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December 16, 2002

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Fluid Power

Vacuum pump

The MV Multi-Trap(R) 16-inch Vacuum Inlet Trap is designed to remove water vapors, particles, organic vapors, and acids in crystal growing, heat treating, CVD processes, and chemical drying applications. Made of 304 stainless steel, the three-stage customizable vacuum pump inlet trap offers 2,500 cfm conductance at 0.1 torr for high-throughput processes. Inlet trap offers such filters as molecular sieve, copper gauze, activated charcoal, activated alumina, stainless steel gauze, Sodasorb(R), and pleated polypropylene. Mass-Vac, Inc., www.massvac.com. Enter 630

Valve assemblies

The Silver Eagle Series 757 and 957 Backflow Prevention Assemblies have a lightweight, compact, stainless steel design with patented torsion spring check modules and flexible groove connections for pipe alignment. In the Series 757, the independent torsion spring check modules are closed until a water demand opens them to a 1 psi flow differential. In the Series 957, the check valves remain open while the pressure differential relief valve opens and closes to maintain at least 2 psi zone pressure. Watts Regulator Co., www.wattsreg.com. Enter 631

Coil heaters

Operating as heat sources for hot runner applications in the plastics industry, these formed coil heaters have a rectangular sheath to provide heat uniformity and improved material flow characteristics over the injection nozzle assembly. Heaters feature flexible leadwires of Teflon or fiberglass insulation, as well as a protective jacket of heavy-walled fiberglass sleeving or stainless steel braid, suiting it for continuous high-temperature operation up to 1,250F. Durex Industries, www.durexindustries.com. Enter 632

Low-flow pumps

MMP Series magnetic-drive, sealless centrifugal pumps are designed to handle low-flow, low-head applications to 20 gpm, heads to 90 ft, and pressures to 85 psi. Pumps use the exclusive straddle-bearing design that reduces shaft load and bearing wear, and include shaft, thrust-ring sleeves, and silicon carbide bushings. Designed for use in corrosive and toxic applications like petrochemicals, refineries, and paper and textile mills, these pumps are engineered for standard C-face motors. Magnatex Pumps Inc., www.magnatexpumps.com. Enter 633

Coolant filtration system

This portable fluid-conditioning filtration system and oil/water separator is designed to remove tramp oils and many solids from water-based coolants. The OSEP-1 compact system offers a 2 x 2 ft footprint, heavy casters and 17-gal. capacity, needs no electrical connection, and operates on 50 psi air. Graymills Corp., www.graymills.com. Enter 634


Designed to provide high performance and safety, the C9000 quick disconnect coupler eliminates accidental disconnection with its two-turn release that vents downstream air pressure before disconnection. Used in pneumatic applications, the coupler is made of a corrosion-resistant and lightweight composite material that has a quick twist disconnection. Legris Inc., www.legris.com. Enter 635

Air nozzle

The Super Air Nozzle is noted for maintaining low air consumption (14.7 scfm) and low noise (74 dBA) in the presence of a strong blowoff force (13 oz at 80 psig). Compressed air is ejected in a small amount through a number of holes located in the recessed grooves on the surface, and then directed across the aerodynamic surface. The air nozzle may reduce noise and air consumption in cooling, blowoff, drying, and part ejection applications. Exair Corp., www.exair.com. Enter 636


The T-REX Series of compactors, oil filter crushers, and cutters provides reportedly maintenance-free operation with its electro-hydraulic design and installs in small spaces due to front control panel and loading/unloading access. The "P" range of hydraulic presses is used to reduce size and volume of materials like plastics, foam rubber, fabrics, cardboard, paper, and leather. The "SB" range of hydraulic presses meets smaller requirements, suited to lower the volume of small barrels and waste cans. PBR Industries, www.pbrind.com. Enter 637

Plastic valve

With 200% more flow capability than the company's standard Series 2 solenoid valves, the Q2(TM) Quick Flow Performance Series plastic solenoid valves may be used with air, water, and other gases or inert liquids in such applications as home health care, water purification, food and beverage, and appliances. Valves have orifice sizes from 1/8 to 5/16 inches and come with .25-inch OD or 3/8-inch OD push-to-connect tube fittings. KIP Inc., www.kipinc.com. Enter 638

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