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April 21, 2003

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Fluid Power

Power packs

Motor, valve options

Fixed displacement industrial power packs operate with working pressure up to 3,000 psi, flow rates from 0.4 to 10 gpm, and 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20-gallon steel reservoirs. Available with a range of fixed displacement pumps, the power packs also include optional bar manifolds with up to six valve stations. The units feature a fluid level indicator with thermometer, auxiliary down line, system relief with pressure gauge, pressure-line check valve, and an in-tank return filter. Bosch Rexroth Corp.www.boschrexroth-us.com Enter 587

Hose couplings

Mitigates hydraulic system leakage

"Bite-type" (BW) spiral hose couplings, available as a steel, one-piece design, operate with working pressures up to 6,000 psi in such industrial and commercial applications as agriculture, mining, construction, and plant maintenance equipment. Made in 175 standard sizes and end configurations, the couplings have a corrosion-resistant, zinc chromate finish in 8 through 32 SAE hose sizes. To eliminate leaks, precision machined ferrule "bites" into the wire of the hose when crimped. Kurt Hydraulicswww.kurthydraulics.com Enter 588

Electrical terminal

Multi-stage modules

Based on configurable modules, the CPX modular electrical terminal allows different electrical functions and a pneumatic interface to be assembled for use in DeviceNet, Interbus, CANOpen, Profibus-DP, and CC-Link. The system features sandwiched functional layers with an interlinking (base) block, the electronics (intermediate) module, and a connection (top) block. Terminals are available as either analog, which controls devices with standard analog interfaces, or digital, which controls actuators like individual valves in an application. Festowww.festo-usa.com Enter 589


High purity, low 65 durometer

FF354-65, the company's latest addition to the Parofluor ULTRA(TM) materials, features soft but highly resilient properties for installing O-rings and other seals into such uncommon groove shapes as dovetails and radius corner designs. This white perfluorinated elastomer has reportedly low closure force sealing capabilities, low particle generation, and resistance to a range of chemicals. Applications include medical device manufacturing, maintenance repair, pharmaceutical processing, and semiconductor fabrication uses. Parker Hannifinwww.parkerseals.com Enter 590

Gravimetric filler

Computerized flow control

The Rapid Filler, a high-speed gravimetric filler system, is designed with 2,000 pail-per-hour capability, filling six pails simultaneously. It dispenses of up to 66 lbs liquids and pastes into pails and drums for petrochemical, paint and lacquer, food, and other applications. An industrial-grade PC controls an onboard weighing system, ensures filling accuracy, and complies with weights-and-measures regulations. With its modular design, the filler system works with plug-and-fill operations and may be integrated with conveyors equipped with optimized acceleration and braking ramps. Feige Filling Technology USAwww.feigeusa.com Enter 591

Hydraulic vane pumps

High/low circuit operation

The T7 family of vane pumps-including T7B, T7BS (new cam rings), T7D, T7DS, T7E, T7ES, and double and triple pumps-offers different cartridges operating at low flow, high pressure (300 bar, 4,350 psi) and at high flow, low pressure. According to the company, the high mechanical efficiency reduces energy consumption, while high volumetric efficiency reduces heat generation and provides speeds of 600 rpm at full pressure. With a speed range between 600 and 3600 rpm, the pumps can offer low noise level, as well as cold environment applications. Denison Hydraulicswww.denisonhydraulics.com Enter 592


Controls recirculation system

The Rada "R" Series Thermostatic Mixing Valve is designed to provide flows down to 1 gpm or up to 100 gpm, while controlling temperature plus or minus 2F. A thermostatic return limiter monitors returning water temperatures and eliminates overnight temperature creep, also eliminating the need for a fitted aquastat, and reducing cycling wear and tear on the circulating pump. According to the company, the valve can maintain water temperatures during both peak and zero-demand periods. Armstrong Internationalwww.armstrong-intl.com Enter 593

Gear pump

Variable ratio, low viscosity

These gear-pump machines, used in TIM and doming applications requiring constant flow, feature ratios from 1:1 to 50:1; viscosities from 150 to 100,000 cps; and metered shot and flow range from 0.75 ml per shot to 250 l/min. Designed with precision gear pumps and electronic interlock, these systems ensure a fixed ratio and protected password. The gear-pumps may also be used for clear-view filling with silicones in display products. I&J Fisnarwww.ijfisnar.com Enter 594

Heat exchanger

Reclaims reusable energy

The Calorplast Flexible Heat Exchanger reportedly prevents solids buildup with fluids that have fibers or other particulates. All-plastic and corrosion-resistant, the heat exchanger features a tube bundle with movable heat transfer elements, as well as smooth wall plastic tubing. Available in polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride, it is rated for 230 psig at an ambient temperature of 68F. Applications include heat recovery, wastewater treatment, commercial laundry, and other uses requiring a fluid containing particulate matter to be heated or cooled. George Fischerwww.us.piping.georgefischer.com Enter 595

Vacuum suction cups

Non-rotating suspensions

The OC Series Oval Vacuum Suction Cups, precision molded from non-marring silicone or nitrile, come in sizes from 0.39 to 3.94 inches long to 1.38 inches wide for automation system applications requiring product orientation. Designed with snap-on fittings, the vacuum suction cups handle small round or cylindrical oblong surfaces, offering more pickup surface area than round cups. Anverwww.anver.com Enter 596


Protects from conducted electronic noise

The FL Series EMI filter is designed for such requirements as variable speed motor drives, inverters, RF generators, and uninterruptible power supplies. Available in three-phase applications from 100 to 300A, the filter provides protection from conducted electronic noise and has an integrated coil design and reportedly the smallest footprint in its high current classification. Emission Control Ltd.www.emissioncontrol.com Enter 597

Hygroscopic breathers

Cuts lubrication system contamination

Des-Case(TM) Hygroscopic Breathers are designed with a desiccant that removes water vapor from the air, and a microglass-pleated filter that removes particles down to one micron. According to the company, the units allow only clean, dry air into the lubrication system, due to a visual indicator on the desiccant that turns pink when 100% saturated. Used in industrial equipment reservoirs such as hydraulic tanks and gear boxes, as well as large storage and process tanks, the breathers may reduce abrasive wear, downtime, and repair costs; eliminate chemical reactions or spoilage; and increase oil and oil filter life. Sphinx Adsorbents Inc.www.sphinxadsorbents.com Enter 598

Sealless pump

Handles difficult fluids

The Goulds Model 3296 EZMAG(TM) sealless pump, an ANSI magnetic drive process pump, eliminates traditional leakage risks of standard sealed pumps. Intended for reportedly difficult fluids like pollutants, corrosives, ultra pure liquids and toxics, the pump may operate in temperatures from -40 to 535F (-40 to 280C), handling pressures up to 275 psi, flows up to 750 GPM, and heads to 520 ft. Applications include pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, water treatment, food processing, automotive plants, specialty chemicals, and agricultural chemicals. ITT Industrieswww.gouldspumps.com Enter 599

Cartridge valves

Fits existing flow paths, cavities

These electro-proportional screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves use the electrical current to regulate the pressure or flow rate of the valve. The valves operate at pressures up to 5,000 psi, with flow ratings from 0.1 to 200 gallons per minute. The company's field-proven floating construction enables reliable product operation at high pressures. Given the proportionality of the cartridge valves, they may fit into the same flow paths and cavities of the company's existing products. Sun Hydraulics Corp.www.sunhydraulics.com Enter 600

Valve doors

For semiconductor processing equipment

These UHP slit valve and gate valve doors are made to reduce process contamination and maintenance downtime, using fluorocarbon or perfluorinated elastomer seals chemically bonded to aluminum or steel. The UHP Gate Valve Door(TM) reportedly improves abrasion resistance and seal integrity and offers four times less particle generation than other doors. The UHP Slit Valve Door(TM) has a bonded seal that is made to increase service life up to ten times doors with standard O-rings in dovetail groove assemblies. Parker Hannifin www.parkerseals.com Enter 601

Flow switch

Protects electronic equipment

The Series SF2 Sight Flow Switches feature chemical, pressure, and temperature capabilities in a brass unibody construction, one-piece composite rotor, and ceramic shaft. Temperature ranges from -20 to 212F (-29 to 100C), with a pressure limit of 200 psig at 70F.The flow switch is designed to prevent coolant flow failure from electronic equipment in robotic welding equipment, x-ray and other power tubes, medical equipment, and semiconductor processing equipment. One model, the SF2-1, has a SPDT relay output, while model SF2-2 has a pulse output proportional to the flow rate. Dwyer Instrumentswww.dwyer-inst.com Enter 602

Pneumatic valves

Expanded capabilities

The miniature Series 554 pneumatic 3-way directional control valve line, now expanded, includes both 24V and 12V dc valves with green LEDs. Conserving more space, the valve manifolds come in a double configuration. An optional 25 pin D-sub electrical connection or ribbon cable enables reportedly simpler installation. Featuring a flow rate of 0.022 Cv, the direct acting valves are made for long life and high reliability. Bosch Rexroth Corp.www.boschrexroth-us.com Enter 603

Pneumatic fittings

Straight, elbow, tee configurations

The BasicLine Pneumatic Push-in Fittings, available in inch (Type QB) and metric hybrid (Type QS-H) type, feature a NBR rubber sealing ring that reportedly seals precisely between standard (O.D.) tubing and the body of the fitting. The company's stainless steel retaining ring keeps the tubing within the fitting without damaging the surface. Intended for compressed air and vacuum applications, these fittings install without tools. Type QB has a color-coded release ring and machined body marking for fast connection, while Type QS-H uses BSP "R" threads and inch tubing connections, adding flexibility. Festowww.festo-usa.com Enter 604

Butterfly valves

Regulates coolant flow

These thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) one-piece butterfly valves eliminate metallic parts with secondary over-molding operations, while providing flex fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, compression set, and low cost. The valves have tight part tolerances and may withstand radiator coolant temperature extremes of 190F for long periods of time. Designed for the automotive industry, the butterfly valves shortened delivery times, improved part quality and reliability, and lowered part cost. Minnesota Rubberwww.mnrubber.com Enter 605

Flow checker

Feed verification capability

The Flow Checker, an added capability to the PZ line of electronic metering pumps, provides 1 pulse output for each 1 ml of measured liquid, mounting directly to the discharge of a PZ, PZi4, or PZi8 pump. Made as an oval gear meter, it may provide information for water treatment programs managing chemistry and monitoring drum inventory. Connected to the Flow Counter, it can display totalized flow in English or metric units, or may be connected to any PZi8 model pump for flow measurement on the pump LCD. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.www.neptune1.com Enter 606

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