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May 20, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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WiseVlEW is a software product that enables the viewing of data from a variety of different file formats, such as CAD/CAM applications. This package supports viewing of model files from virtually all of the existing major modeling systems. The text file support within WiseVIEW enables text data to be exchanged and processed within itself, or within another product, such as an EDM or PDM system. Samsung SDS America, Enter 627

Windows FEA

NE/Nastran for Windows now offers true surface-to-surface contact features. The new element allows contact between any two arbitrary surfaces, making the addition of contact behavior to any model extremely easy. Contact can be added to complex assemblies just by specifying the two mating surfaces. Unlike gap contact, nodes between surfaces do not need to line up, which permits surfaces to slide in any direction. Contact between any solid and/or shell element mesh is supported. Noran Engineering Inc., Enter 628

Partner management

Partner relationship management (PRM) tool connects manufacturers with channel partners online. WebPARTNER(TM) is an add-on to Selltis TeamSALES(TM), a sales force automation and customer relationship management solution for the industrial sales market. It provides manufacturers with a complete tool to securely manage leads and share critical information with partners throughout the sales cycle. Manufacturers can use the suite to consolidate leads into a centralized database, and link these to product specifications, and follow-up activities. Selltis LLC; Enter 629

Inspection software

Geomagic Qualify 4.0 quality inspection software combines the speed of non-contact 3D scanning with a simple interface for computer-aided inspection (CAI). Designers can identify immediately where a part does and does not match a CAD database, and then provide an on-screen 3D graphical report back. The user can then forward the report to tooling, which can make necessary changes. It enables inspection in many applications, including first-article inspection and tool validation. Raindrop Geomagic Inc., Enter 630


Thomas Register CAD CDs recently added drawings and models from more than 100 manufacturers, including Swagelok, Fabco Air, Norgren, Pacific Scientific, George Fischer, Parker Hannifin Corp., Hoffman, Brookfield, and Mars Air Door. Additionally, a new CD-ROM network server installation enhancement on the CDs makes it easier for network administrators to install the CAD CDs onto a company network. A link to on the CDs enables quick connection to continuously updated design information. Thomas Register, Enter 631

Document viewer

ViewCafe 2.1 features new symbol and banner tools, as well as an enhanced printing capability. The latter accelerates Java-based printing performance by up to 85% for some files, such as large format engineering documents. Powered by Java 2 and Java 3D technology, it lets users conduct document view, markup, and collaborative review sessions for over 150 file formats such as CAD, vector, raster, hybrid, and office files including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF through a configurable browser-based interface. Spicer Corp., Enter 632

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