functionality,according to Invensys Operations Management is proven to reduce engineering andmaintenance costs, providing optimum safety and maximizing plant uptime. Italso integrates with all well-known process control systems using industrystandard protocols, and for added protection, is Achilles-certified, protectingit from cyber attack.

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