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May 6, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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Molding simulator

Moldflow Plastics lnsight(TM) (MPI) analyzes the flow behavior of plastic to ensure that quality parts can be manufactured efficiently during the injection-molding process. By simulating the filling, cooling, and packing stages, MPI provides rapid, accurate feedback. Conducting a flow analysis with Mold-Masters(R) provides the means for the customer to work directly with the hot runner supplier to minimize pressure loss, optimize gate position and flow in the hot runner system, and evaluate processing conditions. Mold-Masters Ltd., Enter 629

CFD modeler

FLUENT(R) 6.0 CFD modeling software now includes the ability to use granular kinetic theory for Eulerian simulations on unstructured meshes. This capability is necessary to correctly predict the behavior of solids in multiphase flows. The formulation includes the solids pressure and can accurately describe transitions in the solids phase as the packing limit is reached. The Eulerian granular model is intended for applications such as fluidized beds, risers, solids suspension, and sedimentation. Fluent Inc., Enter 630

3D viewer

Version 2002 of SolidView(R) enables non-CAD users to easily view and evaluate complex designs. The SolidView family of products includes a free 3D CAD viewer titled SolidView/Lite, as well as SolidView, SolidView/Pro, and SolidView/Pro RP. Version 2002 includes several new enhancements designed to facilitate the deployment of SolidView as an enterprise-wide viewing solution, including the Directory Watch Server feature that automatically converts native CAD data into a highly compact Solid File eXchange (SFX) format. Solid Concepts Inc., Enter 631

CAM module

A knowledge-based machining option for PowerMILL, called AutoCAM, offers both ease of programming and speed of tool-path generation. It analyzes all of the surfaces within the CAD model and selects the most appropriate machining method for the whole job. The strategies, cutters, and speeds and feeds are all selected to provide safe machining, with no risk of gouging and minimal chance of tool breakage, so that the resulting tool-paths can be run completely unsupervised. Delcam; Enter 632

WLAN antenna

This embedded, high-gain antenna bridges the gap between 2.4 and 5 GHz-based WLAN applications by providing complete coverage across all of these frequency bands. Using a patented Meander Line Antenna technology, the 2.45-/5.1- to 5.9- GHz antenna only requires a 3-mm height standoff from the underlying ground plane. This profile allows easy integration into slim wireless devices. SkyCross, Enter 633

Web components

Solid Edge(R) software allows non-engineering users to access and view current product information via a web browser. Shop-floor employees can view the latest revision of a drawing or 3D model from a web link distributed via e-mail. Sales representatives can show potential clients new products using fast web search to display 3D views and product information. Suppliers can view a BOM over the web in order to stock the correct quantity and type of parts. EDS PLM Solutions, Enter 634

LCD monitor

The T221 flat-panel monitor supplies a 22-inch screen and QUXGA-W resolution. The unit incorporates more than nine million pixels across the screen, and has a combined QUXGA-W resolution of 204 pixels/inch and UXGA-W resolution of 102 pixels/inch. This allows the user to toggle between the two modes. Maximum resolution is 3840 x 2400 with a 170 degrees viewing angle. A USB interface permits microcode updates. IBM, Enter 635

Network processor

The PowerNP NP2G is for low to mid-range networking equipment running at two Gb/sec. The device, fully code compatible with other members of this processor family, achieves up to 6.1 million packets per sec of throughput. It is designed to fill a broad spectrum of needs for networking applications such as security, enhanced quality of service, voice-over-IP, load balancing, and encryption in networking equipment. IBM, Enter 636

Animation software

Toon Boom Studio 1.2 in Japanese is a 2D animation package optimized for Mac OS X 10.1. It includes the ability to export animations as iMovie projects, or to use the DV stream format. Workflow enhancements and user interface improvements are also included. The software leverages the Mac's power and stability under UNIX and one of the largest sets of Japanese fonts. Toon Boom Technologies Inc., Enter 637

Power supplies

TruePower power supplies for high-performance PCs are designed to increase system reliability, featuring dedicated output circuitry for each voltage. Unlike many traditional power supplies that are based on combined output circuitry, TruePower enables all components in the PC to receive maximum power when needed. It also includes a voltage feedback system to improve system stability, maintaining accurate voltage to each component. Antec Inc., Enter 638

Embedded computer

The EBC-2000 Series of embedded computers features standalone computers that attach to and expand a network, and support a Socket 370 Celeron, Pentium(R) III, and VIA C3 processors. The embedded computers reportedly fulfill networking needs such as load balancing, traffic and network management, routing, VPN, VoIP Gateways, Firewalls, and QoS. ADLINK Technology Inc., Enter 639

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