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July 8, 2002

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Fluid Power

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Inlet valves

The DSVP40 series water inlet valves handle water pressures of 3 to 145 psi with internal flow regulation. These plastic-bodied units feature integral mounting brackets, an inlet screen, and chloramine-resistant components. Three basic models are available covering single- and dual-output versions. Deltrol Controls, www.deltrol.com/controls. Enter 612


The Style 719 H gasket allows designers to dramatically minimize loads and reduce the mounting footprint necessary in current applications. It is a small, low-compression force Beryllium Copper EMI shielding gasket that is designed for high-cycling and high-frequency CompactPCI and VME multi-card applications. It features radial griping corners designed for easy mounting on extruded tracks, a no-snag solid-edge design, and soft spring design using thin beryllium copper. Leader Tech Inc., www.leadertechinc.com. Enter 613


The Narrow Profile Air Table Actuator (NPA) features a rigid ball bearing that is rail mounted on top of a single bore of the slide. Available in single or double bearing blocks, the actuator has piston rods of hard chrome plated steel and an anodized aluminum body and tooling plate. Tracks are used on the cylinder bodies to ease mounting of the miniature switch series. Bimba Manufacturing Co., www.bimba.com. Enter 614


The magnetic latching valve is designed for use in battery-powered portable equipment or in remote areas lacking continuous power. Valve features voltage of 6,12, and 24V dc, and has an external latching component to connect to any Series 20 or Series 80 valve with an internal spring change. Other applications include medical and chemical analyzers. Peter Paul Electronics, www.peterpaul.com. Enter 615

Miniature valves

The MH1 miniature valve design has configurations of standard manifold, single sub-base, sub-D (connector) manifold, and PCB-mounted manifold. It includes 10 liter/min (0 to 8 bar) 3/2 direct-acting units, 3/2 normally open and normally closed units, and 20 liters/min for a 2/2 normally closed unit for vacuum applications. These valves may be used with a direct plug-in style connections, HC (horizontal connector), or TC (top connector). Festo, www.festo-usa.com. Enter 616


Available in three models precision machined from aluminum or stainless steel, these air and gas flowmeters cover flow rates from 5 to 100 SCFM. The flow sensor, magnetically coupled with the pointer, comes in a variable-area orifice and a fixed-area orifice. Because both sensors are spring loaded, flowmeters may be oriented and mounted in any direction. Orange Research Inc., www.orangeresearch.com. Enter 617

Rotor technology

According to the company, the thiNcoder(TM) technology has the lowest profile on the market with a package thickness less than 0.087 inches. This rotary encoder technology reportedly integrates onto a flex circuit with ease, making it useful with pushbuttons and flat panel switch designs. Other features include low-energy circuit, digital encoder, and analog potentiometer designs, and customized stops, detents, and knobs. Duraswitch Industries Inc., www.duraswitch.com. Enter 618

Nitrogen generator

The Balston(R) Nitrogen Generator offers 9,600 SCFH high purity compressed nitrogen at less than -40F dewpoint from any compressed air supply. It reportedly monitors pressures and transforms standard compressed air into nitrogen. Oxygen concentration of the nitrogen stream is regulated with an oxygen analyzer. Parker Hannifin, www.parker.com. Enter 619


These proportional control valves are designed to offer open-and-closed loop control, electronic regulation of gases and liquid flow capabilities, sizes up to 2 inches, and a new electronic pressure regulator. Using in solenoid technology, some applications include cylinder control, process plants, medical equipment, and industrial machinery. Asco, www.ascovalve.com. Enter 620

Pneumatic cylinders

This range of 2.5-and 4-mm miniature pneumatic cylinders is designed for the fast repetitive applications of function and life testing of manually operated products, such as calculators, keyboards, and telephones. The roundline cylinders have a corrosion resistant finish and a reported 3 million cycle life before replacement is necessary. Norgren, www.usa.norgren.com. Enter 621


Intended for compressed air lines, the Tsunami Water Separator(TM) is rated at 100 SCFM for heavy use air drops, while the Modular Tsunami is rated at 35 SCFM for point of use applications. According to the company, the units capture and release nearly a quart of water per minute, preventing moisture problems with air tools and equipment. Suburban Manufacturing Inc., www.gosuburban.com. Enter 622

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