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May 5, 2003

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Fluid Power

Liquid-level indicator

Replaces dirty, cloudy sight windows

Available with a maximum temperature of 225F and pressure to 400 psi, the model 5100 liquid-level indicator installs in the side of the tank into a 0.75-inch NPT boss and is designed to provide a safe and positive indication of levels. The indicator works with a magnet-equipped two-color indicator and a magnet-equipped float that changes position in response to liquid level. The float turns the indicator toward the red "safe" side as the liquid level lowers. Thomas Products, www.thomasprod.com Enter 673

Heat exchanger

Precision gas and fluid applications

The energy-efficient Rapid Response Heat Exchanger features a tubular design that reportedly improves circulation and offers good convective film coefficients, even under low flow conditions. Designed to provide a fast response rate and peak performance in high-pressure conditions, it may be custom configured to fit into small areas without losing wattage. Due to its entire immersion in the circulated chemistry, the heat exchanger eliminates heat loss to the surrounding area and may use molded insulation to reduce further heat loss. Watlow Electric Mfg. Co., www.watlow.com Enter 674

Pressure regulator

Efficient gas handling

The three models of high-purity pressure regulators, intended to resist hazardous gas, include panel-mounted EZ Mount models, Mini Regulator models for lecture bottles and small cylinders, and Point of Use models for final stage regulation, including wall-mount, panel-mount, and bench-mount versions. The EZ Mount series offers leak-tight process control, a check valve on the inlet to reduce atmospheric contamination during cylinder change-out, and a stainless steel diaphragm to prevent leaks without contamination from a non-metallic liner or seal. Airgas Inc., www.airgas.com Enter 675

Liquid-level sensors

Offer affordability

The MIR-800 and MIR-900 Series radar liquid level sensors feature solid waveguide rods and fully encapsulated, flexible rods, respectively. Made to reach within 1 mm of a tank bottom, which comes in handy with expensive fluids, the MIR-800 Series has trimmable rods of 24 or 72 inches, and a 0.25-inch deadband at the top end below the mounting. MIR-900 Series sensors reach tank depths of 12 ft and have the flexible dual-rod waveguide encapsulated with Tefzel(R), a low dielectric material designed to resist buildup. Gems Sensorswww.gemssensors.com Enter 676

Caps and plugs

Customizable sizes, pressure confinement

The PnC Series dip-molded vinyl "plug-n-cap" design is engineered to withstand temperatures of 325 to 500F depending on exposure time and pressure conditions relating to time and temperature. The design enables the plug-n-cap to go through all the manufacturing stages with the OEM part of the component, including processing and testing under pressure, coating or finishing, packaging, shipping, and storage. Niagara Plastics Co.www.niagaraplastics.com Enter 677

Miniature pumps

High flow rates, compact architecture

The Micropump(R) line of miniature pumps consists of the Micro Annular Gear pumps, the peristaltic pumps, and the Series 120, 180, 200, and 220 external gear pumps, in sizes down to 13-mm diameter by 68-mm length. They feature differential pressures up to 1,160 psi and flow rates from 0.4 ml/min to 11.4 l/min. Capable of integrating with a drive and controller, the pumps offer leak-free, pulseless delivery with their magnetic drive technology, and chemical and biological fluid compatibility via a wetted materials. Micropump Inc.www.micropump.com Enter 678


Reduces labor, downtime

Marzolf(TM) two-piece back-up flanges replace failed one-piece rings and avoid the problem of cutting off and rewelding stub ends. Intended as a less costly alternative to Van Stone-style flanges or standard lap joints, the two-piece flanges are made with self-positioning laminae that interleave when flange halves come together to form a rigid solid ring equivalent for 150 and 300 lb service. The Marzolf Companywww.marzolf.com Enter 679

Pressure sensors

Steam and refrigeration uses

This line of pressure sensors is designed with pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi for rugged applications and for measuring process fluids in pulsating and vibrating environments. A 17.4 PH stainless steel, one-piece pressure cavity reportedly eliminates a contamination source of the process fluid and provides EMI resistance, stability, accuracy, and flexibility. ASCO, www.ascovalve.com Enter 680

Linear actuators

Maintenance-free, clean operation

Origa System Plus linear actuators for roll cleaning systems remove debris and maintain a polished roller surface in the sheet metal, paper, film, printing, and surface-coating industries. Consisting of both OSP-P pneumatic rodless actuators and OSP-E BHD heavy duty electric belt-driven actuators, the linear actuators are rated for continuous reciprocation and are made to provide precise control, increased productivity, and easy installation. Hoerbiger-Origawww.hoerbiger-origa.com Enter 681

Hydraulic filters

Cellulose, glass elements

The Denison spin-on filters feature high pressure units rated to 6,000 psi, tank-top or in-line low pressure return filters, and a range of port configurations, including base mount, dual head, L-type, duplex, sandwich plate, inline manifold, and side head manifold. Interchangeable with Vickers branded filters, they have a variety of filter media, such as Beta-Pore, Westa-Pore, and W-Pore series. Applications include industrial power units, in-plant systems, hydrostatic transmission systems, mobile vehicle systems, and servo systems. Denison Hydraulicswww.denisonhydraulics.com Enter 682

Diaphragm valves

Single screw assembly

The Microvolume Diaphragm Valves come in three configurations, including a 6-port external loop sampling/switching valve; a 4-port internal loop sample injector; and a 10-port multifunctional diaphragm valve. The DV22 valves can exceed 1,000,000 cycles at ambient temperature and pressure of 300 psi or 500,000 cycles at 200C at 300 psi. Valves may be used in automated lab analyzers, process industry, and continuous-monitoring environmental analyses. Valco Instruments, www.vici.com Enter 683

Solenoid valves

Manual bypass design

The company's redesigned line of refrigeration and air conditioning solenoid valves meet high-pressure ratings up to 450 psi and application needs from fractional tonnage to 1.25-inch orifice sizes. The manual bypass design with positive locking enables operation with one 90 degrees or 180 degrees stem turn for full flow capability, as well as multi-position functionality. Between the orifice and plunger designs and the company's laser-welded sleeve, the valves reportedly provide leak-free sealing over a wide temperature range. Parker Hannifinwww.parker.com Enter 684

Air cylinders

Basic tooling, automation

These low-profile air cylinders are designed with heavy walls for rugged use and threaded end caps to simplify seal replacement and repair. Available with stroke lengths up to 12 inches, the cylinders give users the choice of 48 configurations, 16 mounting styles, and four bore sizes. Air cylinders feature precision-machined components, O-ring seals, oil-impregnated rod bearings, internal lube cavities, oversize rods, and density-improved cylinder bores. Mack Corp., www.mackcorp.com Enter 685

Pneumatic pinch valve

Eliminates tube pull-through

Operating with tubing up to 3/8 inch OD and a removable cover plate, the EZ-pinch(TM) Pneumatic Pinch Valve has a flat bearing surface and fully adjustable pinch blade which disperses the closing force in order to reduce wear. Reportedly opening and closing in milliseconds, the pinch valve has a tool steel pinch blade that regulates its stroke by forward and back stops. The pinch valve measures 1.75 inches in diameter and 4 inches in length. DTIC Dispensing Technologieswww.disptech.com Enter 686

Solenoid air valves

Half-shell thermoplastic design

The Isonic(R) MOD 3 series air valve features a built-in PCB connector, upgraded internal wiring, and snap-on installation with no need for fittings, wiring, or connectors. Made to fit three- and four-way single and double solenoid valves, as well as direct acting valves on the same manifold, the modular design features a valve release button and push-in replacement valve area. Mead Fluid Dynamics Inc.www.mead-usa.com Enter 687

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