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Creating 3-D graphic drivers made easy

DN Staff

February 16, 1998

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Creating 3-D graphic drivers made easy

Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, WA) and Silicon Graphics (Mountain View, CA) are collaborating on a new 3-D Graphics De-vice Driver Kit (DDK) for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The DDK will provide graph-ics chip vendors and OEMs with an accessible method for creating, certifying, and distributing 3-D graphics drivers based on Silicon Graphics OpenGL graphics technology for Windows. Micro-soft will offer chip and hardware developers a direct source for OpenGL DDKs. The new DDK will enable the seamless ac-celeration of applications based on the OpenGL API on Windows 9x and Windows NT. The program is expected this spring with distribution from Microsoft and joint development and support from Silicon Graphics and Microsoft. For more information on a 3-D Graphics license, e-mail: [email protected] with the subject line, "3-D Graphics DDK Licenses." For more information on Open GL support on Windows e-mail: [email protected].

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