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January 7, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

Collaborative design system

The Industrial Design Pack, allows engineers to incorporate new ideas and feedback into their designs without the limitations of model histories. It provides the tools needed to create highly sculptured surfaces with ergonomic and complex shapes. Designers can mix wire parts, face parts, trimmed surfaces, and solids in one single assembly to best reflect industrial design needs. The included Advanced Rendering module enables the production and sharing of photo-realistic images with suppliers, partners, and customers.

CoCreate Software, Enter 638

Product-development software

The Accolade(TM) Web-based system reportedly automates the Stage-Gate model to combine software technology with access to human expertise and new product development (NPD) best-practices content, improving NPD process efficiencies by reportedly 15 to 30%. When an Accolade user wants assistance, for example, in addressing a design challenge, locating the supplier of a needed component, or understanding a technology, she can click through to a research specialist or expert in more than 33,000 areas of science and technology.

Sopheon Corp., Enter 637

Manufacturing software

eM-Assembly Expert is designed to provide a current view of production data in manufacturing, allowing for easier collaboration on designs of factories, assembly lines, panels, and circuits. Solution benefits include: a panel-centric process design, complete factory definition, multiple route selection, post-load circuit revisions, and improved user interface.

Tecnomatix Technologies Inc., Enter 639

Stand-alone software

Collaboration Gateway allows manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, high-tech, and heavy equipment industries to share design data between differing CAD systems. Users may share digital assembly or part models without human contact and without the need for another design tool.

Proficiency, Inc., Enter 640

Compact supercomputer

The SGI(TM) Origin(R) 300 server is a compact, rack-mounted system that holds two or four MIPS(R) drives, and up to 4 GB of memory. Available in a modular design, the server may be used in data archiving, high-performance computing, and media streaming applications in the government, manufacturing, media, and science industries.

SGI, Enter 641

Nip roller software

Designed for Palm-based platforms, Nip-Stat(R) software provides a way to calculate different nip roller equations. Calculations include cover deflection, crown correction, P&J to modulus, crown of roll and crown at station, speed differential, water cooling, desphande, and hertzian stress formulas. The software requires Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000 to operate., Enter 642

Multimedia processor

The 1.1GHz AMD Duron(TM) processor features a superscalar floating point unit with 3DNow! Professional technology and hardware data pre-fetch. Compatible with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP operating system, the processor operates with the company's Socket A platform and includes 192 KB total on-chip cache and high-speed 200 MHz front-side bus.

AMD, Enter 643

LCD monitor

The Acer FP581 is designed to offer users high image quality, with radiation-free viewing and a 350:1 contrast ratio. The 15-inch LCD monitor has a full-screen image auto-adjustment feature, regardless of the set resolution. Made to be energy efficient, it includes a foldable base and Kensington lock, as well as built-in speakers and a slim panel design.

Acer CMA, Enter 644

Design data management

Solid Edge Insight incorporates design data management with Solid Edge 3D mechanical CAD software as a built-in component. Intended for design-sharing, it includes data vaulting, revision management, BOM management, and engineering change orders.

UGS, Enter 645

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