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August 19, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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ENOVIA Version 5 Release 9 (V5R9) is designed to add to 3D product life cycle management (3D PLM) and offer product morphing. New capabilities include virtual product development management, like design-in-context, relational design, and clash management. Other features are process flow control and optimization, product simulation, and product variation management. IBM, www.ibm.com. Enter 608

Document management

Synergis(R) Adept(TM) 5, a document management solution, offers Autodesk Inventor(R) 5 integration, relationship tracking of DWG files and raster images, low-bandwidth network improvements, and group updating capability of Autodesk Inventor Properties and DWG attributes. A built-in MYRIAD 3D/2D viewer allows users to share information via the LAN, WAN, or Internet, providing the capability to display, redline, compare files, and develop check prints. Synergis Technologies, Inc., www.synergis-adept.com. Enter 609

Machine vision tools

DT Vision Foundry(TM) 3.5 machine vision software works with measurement, image-processing, analysis and data transfer operations. Software includes the 2D Data Matrix Tool for 360 degrees analysis of 2D bar codes; the Polar Unwrap Tool for re-mapping round object images into linear or rectangular objects; the Point and Click Script Tool; the Enhanced Digital I/O Tool for external pass/fail event control; and the Match Tool for obtaining a percentage score between two images. Data Translation, www.datatranslation.com. Enter 610

Editing software

The Mechanical Productivity Extension is designed to improve editing and visualization capabilities by providing block-editing, layer-management, and dimension-checking tools. Used with AutoCAD(R) Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor(R) Series, it includes layer management for controlling layer group color, offset to layer, and command line access; reference editing with external references and anonymous blocks; and dimension value checking. Autodesk Inc., www.autodesk.com. Enter 611


The SyncMaster(TM) 211MP and 241MP flat-panel monitors, available in 21- and 24-inch sizes, operate as full-featured TVs with tuners, slim flat-panel computer monitors, and video monitors with inputs for VCR, DVD, camcorder, and any other video device. Monitors feature the company's patented Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA) technology that uses liquid crystal advancements to improve viewing areas. Samsung, www.samsung.com. Enter 612


The company's new solver technology reportedly supports parallel processing on multi-processor systems and operates with such analysis types as Mechanical Event Simulation (MES), linear static stress, fluid flow, electrostatics, and heat transfer. Solvers offer exact mathematical solutions and are available with PC workstations using Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP. Algor Inc., www.algor.com. Enter 613

Graphics accelerators

The Matrox Parhelia(TM) graphic, accelerators, based on the Matrox Parhelia-512 high fidelity GPU, features a 256-bit DDR memory interface, advanced multi-display computing capabilities, and partial compatibility with Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) 9.0. Accelerators offer DirectX 9.0-compatible Quad Vertex Shader Array and Hardware Displacement Mapping support, aimed at professional, PC, and 2D workstation users. Applications include digital photography, software development, web design, video editing and gaming, and desktop publishing. Matrox Graphics Inc., www.matrox.com/imaging. Enter 614

Grid computing

Sun(TM) Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software is designed to offer more control and flexibility to power more than 5,000 grids globally. This new enterprise grid features policy management functions, set up to allow resource sharing among multiple groups. Complementary software offerings include Sun ClusterTools(TM) and Sun(TM) Management Center. Sun Microsystems, www.sun.com. Enter 615

Touch-panel computer

Touch240 compact touch-panel computer is a Basic-programmable computer, offering built-in graphics LCD for displaying high-speed, high-resolution vector and pixel graphics, as well as virtual instruments and animated sequences. The computer features 512 Kbyte double-buffered SRAM space and built-in Flash memory to allow for data recording, data import, control code usage, and operation counters. Saelig Company Inc., www.saelig.com. Enter 616

Web solution

MfgQuote ProSupplier manages Requests for Quotes, allowing contract manufacturers to create a private marketplace of new and existing RFQs for users. Suppliers use ProSupplier to find new clients, perform back-office tasking, control their customer base, and look for the latest RFQs. ManufacturingQuote, Inc., www.mfgquote.com. Enter 617

Desktop processor

The AMD Athlon(TM) XP processor 2200+ offers QuantiSpeed architecture, 384 KB on-chip, full-speed cache, and enhanced multimedia support. The processor supports the advanced 266 MHz front-side bus and is compatible with the company's Socket A infrastructure. According to the company, the processor ultimately offers lower power and smaller die size. AMD, www.amd.com. Enter 618

Analysis software

AnsoftLinks offers streamlining data import and exportation, using unidirectional and bi-directional links, in computational analysis tools and electronic design automation packages from such companies as Zuken(R), Cadence(R), Mentor Graphics(R), and Avant!(R). The latest software works with the company's new interface format. Ansoft Corp., www.ansoft.com. Enter 619

CAD software

Acc-u-Trans(TM) CSI (Customer Site Installation) is designed to make service-based translations. The software reportedly improves interoperability by matching target and source models, making CAD translations between Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, Unigraphics, and CATIA. Translation Technologies, www.translationtech.com. Enter 620

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