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November 3, 2003

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Fluid Power


Traps more pollutants

The company's range of in-room air purifiers consists of three models: Model 402 has a room capacity up to 365 sq ft; Model 501 has a capacity of 620 sq ft; and Model 601 has a capacity up to 679 sq ft. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are reportedly the only air purifiers that use the patented HEPASilent(TM) Filtration System. The models feature a standard particle filter, or users may choose SmokeStop(TM) for areas that fill with heavier household, office, or commercial odors. Blueair, www.blueair.com Enter 585


Automatically disengages actuator

A device that uses a lever tool to test pneumatic actuators and process valves on live systems is available. The product, which fits between the valve and actuator, reportedly eliminates the need to operate actuators and valves simultaneously for testing. Operators retain manual control of the valve, which cannot be operated remotely when the lever tool is engaged. Smith Flow Control Ltd.www.smithflowcontrol.com Enter 586


Resists side loads

RexMover(TM) rodless pneumatic cylinders travel up to 16 ft/sec, operate leak free, and have low overall heights. Oval pistons resist side loading and save space. Connect air at the side on both ends, on the rear of end covers, or on one end cover. Cylinders feature aluminum construction, magnetic pistons, cushions, impact bumpers, and grooves for sensors. Rexroth Bosch Group, www.boschrexroth.de Enter 587


Resilient, moldable

Low closure force seals feature FF354-65 ultra-high purity perfluorinated elastomer material with 65 durometer rating for high temperature applications. Designed for use to 600F, seals can be formed into O-rings and many shapes. They resist many chemicals and are suited for semiconductor fabrication, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, and maintenance and repair. Parker Hannifin, www.parkerseals.com Enter 588


For multi-directional applications

Super X valves are designed for limited space applications requiring high flow capacity, multi-directional flow, and dual pressure. Manually or mechanically operated, the valves are offered with 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3 functions, and are lightweight and corrosion free. Imi Norgren, www.norgren.com Enter 589


Prototypes available within five days

The Telecom Switch Air Filter line includes replacement air filters for Lucent 5ESS and Nortel DMS 100 switches, among air filters for other popular switch products. OEM telecom switch manufacturers specify the filters to help meet Telcordia NEBS requirements. The filters are reportedly routinely used in the voice, data, and video switching of major OEM manufacturers. Universal Air Filter Co., www.uaf.com Enter 590


Mount to NEMA, IEC motors

Abrasive fluid pumps are designed to resist leaks in difficult applications. These magnet-driven units have no shaft seals and positive displacement cavities. Models are made from zirconia, nickel carbide, hardened stainless steel or other materials. Flow rates range from 0.16 to 3.2 gpm, with differential pressures to 125 psi. All models mount to NEMA 56C, or IEC63 or 71 motors. Micropump Inc., www.micropump.com Enter 591


Easy access to internal components

Minor cooling circuit leaks can stop plant production operations, and the Duratherm NPS negative pressure control system temporarily fixes those leaks, the company claims. A Venturi jet pump pulls water through the system, rather than pushing it, providing negative pressure when a leak is detected. The system controls temperatures to 180F. A 3-way control valve adjusts the system from positive to negative pressure. Mokon, www.mokon.com Enter 592


Suitable for harsh conditions

The PNI Series differential pressure monitoring system offers clog detection in filter systems. Features include stainless steel housings, large numeric display, direct process mounting, and independent monitoring of differential and system pressures. Sensors require no gauge or pressure instruments. Systems are available for 150, 363, 1450, and 3625 psi ranges. ifm efector, www.ifmefector.com Enter 593


Variety of materials

Designed to provide OEMs and chip fabricators with an original and/or replacement door option, the UHP Gate Valve Door(TM) intends to offer improved abrasion resistance and seal integrity. Particle generation is reportedly up to four times less than other doors, according to the company, which results in a cleaner process stream and longer life. The doors are available in a variety of fluorocarbon materials. Parker Hannifin www.parofluor.com Enter 594


Long-wearing silicon carbide bearings

Created to conform to all ANSI B73.1 dimensional standards in both liquid and drive end, the MAXP Series pumps are interchangeable with existing ANSI pump installations. The pumps are available in 17 pump sizes, 16 magnet sizes, and 9 different alloy materials of construction. They feature capacities up to 2,000 GPM, head up to 470 ft, and up to 150 HP. Magnatex Pumps Inc.www.magnatexpumps.com Enter 595


Cost-effective, low turbulence

Stan-Cor Teflon(R) Series centrifugal pumps are designed for pumping dirty, abrasive, corrosive, and reclaim process fluids in a variety of industrial applications. Providing a total dynamic head to 90 ft and flow rates to 500 gpm, the non-metallic ANSI pumps feature a lead-time of five days. The concentric casing reportedly provides better flow patterns for less turbulence, reduced shaft deflection, and longer seal life. Wanner Engineering, Inc., www.stancorpump.com Enter 596


Worry-free process

The Barbed Check Valves are manufactured from a highly polished barb, molded without a parting line to ensure a leakproof seal, while the Duckbill Check Valves also feature highly polished barb, but with a silicone duckbill valve. The products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and, according to the company, they are available in a variety of materials, including Nylon, Polypropylene, and Polycarbonate. Ark-Plas Products www.ark-plas.com Enter 597


PTFE isolation diaphragms

Featuring a soft elastomeric seal material intended to tolerate particulate-laden media, the WTA-2 2-Way Normally Closed Inert Isolation Valves are available with molded PEEK or PPS valve bodies. They have orifice diameters of 2-mm, .25-28 threaded, and 3-mm or 4-mm bar port connections. All products are rated for power consumption of 2.8W. Clark Solutions, www.clarksol.com Enter 598


Includes mounting hardware

Size 6 and 10 bar manifolds are made of aluminum, rated for 3,000 psi, and ductile iron, rated for 5,000 psi. Each has a SUN or ISO relief valve cavity. Features include SAE threaded ports, pressure gauge port, and manifold ranges from 1 to 8. Mounting kits and assembly items are included. Rexroth Bosch Group, www.boschrexroth-us.com Enter 599


Modified PTFE construction

The company's canted-coil spring design was created to provide critical sealing and environmental protection in the Cozmo(TM). The design reportedly applies consistent pressure around the drive rod for an effective seal, without creating a lot of friction. The drive rod seal features three internal "wiper blades" that seal the circumference of the drive rod. The product is used for CSII to control Type I diabetes. Bal Seal Engineering Co. Inc., www.balseal.com Enter 600


Overcomes limitations

The Triple-Lok 2 is a soft-seal, stainless steel 37-degree flare fitting designed to improve reliability and increase working pressure. Featuring an O-ring groove for maximum sealing performance by preventing overfill and pinching, the product is interchangeable with other Triple-Loks or standard 37-degree flared fittings. It is available in .25 - 2 inch standard sizes with a range of configurations. Parker Hannifin, www.parker.com Enter 601

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