Express Logic's StackX

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

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Express Logic's StackX

StackX is a new, uniquesoftware program that calculates the actual stack size requirements of anyembedded application, using a proprietary, patent-pending algorithm. It enablesdevelopers to accurately see their application's stack memory requirementsprior to execution and to avoid stack overflow without wasting memory throughover-allocation. StackX also provides visibility into the "XE executablefile" by displaying sections, symbols and other elements. This information isuseful for avoiding stack problems, as well as for achieving improved resourcemanagement. With StackX, developers can escape the perils of trial-and-errorstack memory allocation, and allocate the correct amount the first time. StackXsolves the problem of determining how much memory to allocate for a program'sstack, avoiding two problems facing embedded developers: Under-allocation leadsto stack overflow, an often catastrophic system failure that is extremelydifficult to identify as the cause of a program malfunction. Over-allocationwastes memory and is a serious problem for power-sensitive systems where additionalmemory draws more power and adds cost. StackX, with its patent-pendingalgorithmic analysis, is the first tool that shows developers the correct allocation.

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