Design-Expert 7.0 Software

April 24, 2006

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Design-Expert 7.0 Software

More interface features, analysis tools

Made for engineers, researchers, quality professionals, Six Sigma practitioners or other experimenters, this software is engineered to help experiment design. It is powerful enough for a veteran statistician, but intuitive enough for a beginner. Its minimum-run two-level factorial design lets users screen for main effects with a low number of experimental runs. The new version's analysis tools include the Pareto chart of effects, which allows users to see vital few effects compared to the trivial many. Central composite designs based on a minimum-run core are very efficient for response surface methods, and sophisticated experiments for mixture-in-mixture designs involving separate formulations that may interact. New RSM graphics feature full-color graduated or banded contour and 3D surface plots. Actual response collections are marked on the 3D surface graphs with lollipop points, and responses can be predicted at any place on the response surface plot using the new crosshairs window. The software also has design creation tools, enhanced design augmentation ability, analysis capabilities, diagnostic capabilities, more improvement to the user interface, options for design evaluation and new import/export tools. The software comes with a printed Getting Started guide and easy-to-follow tutorials in Adobe PDF format. Stat-Ease offers free technical support and access to statistical consultants who are experts on experimental design. Design-Expert 7.0 retails for $995, and a free 45-day trial version is available.

Stat-Ease Inc.

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