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February 4, 2002

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Fluid Power

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Flanged valve

The 2000 Series ANSI 300 full port, flanged valve is designed with low torque and a large fully machined ISO 5211 mounting pad. The valve features a blow-out proof stem and anti-static device, face-to-face dimensions and flange dimensions to meet ANSI B16.10 and ANSI B16.5 Class 300. Different shaped inserts change valve flow characteristics. Valves are available in carbon steel or stainless steel material, in sizes from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Marwin Ball Valves, www.marwinvalve.com Enter 602

Hydraulic actuator

These rectangular hydraulic actuators offer single leak-proof SAE joint and virtual dry rod operation. Trepanned ports used for direct pad mounting reduce debris and avoid fluid lines. Suited for compact applications requiring large linear forces, the actuators are used in fixtures, jigs, molds, and general purpose tooling.

Mack Corp., www.mackcorp.com. Enter 603

Solenoid valve

Type 330 direct acting solenoid valve, available with brass body or stainless steel body and seat, works with both neutral fluids and corrosive and contaminated fluids. The two-way valve with isolating diaphragm operates in a 14 to 194F temperature range, with 150 psi maximum inlet pressure, and 1,000/ min. cycle rate. The valve is used in the chemical, industrial gases, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, packaging, water treatment, and textile industries.

Burkert Contromatic Corp., www.burkert.com. Enter 604

Isolation valve

The ACV-2 Valve is a two-way, normally closed isolation valve with 5W power consumption and a 10 million cycle operating life. Operating on 12 or 24 VDC, it includes a polyphenylene oxide body and a soft elastic isolating diaphragm seal of FPM. The valve is used in analytical instruments and medical or industrial equipment for drain/waste control applications.

Clark Solutions, www.clarksol.com. Enter 605

Temperature control valves

With the Series 1170/L1170 hot water temperature control valves, users can reportedly preset and maintain water temperature between 100 and 180F (for 1170) and between 80 and 120F (for L1170). The valves offer flow rates from 0.5 to 16 gpm, and temperature control accuracy of plus or minus 3F with low pressure drop. The 1170 series features cross flow protection with its check valves in the hot and cold water inlets. Both valves are suited for radiant heat applications and household hot water systems.

Watts Regulator Co., www.wattsreg.com. Enter 606

Filter bag & strainer housing

The Model 80 Top Entry Filter Bag & Strainer Housing features a carbon steel or stainless steel eye bolt design with two-inch NPT, sanitary or flanged fittings. Available in #1 and #2 industry standard sizes, the filter bag and strainer housing is rated at 150 psi and has up to 200 gallons/min. flow rate capabilities. A concave-shaped cover, serving as a liquid displacer, prevents liquid spillage when the cover is opened.

Micron Technologies, www.micron.com. Enter 607

Dispensing pumps

The SV600 Series of solenoid operated dispensing pumps are made for dispensing corrosive and high purity fluids by separating the fluid from metal parts. According to the company, users control the volume-per-stroke output and the flow rate with the rate of cycling. Offering 2% repeatability, the "Dri-Solenoid" pumps can be used with high viscosity liquids in analytical and light industrial applications. Specific uses include saline dispensing in dialysis systems, syrup dispensing in beverage machines, and water sampling.

Valcor Engineering Corp., www.valcor.com. Enter 608

Aluminum fans

MultiWing Aluminum H&Z Series Fans are designed to combine high air volume, low power consumption, and low noise using the company's airfoil blade design. Made in 7- to 49-in. diameters, the fans use 2 to 16 corrosion-resistant die cast aluminum blades and pitch angles between 20 degrees and 50 degrees .

Crowley Company, Inc., www.multi-wing.com. Enter 609

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