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November 19, 2001

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Fluid Power

Dispensing pump

DV-7000 Heli-Flow(TM) rotary positive displacement auger pumps are designed to dispense high-flow epoxy-filled material through hardened augers for fast dam writing. With four interchangeable cartridges in luer needle configuration, the pump reportedly fits a range of industry-standard needles. For fast dot-dispensing uses, the needle is locked in place with a threaded luer-cap retainer. Dispensing applications include solder paste, surface mount adhesives, and silver epoxy in the electronics and photonics industries.

Asymtek, www.asymtek.com.

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Control valves

Colorflow(R) hydraulic and pneumatic control valve series are now available in stainless steel bodies, with functions in flow control, pressure compensated flow control, and needle and check valves. Applications include food processing, chemical processing, and marine uses, as well as OEM and retrofit installations. The valves have pressure ratings up to 5,000 psi and a color-band scale designed to serve as a reference for setting valve openings.

Parker Hannifin, www.parker.com/hydraulicvalve.

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Flow meter

Compatible with both liquids and gases, the C-IK55-E Series Borosilicate Glass Flow Meter features 304 Stainless frame, Borosilicate glass metering tube, and 3/16-inch thick Polycarbonate shields for general industrial applications. Flow meter achieves a reported accuracy of plus or minus 3% and repeatability of plus or minus 0.5% of full scale. For water applications, flow rates are available from 0.07 gpm to 86.0 GPM, and from 0.3 to 245 SCFM for air measurement.

Flocat, www.flocat.com.

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Manifold systems

Fully integrated manifold systems allow one manifold to use 2- and 3-way isolation valves and micro pumps, due to a fully configured, multi-directional flow control system. Made to mount quickly and save space, the manifolds use a combination of materials-PTFE, PEEK, Ryton, Acrylic, and perfluoroelastomer-to control high purity fluids.

Bio-Chem Valve, www.bio-chemvalve.com.

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Rotary gear pump

Made for the chemical processing industry, Chemsteel(R) rotary gear pump features 1.5 to 30 GPM flow rates, keyed helical gearing to reduce noise, and 15 shaft seal options. Available with close-coupled option, the pumps come in Ryton(R), 316 Stainless Steel, and Alloy C, and include a hydraulic range for metallic and non-metallic pumps.

Oberdorfer Pumps Corp.www.oberdorfer-pumps.com.

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Air compressor

VC0100 Linear Diaphragm Air Compressor, operating at noise levels of 35 dB or less, achieves a maximum flow rate of 10 L/min and rated flow rate of 6 L/min. The dual linear diaphragms are lightweight and oil-less, made of high-grade neoprene, and are CE and UL approved. Compressor is suitable for medical and airbed industry applications, such as rotation systems and pressure relief beds and cushions.

Medo USA, www.medousa.com.

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Air valves

Cube Line(TM) pneumatic control valves are intended to reduce space, and offer easy installation and custom valve bank configuration. Pre-wired and tested valve banks save time, and plug-in valves make simultaneous air and electrical connection, easing maintenance. With flows up to .3 Cv, the valves have a multi-pin D-sub connector and serial link communication module option.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.


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Vane pump

Magnatex(R) MPT Series Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump is a magnetically driven, close-coupled, sealless pump made for small flows at medium to high heads. Requiring little horsepower, the pump features synchronous drive with little internal heat and no slippage, due to a turbine vane impeller and Neodymium magnets. According to the company, the pump has low hydraulic flow rates and longer MTBR for chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and textile applications.

Magnatex Pumps Inc., www.magnatexpumps.com.

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Air knife

The corrosion resistant, stainless steel Super Air Knife offers a high volume, high velocity air stream suitable for blowing chemicals off parts, and cooling hot materials. Available in stock lengths ranging from 3 to 42 inches, it resists temperatures up to 800F and produces noise levels of 69 dBA, while using 1/3 the air consumption of standard blowoffs.

Exair, www.exair.com.

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