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December 2, 2002

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Fluid Power


The Overhead Trolley Lubricator is designed to attach to the beam via clamps, eliminating the need for additional machining to the beam. Featuring a bracket design with flanges at an incident angle, the linear force of bent or misaligned trolleys is redirected into a perpendicular direction and pushes the bracket out of danger. The lubricator also uses photo eye sets for two independent lube positions, allowing one to lubricate the trolley wheels and the other to lubricate the connecting pins on the chain. Oil-Rite Corp., www.oilrite.com. Enter 613

Micron orifices

These new micron orifices with filter cartridges and inserts are designed to offer flow rates of less than 0.5 cc/min in sizes starting at 7.5 microns (0.003 inch). The orifice series may be used in high or low pressure environments to control small amounts of medical gases, like O2 and CO2. Bird Precision, www.birdprecision.com. Enter 614

Pneumatic valve

The VM 10 pneumatic valve, intended to control pneumatic actuators and pilot process valves, reportedly offers the highest airflow of any 10-mm wide valve. Valve offers directional control via solenoid pilot operators supplied by electrical power, which then open an air passage and use the air signal to move the spool in the valve. The direction of the airflow determines actuator extension or retraction. Applications include packaging and printing, electronics/semiconductor manufacturing, and robotics. Norgren, www.usa.norgren.com. Enter 615

Solenoid valves

Engineered as two-way solenoid valves, the Lee VHS Series Micro-Dispense Valves feature MINSTAC inlets and small port outlets for flexibility in micro-dispensing systems used in high-throughput screening. Valves are designed with a PFE (KALREZ(R)) seal and are made for uses requiring micro- to nano-liter dispense volumes. These dispense valves may be in bio-analytical and analytical instrumentation applications. The Lee Company, www.theleeco.com. Enter 616

Actuation and control

Packaged in a single, compact, rail-mount assembly, AirLINE Type 8644 remote process actuation and control system provides Fieldbus connectivity, electronic input/output, and on/off and continuous valve functionality. Supporting pneumatic or electronic devices, the valve module uses two to eight valves, as well as the company's 10-mm multi-way solenoid pilot valves (3/2 and 5/2 way). Valves have a 300 l/min flow rate and 36 to 102 psi pressure range. Burkert Contromatic Corp., www.burkert.com. Enter 617

Dispensing valve

The DSVP12 Liquid Dispensing Valve is a gravity fed valve that dispenses water and water-based media from non-pressurized tanks. The twist-apart construction allows for tool-free location changes of the mounting bracket and coil terminals. A conical diaphragm uses a surface wipe action to eliminate lime and mineral buildup from the valve seat. Applications may include ice making machines, vending equipment, and commercial coffee brewers. Deltrol Controls, www.deltrol.com. Enter 618

Vacuum generator

A combination venturi vacuum generator and fully ported 3-way valve, the Clippard Vacuum Generator features a single modular plug-in body that may be coupled with such modular components as time delay valves, regulators, needle valves, and flow controls. The component combination gives the user control over the pressure to the vacuum generator or vacuum from the generator. The generator eliminates the need for separate valves, tubing, and connections. Clippard Instrument Laboratory, www.clippard.com. Enter 619

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