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November 18, 2002

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Fluid Power


LV50 series is a single-float two-wire transmitter that continuously monitors liquid levels with a proportional 4- to 20-mA signal output. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, the transmitter is able to operate at process temperatures ranging up to 300F. Transmitter is completely submerged and unaffected by fumes or vapors. Depending on application, the transmitter has a unit range from 5 to 72 inches. Flowline, www.flowline.com. Enter 649

Metering pumps

The Slurry-Duty Metering Series pumps utilize patented hydraulically balanced diaphragm technology, which reportedly allow higher speeds of operation and even higher turn down ratios. Pumps are available in three standard sizes, and provide consistent metered flow at up to 37 gpm and 1,200 psi. Slurry-Duty Metering Series pumps are suitable for pumping harsh abrasive slurries, shear sensitive fluids, and corrosive chemicals. Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, www.hydra-cell.com. Enter 650

Diaphragm pumps

Air-operated diaphragm pumps are available in polished stainless steel, PTFE, PP, or aluminum, in five sizes from 0.5 to 3 inches. Stainless steel pumps are USDA approved and made to 3-A standards. Non-metallic bodies are machined from solid blocks. Granzow Inc., www.granzow.com. Enter 651

Oil seals

The FG3015 oil seal keeps oil from wicking along wires where they exit machine housings. Compression seals conform to cable jackets to keep oil in the machine up to 50 psi, and can be removed or adjusted in seconds. The heavy-duty, stainless steel bodies have split-grommet mounting, allowing for installation without threading cables. Minco Products Inc., www.minco.com. Enter 652

Flush plugs

O-seal flush plugs protect o-seal valves against corrosive chemicals during flushing and cleaning. Flush plugs help isolate sections for cleaning, replacing valve cartridges at either end of the designated area. Flush plugs also help protect valves during cleaning by isolating them from chemical reactions. CPV Manufacturing, www.cpvmfg.com. Enter 653

Open-throat pump

The model 1000 progressive cavity pump has an open throat, large suction hopper, and hardened, sealed, pin-type universal joints. The pump transfers viscous material at rates up to 325 gpm and pressure up to 225 psi. The pump also passes particles up to 1.1 inch in diameter. Moyno Inc., www.moyno.com. Enter 654

Minimatic air regulator

Minimatic MAR-1 air regulators have 1-inch plastic easy-adjustment knobs attached to the 0.25 - 20 threaded stainless steel stem. Pressure can be fine adjusted up or down and the relieving version eliminates pressure creepage downstream. Compact MARs can be mounted with other controls on a console or panel board for remote control or pilot operation of large regulators. Clippard Instrument Laboratory, www.clippard.com. Enter 655

Liquid level sensor

Vertical entry submersible liquid tank level sensors are suspended in open tanks or attached to the crowns of enclosed tanks. Model LL-V is an all-welded, stainless steel unit that can be used to any depth. An oceanographic cable assembly, supplied to customer's specifications, exits through a 0.5-14 NPT conduit connection. Sensors are accurate to 0.1% under a wide range of temperatures. Sensotec Inc., www.sensotec.com. Enter 656

Hydraulic solenoid line

An expanded line of hydraulic solenoids is available that includes the HPCY-037, a 37-mm compact coil overmolded with a steel housing. An interchangeable coil and pressure-proof armature space rated to 5,000 psi are protected from water wash by an integrated Deutch DT 2 P connector and robust insulation. Available with or without manual override. Magnet Schultz Of America, www.magnet-schultz.com. Enter 657

Low-maintenance valve

The 752V-SS dispense valve offers accurate deposits and drip-free cutoff in UV-cure adhesive applications on assembly lines. Pneumatically operated and sealless, the valve has no O-rings to wear out and has a diaphragm rated for tens of millions of cycles. An adjustable stroke control can be fine tuned for optimum performance. EFD Inc., www.efd-inc.com. Enter 658

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