Closed-Loop Motion Control System

DN Staff

March 15, 2011

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Closed-Loop Motion Control System

NewScale Technologies' new M3 micro actuatormodule is smaller, more precise and easier to integrate than traditionalelectromagnetic motor systems. Each module is a complete closed-loop motioncontrol system with 0.5 micron position resolution in a footprint of 12x30 mmor smaller, and contains a patented Squiggle piezoelectric micro motor thatruns on 3V without voltage boost (compared to 40V for other piezo motors); aposition sensor; drive ASIC and microprocessor for onboard closed-loop PIDcontrol. This combination of features means that no external control board isnecessary. Modules have 3.3V input voltage and low power consumption for longbattery life in handheld devices.

Withno external controller, electrical integration can be accomplished by sendinghigh-level ASCII motion commands to the M3 module via a standard serialinterface (I2C or SPI). Breakthroughs in this model include a drive ASIC with controland performance optimization functions on the chip and a miniature non-contactposition sensor. M3-F focus modules are used in compact cameras for machinevision and biometric imaging.

Mechanicalintegration is customized to the application and possibilities includeintegrating a lens within the module or pushing a lever external to the module.M3-L linear actuators provide linear motion for applications such as tunable RFfilters, photonic tuning devices, optical instrumentation, precision hand-helddevices, aerospace controls and biomedical systems.

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