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Compact Electric Linear Actuator

DN Staff

November 18, 2010

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Compact Electric Linear Actuator

Linak's LA23 electric linear actuator has acompact design that allows it to be built into a variety of applications,especially where space is a concern. The width is 1.7 inches (43 mm) witha height of 3.35 inches (85mm) and the housing measures 4.84 inches (123mm). Itis capable of over 560 lb (2,500N) of force in push or pull.

TheLA23 was designed to be used in markets where space is a concern. It is usefulfor wheelchairs and patient lifts in the medical market and in applicationssuch as industrial vents.

TheLA23's exchangeable cables allows for optimized logistics and easy cablereplacement.
Otherfeatures of the LA23 include:

  • Built-inelectrical end-stop

  • Strokelengths up to 11.8 inches

  • Speedsup to .4 inches/sec

  • 12or 24V dc motor options

  • Optionalsteel back fixture for added strength

  • Optionalpotential free signal switch at end of stroke

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