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January 22, 2001

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Computer Productivity Tools


The TMS320C5409A(TM)and TMS320C5410A(TM)digital signal processors are designed to deliver high performance and low power dissipation, for applications in digital communications products, wireless pagers, mobile phones, network components, and digital hearing aids. Each is available in either 160 or 120 MHz versions.

Texas Instruments Inc. , 12500 TI Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75243-4136;

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Battery back up

The GU series of ATX-type switching power supplies are system-saving battery backups, providing protection from surge, transient, sag, black-out, and overload. Using a 24V battery, each one supplies power for computer shutdown without ac main power, and fits into the chassis of most PCs. It can support a 17-inch screen for 15 minutes, and can power smaller screens for up to 80 minutes.

Globtek , 186 Veterans Dr., Northvale, NJ 07647; FAX (201) 784-0111.

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Industrial computers

The Allen-Bradley RAC6155 SM and SL industrial computers are based on Pentium(R)III 550MHz processors and offer up to 512MB RAM. To optimize setup for applications, the SM uses dual processors, and the SL uses additional expansion slots. Uses include PC-based control, machine vision, and motion control.

Rockwell Automation , 10701 Hampshire Ave. South, Bloomington, MN 55438;

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This 6.4-inch monitor has a screen resolution of 960x234 pixels. It's an LCD flat panel monitor with a high brightness, active matrix TFT image. Accepting NTSC and PAL video input, it is ideal for rear vision systems and video surveillance with audio applications. Basic model operates on 12V dc.

Omni Vision Inc. , 168 North Brandon Dr., Glendale Heights, IL 60139; FAX (630) 893-9991;

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Optical bench simulator

OLIVE (Optical Layout Including Visual Elements) simulates an optical design bench, to save time from designing a system with real lenses. Users just specify an object size, distance, desired field of view or image size, and OLIVE will do the calculations. It will calculate aberrations, and identify aperture and field stops.

Edmund Industrial Optics , 101 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007-1380; FAX (856) 573-6295;

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