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June 16, 2003

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Flat Cables

High performance flexing

The Leoni-HPF series of flat cables are tailor made to be specified for 50 million or more flex cycles over a small bend radius. The cables are insulated from fluoropolymers, which is intended to minimize the dimensions and the weight. Users may mix and match the individual conductors and cable components, while the hybrid designs allow for the integration of a range of components. Typical applications for the cables include linear drives, robotic systems, material handling, medical diagnostics, and automated pharmaceuticals. Leoni Tailor-Made Cable Enter 586

Junction Boxes

For harsh conditions

The M12 eurofast(R) junction boxes are made of 316 stainless steel and designed for wire consolidation in environments where brass or other metal parts could fail. The boxes are available in 4- and 8-port versions and have integrated home-run cables of PVC or PUR material. Designed to excel in situations involving detergents, water, surfactants, and other caustic chemicals, the nylon boxes are fully potted and provide an IP 68 seal able to withstand 1200 psi wash down. TURCK Inc., Enter 587

Methacrylate Adhesive

For large bonding projects

Vantico's XD4661-A/B structural adhesive is designed to join substrates and to be used in applications requiring minimal surface preparation. The gap-filling product features a 1:1 pbv mix ratio and a 3-minute work life, with an ability to be handled after 8 minutes at room temperature. It is water- and chemical-resistant and can be used at temperatures up to 212F. Vantico Inc., Enter 588

Bracket Assembly

Simplifies machining installation

The EZ-SCP Easy Mount Bracket Assembly is designed to facilitate fast mounting of SCP series speed switches. It is coupled directly to the shaft, but hangs freely and moves with the shaft, preventing excessive movement. Used in both explosion-proof and waterproof applications, it includes two long-life sealed bearings, painted aluminum bracket, stainless steel shaft, 255-EZ Pulser Disc, and all other necessary hardware for installation. Electro-Sensors Inc., Enter 589

Acrylic Adhesive

Bonds low energy substrates

Loctite 3030 is a fast-curing, two-component adhesive formulated to bond substrates such as HDPE, LLDPE, polypropylene, and polyethylene. It can also be used as a general purpose adhesive and to bond ABS, PVC, and polycarbonate. It features a 10:1 mix ratio and is formulated to provide fixing strength in 8 to 10 minutes and to minimize surface preparation on difficult bonding plastic substrates. Henkel Loctite Corp., Enter 590

Syringe System

Applies adhesive

CHO-BOND(R) 584-29 now comes in a syringe system that is designed for more convenient mixing, improved application precision, and greater dispensing accuracy. The system features a pair of syringes-one filled with a hardener and the other with the company's CHO-BOND(R) 584-29 conductive adhesive-separated by a connector. After the compounds are mixed, one syringe is used to apply the conductive adhesive. For hard to reach places, it is possible to attach a needle to the dispensing syringe for an even increased accuracy. Chomerics, Enter 591

Concealed-Head Studs, Standoffs

Promote flush assemblies

PEM fastening systems can be mounted permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as 0.062 inch/1.6 mm. Their self-clinching, concealed-head capability enables the side of the sheet opposite installation to remain smooth and unaffected by the fastening process. The studs are available in thread sizes #4-40 through #10-32 and M3 through M5, and in lengths 0.25 through 1 inch and 6 through 25 mm. Standoffs are available in thread sizes #4-40 through .25-30 and M3 through M6, and in lengths from 0.187 through 1 inch and 4 through 25 mm. PEM Fastening Systems, Enter 592

Dual Elastomer Shielding Gaskets

Increased assortment

Vanguard now offers a number of dual elastomer shielding gaskets that are designed with an inner core covered with a co-extruded conductive outer layer. Different styles include sponge and micro-bridge options with adhesive, mechanical press-fit, or clip-on options. Vanguard Products Enter 593

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

Encapsulates display technologies

This dual-stage, pressure-sensitive adhesive was created to offer a controllable and consistent thickness of the adhesive for any display application. The product's first stage is a pliable PSA that is designed for instant bonding. The second stage exposes the PSA to UV light, which transforms it to a bonding agent that does not require post-head processing. The adhesive is able to be pre-cut to a specific shape and it is supplied in roll form to facilitate high-speed manufacturing. Applications include the encapsulation of rigid and flexible OLEDs, LCDs, electronic paper, as well as other display technologies. Adhesives Enter 594


Withstands vibrations, heavy loads

EMKA's new hinge is designed for quick assembly. It can be used with both right and left hinged doors with the intention of preventing extra ordering or inventorying. Using this product, a door can be opened 180 degrees but cannot be removed unless it is opened 90 degrees . No additional hardware is required for this product. EMKA Inc., Enter 595

Flexible Epoxy

Bonds mismatched materials

TRA-BOND 872-3 is designed for bonding materials with mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion. A transparent, flexible epoxy, the product bonds to a variety of surfaces, including ceramics, plastics, glass, and metals. It is a translucent, electrically insulating material with resistance to moisture, gases, and petroleum products. The epoxy may be used in applications involving automated dispense equipment because of its long work-life. Tra-Con Inc., Enter 596

Polyethylene Film

No removal residue

Polyflex 133, a 4.5-mil polyethylene film, is designed to perform in a range of splicing, surface protection, and general-purpose industrial applications. Single-coated with 3 mils of pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive, the product bonds to most surfaces in a range of temperatures, and reportedly leaves no residue on removal. Its serrated edge is meant to facilitate tearing. Scapa North America, Enter 597

UV Potting Compounds

Cures at room temperature

Trigger Cure, a two-part potting compound, features an instant UV curing feature that is de-signed to cure at room temperature and in areas under components where the light does not reach. The product's fast curing is intended to prevent having parts waiting to cure on racks or off-line heat curing processes. The resins featured in the product are suitable for a variety of electrical and electronic applications, including the potting of LEDs, sensors, and printed circuit boards. Dymax Corp., Enter 598

Epoxy Adhesive

Bonds to similar and dissimilar substrates

EP21HT features a 1:1 mix ratio, contains no solvents or volatiles, and is reportedly 100% reactive. The service operating temperature range is -60 to 400F, allowing it to bond to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, rubbers, and many plastics. The epoxy is capable of withstanding exposure to thermal cycling and chemicals such as water, oils, fuels, acids, bases, and salts. It features a Shore D hardness of >70, a tensile strength of >8,000 psi, and a tensile modulus of >350,000 psi. Master Bond Inc. Enter 599

Squeeze Clamps

Leak-proof connection

Made of all 304 stainless steel components, Bradford's squeeze clamps are designed to work on all types of clamp ferrules for a leak-proof connection. Featuring a patented spring-loaded design, the clamps are meant to hang on suspended tubing for more convenient storage during maintenance or cleaning. Sizes range from .50 to 4 inches and are designed for one-handed assembly. Dixon Valve & Coupling Co. Enter 600

Mounting Brackets

Prevents slippage

KaBloc Brackets are designed to permanently bolt Wedgmount Precision Levelers to the floor. Available in capacities from 25,000 to 50,000 lbs, the brackets can be fixed with M-20 bolts and chemical anchors. Featuring a 9 to 25 mm vertical-adjustability and 0.01-mm accuracy using a hex wrench, the levelers provide up to 3 degrees of self-alignment and are offered with interlocking split-disc spacers in 6- to 30-mm thick sizes. Venmark International, Enter 501

Welding Power Supply

Improve TIG welding productivity

These Plasma and TIG welding solutions feature a variety of accessories, including high and low amperage welding torches, welding lathes, rotary petitioners, custom turnkey weld systems, and weld programmers. A TIG welding power supply integrated with a weld programmer is designed to increase welding control. Storage and retrieval of up to 100 weld programs can reduce the setup time during part changeover. Process Welding Systems Enter 502

Epoxy Adhesive

Requires no fixturing

Devcon's three formulations of epoxy are designed for a variety of OEM assembly applications and repairs. Able to withstand service temperatures of -40 to 200F (dry), the three epoxies have 1:1 mix ratios and are reportedly 100% reactive with no solvents. The 5 Minute Epoxy is designed to be a general-purpose adhesive; 5 Minute Epoxy Gel is recommended for metals, ceramics, and wood, and for vertical or horizontal rough and smooth surfaces; One Minute Epoxy Gel has a working time of approximately 45 seconds and a fixture time of one minute. All three epoxies have low VOC emissions. Devcon, Enter 503

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